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    Sarah's Concerns

    Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone

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    Sarah's Concerns Empty Sarah's Concerns

    Post by Sarah Stone 22nd April 2019, 8:17 am

    Sarah Stone was a mage of 27 years. She was normally outgoing and adventurous, and rather boisterous as well. However, on this particular occasion, she was out of sorts. Indeed, there was a grand shadow looming over Sarah as she peered out the window of her room at the guild hall. It was as if something had drained the life from her abnormally spirited visage. And yet, there was still a flicker of light within her eyes. 

    To understand this, it would be prudent to wind things back to the beginning. The beginning of what? The beginning of Sarah. Shortly after Sarah was born, she was kidnapped. Because of this, she grew up without knowing her birth parents, or even whether or not she had any siblings. Things were not entirely bleak, however. 

    Her life with Amaymon was a rather comfortable one for her. Despite all the horror stories about demons, Amaymon was actually quite benevolent towards his adopted daughter. He trained her, protected her, and even taught her some important life lessons. He was also quite understanding when he accidentally walked in on her with a succubus. Yes, Amaymon was, on the whole, much more benevolent than what the old legends say of demons, and not all succubi steal souls. 

    Still, Sarah was quite embarrassed when she realized she'd been caught. As for the succubus, she was afraid for her life. However, Amaymon simply exited the room, and went back to his business. Later on, he and Sarah had a talk, and Sarah was happy to not have to dance around the matter anymore. Years later, Sarah had finished learning all of the demon slayer techniques that Amaymon could teach her, and was dropped off in a valley that was guarded by a guild calling themselves Aurora. 

    Sarah was thrilled at the opportunity to meet new friends, and didn't hesitate to sign up. She found the unicorn, Murphy, quite agreeable, and even helped feed him once or twice. And she did make a couple friends within the guild during her time there. The first was the guild master, Luna. Sarah could feel that Luna was a nice person, and didn't mind the fact that she was a fairy. 

    Upon first meeting Luna, Sarah found herself instantly attracted to her, regardless of her stature, status, or her race. Sarah wasn't the type to discriminate. During that first meeting, Sarah became quite flustered, due to the fact that her tiny guild master sat upon the part of her breast that was unclothed. Sarah didn't mind it exactly, but she wasn't quite ready to go that far with anyone at the moment, and certainly not in a public setting. Once Sarah had recomposed herself, she remembered that she had a purpose for being in the guild hall. 

    After signing the papers that made her an official guild member, Sarah received her guild marking, in the form of a tattoo which was purposefully located in the spot where Luna had been sitting, so that Sarah would be able to remember that feeling. A few weeks later, she was introduced to Shane Stern, who seemed quite serious in comparison to Sarah. Although both of the other two were younger than Sarah, they ended up feeling like elder siblings to her. Sarah did a few jobs on her own as a member of Aurora, and each held a special memory for her. On her first job with the guild, Sarah was to help a village that had been beset by vegetable demons. 

    The task had been far from simple, and there were times, while she was fighting, where she thought that she might lose her life. Nevertheless, Sarah pulled through, and made salsa of the demonic vegetables. Not literally, of course, because that would likely taste terrible. The second such job was something that Sarah would rather forget, as she was forced to try on several flowery dresses, for a photo shoot, simply because some clothing designer was to be featured in a magazine. By the end of the job, Sarah wanted to punch the lights out of everyone involved, due to her disdain for dresses. However, in the end, decided not to do so. 

    A while later, Sarah found herself on a job with Shane. The two of them were to eliminate some bandits from a nearby village. The job sounded simple enough, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Do not misunderstand, it would have been simple enough for someone who did not care about things such as common decency, or freedom. However, for someone like Sarah, it was quite difficult to accomplish due to her impulsive nature, and her dim view towards certain activities that the targets had been involved in. This was not a physical challenge, but an emotional one, as Sarah had to balance her anger with her sense of duty. 

