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    Gone Mining!


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    Gone Mining! Empty Gone Mining!

    Post by Admin 22nd April 2019, 8:11 pm

    Job Title: Gone Mining!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Up to 3 mages allowed. 500 words Solo, 1,000 words group.
    Job Requirements: Mine out the ores! Obtain 5 buckets of each ore type (Iron, gold, copper, zinc) to give to the mining company.
    Job Location: Mysterious Canyon
    Job Description: There is a cave in the mysterious canyon with a plethora of metal deposits that needs to be mined. The mining company is willing to pay in both Jewels and in some of the obtained ores. You will be given mining tools and safety gear from the company. Must roll monster dice three per post per person.
    Boss - Iron Eaters: Very rarely while mining, it is possible to hit some insect nests of ant-like creatures known as Iron Eaters. They're small but they're always in swarms and are a huge issue since their jaws are strong enough to eat iron.

    Reward: Iron, gold, copper, and zinc ores | 5,000 jewels | D-Rank EXP

    ~Credit to Kusanagi

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