    Her personal beliefs did not permit her to kill people. However, she abhorred slavery in any form. Because of this, she found it increasingly difficult to hold back when fighting the leader of said bandits. She could not permit someone to do as he had done, and not receive a lasting form of punishment. Unfortunately, Sarah was careless when fighting, and had allowed herself to be struck by a nasty flaming punch to her midsection. 

    This caused her to call down a ball of fire from the sky, burning the bandit leader just enough to make him lose consciousness from shock. After rounding everyone up, Sarah arranged for them to be brought to Capitol Crocus to face charges for their actions. When they got back to the guild, they both caught an earful because of Sarah's rash actions, and resulting injury. A while later, the duo pulled a similar job on Crescent Island. Only this time, they faced pirates. Pirates that Shane revealed he had faced before. 

    Upon arriving in the village that they had taken over, Sarah decided to handle the underlings, and left the boss to Shane. Sarah took the goons out quickly enough, due to them having surprisingly low stamina. Shane was rather quickly with his part as well. At the end of the day, everyone was placed in the bed of a cart, and hauled off to face charges. Sarah was relieved to have not taken any more injuries. However, the recent jobs had begun to darken her view of the world, ever so slightly. 

    This was not quite what she had had in mind when she first joined the guild. Still, she couldn't exactly complain. After her wound had finished healing, it ended up leaving a rather unmistakable scar. About a month later, Sarah found herself in Talonia, fighting in a tournament. This was something that made Sarah feel truly alive. She was able to fight without holding back, and feel the rush of adrenaline through her veins, hear the beating of her heart, taste her own blood in her mouth, and feel the vibration of her fists making contact with her opponents at full strength. Yes, the arena was Sarah's true calling. 

    However, she was still a licensed mage, so she couldn't be there all the time. But, that didn't mean that the fun had to end when she left the arena. Sarah made a couple friends during the tournament, and shared a room with them for a few nights after the tournament had ended. She still goes back to visit them from time to time, just for the pleasure of their company. After that job, Sarah decided to get her passport and iLac. Both of these tasks involved waiting in lines for days because of how many people had turned out. After handling a decent number of jobs as a member of Aurora, she was informed of some troubling news. 

    The guild that she had recently taken to calling her home, her family, was being forced to split up, to disband, by order of the Magic Council. This did not sit well with Sarah, as she would no longer have a place to call home. She would no longer be able to wake up, and see Murphy racing past her bedroom window, no longer be able to greet Luna and Shane every morning. Sadly, there was nothing that Sarah could do about the disbanding of the guild, and she ended up having to travel quite far before finding hope again. 

    Upon her arrival in Ace of Spades, Sarah found her way to the Red Dragon Inn by pure coincidence. She joined the guild, and went back to her original plan of drinking the pain away. Or rather, she would have, had she not been interrupted by someone. As it would turn out, this particular someone wasn't just anyone. She was one of the aces of Sabertooth, and turned out to be exactly Sarah's type. After a few rounds of shots, Sarah couldn't remember the rest of the night, which was something of a blur when she tried to remember it. 

    A few weeks later, she had entered the Lycan Woods, on a job to exterminate some werewolves. She would have preferred to avoid a job where killing the target was mandatory. However, she didn't have much of a choice. Work was work, and this job needed to be done. Sarah had mentally prepared herself for the fight to come. It was just her, and a pack of werewolves. At least, that was the plan. But, that's the thing with plans. They don't always work. And, as luck, or misfortune, would have it, her plan also did not work. As Sarah prepared to launch into an all out assault on the werewolf pack, something interesting happened. 

    An unsuspecting bystander had happened across Sarah just as the werewolves made their move. Sarah fought them off as best as she could, but things eventually took a turn for the worst. When one of the werewolves launched itself at the newcomer, Sarah tackled her out of the way, taking the full force of the beast's bite. Not wanting to worry the woman, Sarah simply shrugged it off, and began her assault anew, as the attacking werewolves either melted, crumpled, or ran with their tails tucked between their legs. On the way back to town, a frightening realization struck Sarah. It was entirely possible that what they had encountered was simply a scouting party. Not wanting to telegraph the direness of the situation, Sarah did her best to maintain a calm demeanor at the time. 

    After having a nice dinner with the woman, who introduced herself as Lorelei, Sarah took the rest of the night to rest. The next evening, Sarah went back in, and fought another scouting party. This time, however, when the survivors took off, Sarah gave chase. She followed them all the way back to their camp, which was in the very heart of the Lycan Woods. It was a hard fought battle, and Sarah had had to pull out every trick she could think of in order to put an end to it, or so she thought. As the last of the adult werewolves fell, Sarah heard a deep growling voice coming from behind her. 

    When she turned to look, a werewolf easily three times the size of the others stood before her, with fur as white as the light from the moon. It lowered itself before lunging at her, and knocking her into a wall. Sarah knew that this situation was dangerous. She knew that if she didn't use her full power, she would die. However, she also knew that if she did use her best attacks, her new friend could end up getting hurt as a result. As a mix of fear and rage filled Sarah's heart, the clouds moved, uncovering a full moon. When Sarah noticed this, her eyes became glued to it, as did those of the alpha. 

    Within minutes, Sarah had undergone a grotesque and horrifying transformation into a beast that dwarfed this particular Alpha werewolf. After a hard fought battle, Sarah managed to pierce the Alpha's chest, sternum, and heart, before both of them slumped over. The alpha was dead, along with the pack, and Sarah had passed out from exhaustion. Waking up back in her human form, Sarah walked back to the village without worrying about the fact that the transformation from the night before had left her unclothed. 

    At the moment, the main thing on her mind was to report that the job had been completed. Upon arriving in the village, Sarah purchased clothing from a store, and thought to clean herself up. After giving her report, Sarah was commended, and returned to the guild hall. Of course, the part where she herself became one of the terrifying creatures was omitted. 

    A few months down the road, Sarah found herself in Sakuramori, helping her guildmate, Mellascyla, to find a lost child in a cave full of crystal creatures. Sarah had seen Mellascyla's name on the roster as a member of Aurora before, so she couldn't help but feel a form of kinship towards her. Perhaps it was fated that the two of them meet. When Sarah finally met Mellascyla, she couldn't help but to be attracted to her. But, she had to keep her mind on the job until it was done. The job ended well, with the child being safely returned to his parents. 

    Weeks later, Sarah had entered another fighting tournament. This time, there was a wonderful prize at stake. The winner of the tournament would win an all expense paid trip to the crescent island resort, with free room and board for up to four other people for one week. Not willing to let the opportunity pass her up, Sarah jumped at the chance to fight again. Talonia had a wonderful arena, and Sarah loved fighting in it. Since she was in town anyway, she made sure to visit her special friends while she was there. This particular tournament had a lot more people participating, which made Sarah even more pumped. She fought hard during the day, and played harder at night. At the end of the tournament, Sarah had won the prize. 

    However, there was one question on her mind, and that was who to invite. Considering everyone that she had met thus far, Sarah invited Lorelei, and Mellascyla, while leaving the other two guest spots open. In the end, the other two who showed up were a guildmate of Lorelei's, and Victoria Sheridan, who was well known across Fiore, and possibly even all of Earth-Land. Sarah was happy to have such great company on this all expense paid vacation. She had set up several events for the week, all of which went off without a hitch. And yet, something about it didn't quite feel right to Sarah. Upon returning to the guild hall, Sarah took some time to rest before considering what sort of job she might work on next. 

    After all, she didn't get this far by doing things without some sort of a plan. A few weeks later, Sarah's birthday rolled around, and she invited everyone that she knew. Sarah was surprised by the turn out, and had a wonderful time. But still, something seemed off. It was as if some part of her life was missing. One thing that didn't exactly help with this issue was that someone that she held a great deal of respect, adoration, and even affection for had not shown up. 

    This was a devestating blow to Sarah's morale, as she felt a great deal of things for each and every one of her friends. Each individual was like family to her, so even one of them not being there hurt Sarah quite a bit. Luckily, there was more than enough alcohol to distract her from these feelings. However, that didn't mean that she didn't feel them. It was as if someone had cut her heart right out of her chest. And so, as she peered out of her window, Sarah placed her right hand on her breast, right where her guild marking was. 

    It was a spot that meant a lot to her, and a memory that she wouldn't forget. However, this was not the only thing that bothered her. Sarah was getting older, and felt as though soon enough, nobody would want to be with her. Plus, now she had a scar on her stomach, and while she took pride in it, she realized that it wasn't exactly helping her in terms of her appearance. Sarah knew that eventually she would have to make a choice to stay with one person. However, she was afraid to do so, because she felt that it would limit her freedom, and she liked to live in the moment. Still, she had fond memories of quite a few people. She cared deeply about each and every person whom should I had been with, and the very idea of making such a decision weighed heavily on her mind. 

    Sarah had also been thinking about this new form of hers. After months of training by herself, in the most secluded areas that she could find, Sarah figured out how to control the change, and could do so at will. From that point on, any time that Sarah would change forms, it would be of her own free will. The only one she wouldn't be able to control would be the one caused by the full moon. However, she would at least be able to maintain her mental state, and would try to control her hunger as best as she could. It wasn't going to be easy for her, but something told Sarah that she could handle it. Something was telling her that she could handle all of it. Telling her that she could get through this, make these decisions, and get back in the arena by the end of the week. And that's exactly what she did. She got back into the arena yet again. 

    Sarah was a fighter at heart, and the arena had always felt like home to her. What better place to work out her frustrations than somewhere she could truly be herself? This particular tournament had ten matches scheduled, and Sarah was going to fight her hardest to get through each one of them. She also couldn't help meeting up with Cammy and Detective Lee. After all, the three of them had been very close ever since the first tournament that Sarah had fought in. These two also helped Sarah to work out her frustrations, just in a less combative way. The tournament lasted four days, with Sarah fighting three times a day, those first three days went very slowly, giving Sarah a lot of time with her two best friends while in the private locker room that she had rented for her stay. And the fun didn't end there, no, she actually made a new friend at the end of the tournament, and spent the rest of the week with all three of them. 

    While this did not answer all of her questions, it did restore Sarah's faith in her own appearance, and she could definitely still draw a crowd. The next few weeks were filled with individual boxing matches that Sarah thought might be fun. She loved to fight, and could think much more clearly while doing so. She still didn't know who she would end up with, but she still had a lot of time to think about it. As for why she was thinking about it, She was still rather disappointed that Luna hadn't shown up. However, something told Sarah that all was not quite right in that regard. She was certain that Luna would have wanted to show, if she had been able to. In the end, Sarah convinced herself that Luna had probably been extremely busy with work at the time. When she returned to Ace of Spades, Sarah decided to go to the inn, and have a few drinks. She had a rather resilient system, and it usually took quite a bit to do her in. 

    Sarah started knocking back shots at the bar before buying a round for everyone in the house. Sarah felt alive again, and wanted everyone else to feel that as well. It was a good feeling, and Sarah wouldn't have given it up for the world. Because of this, Sarah decided that she wasn't going to worry about any kind of permanent relationship just yet. She was still young, and in the prime of her life. Besides, if she did end up with someone, she would rather not think about it, preferring to act on instinct at such times. Sarah was a free spirit, and sometimes that got her into trouble. Not legal trouble, mind you, but trouble with other people. By the end of the week, Sarah would be her old self again. After all, she couldn't afford to hang up her hat just yet. She still had a long life ahead of her.

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