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    The Blind leading the Blind? (Aven's S-rank Exam)

    Aven Alveron
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    The Blind leading the Blind? (Aven's S-rank Exam) Empty The Blind leading the Blind? (Aven's S-rank Exam)

    Post by Aven Alveron 21st April 2019, 9:07 pm

    There Aven was, face to face with, perhaps, the greatest temptation of his life: his eyes locked with a girl- no,- a woman his age, their lips only a split decision away from clashing in a fit of sparks. The tension was palpable, almost unbearable, creating a pressure that sought to push the two together. He was panicked, flustered, and after everything that had just occurred, he wasn't in the position to refuse. The young woman's warm breath cascaded around him, as she inched closer. Maybe... Sex was just a natural process... like breathing...


    Aven's ordeal started like any other day at the guild. Often times, potential clients could become intimidated by the amount of Magic Energy that regularly filled the Fairy Tail guild hall, and today was no exception. He'd been lounging at the bar, silently downing a glass of Cherry Juice, and running circles around a few new strategies for battle. His magic had grown and changed drastically since his last mission with the Alliance, and for as much practice as walking into a swamp and being abducted by his Guardian Angel had been, it was high time his battle tactics were updated.

    That's when she walked in. A brunette with long hair, hazel eyes, and a soft gaze - mid twenties, he'd wager- with a nervous habit that had twirled the ends of her hair into curls better than any iron. The way she walked, one could almost liken her to a bunny, gingerly avoiding the den of sleeping wolves. She bunched the frill of her designer dress, tipping her sunhat to mask the encroaching tinge of redness that was steadily emerging, and sealing her lips like glue. Another once over, as Aven set his empty glass on the counter, spoke volumes: he recognized the cerulean dress design, it was one of the current fashion trends from Crocus. Imported, then, with a set of straw-colored silken sandals to match her trendy hat. It could have been simply intuition that signaled to him the girl was sheltered, by the deduction that her outfit could have been animated straight from a fashion catalog, but it was a certainty that she was wealthy. He wouldn't doubt that she'd rarely ventured out on her own, let alone been to a Guild.

    Most of the other guild members were busy, of course; either that, or they didn't bother to notice. That meant, it was up to Aven to greet the young woman, a task he normally would have saved for the more sociable Wizards. Where's Nessa, or Arcadia? Usually, they'd be the first to run up to a newcomer. Still, Aven'd grown much more comfortable around women over his time in Fairy Tail, he could hack it on his own. Judging by her demeanor and apparent wealth, she was likely either looking for someone, or needed an escort or guard for a trip. He rose with a slight creak from the bar stool, and strode lightly over, waving in the process. The girl shrunk back at bit, but didn't retreat, her worries perhaps partially assuaged by the kind smile Aven wore. "Welcome to Fairy Tail, miss. Is there something I can help you with?"

    The young woman was bashful at best, and her cheeks lit a new flame as Aven spoke. Her eyes dropped to the floor, and she murmured a soft request, a bit too quietly for Aven to hear. His brow creased a bit in worry; he couldn't have been that intimidating? Aven bent down slightly, trying to be as nonthreatening as possible. This action brought him to be a tad shorter than the brim of the sunhat, and he caught her gaze once more. "No reason to be bashful, Fairy Tail accepts all different kinds of jobs. What can we do for you?"

    The timidness receded ever so slightly, as she saw the honest, gentle tone of Aven's expression. A small spark of what might have been courage flared in her eyes, and she cleared her throat, raising her head, and Aven stood along with her, only a few inches taller at full draw. She spoke in a silky voice, but one that was sharpened by etiquette. "I've come to learn about Intercourse."

    Aven could have crafted a list of a hundred possible responses that he would expect, and even after ten such lists, that particular answer wouldn't be found anywhere on them. To say that he was thrown for a loop was a gross understatement: he was floored. Several moments passed, as Aven's expression transformed from gentle, to confused, to bashful, and back to confused once more, as he attempted to form some kind of intelligent response. He found he could not, and following the realization that she'd struck him dumb, the young woman became just as bashful, speaking quickly as though to rip off a bandage. "Listen, I know what it sounds like, but it isn't like that!"

    The girl paused, trying to find the right words. Aven struggled against his nature, and managed to regain his composure. It didn't sounds like she was trying to deceive him, no matter how outlandish the initial request was. A brief pause ensued, as she took a deep breath. "I am Valery Feldstay. I come from a Noble House in Crocus, where I'm the youngest of three daughters. My older sisters had already been married by the time I came of age, and it seems my Mother and Father decided that there was no need to rush my... education on certain important matters." She glanced away toward the wall, visibly suppressing her urge to simply abandon this endeavor. "I'm visiting a friend of mine, here in Magnolia, and I happened to catch her and her Boyfriend "in the act" last night. I played it off like I was just surprised, and wanted to give them some space after that, but I honestly have no idea about any of it!"

    Valery was flustered, to say the least, and despite Aven's usual supportive nature, there was a sinking feeling in his gut. He started to formulate a response, but before he could, Valery reached a hand forward, and softly grasped his wrist, pulling it between them and clasping her hands around it. She stared directly at him, a pleading gaze that Aven could already tell was wearing away at his willpower to refuse. "Please, I know it is a strange request, but could you please teach me about intercourse?" She shoots him a bashful look. "I recognize your outfit: it's from Boys to Wizards. My sisters had a few volumes that they lent me, but it only ever had Men in it. You must be an expert; please, you have to help me!"

    What kind of twisted world had Aven woken up in? For starters, he'd only copied the outfit from what he'd assumed was a magazine Lucy had been reading, but now he was starting to realize just how big a mistake he'd made. In the recent months, he'd done more than just extensive Magical Training: he'd also educated himself with books on the exact subject Valery was inquiring about. Common dating practices, Marital Laws, info-graphics on intercourse and other such knowledge. Needless to say, it'd been more than a small shock to him just how much he'd been oblivious to.

    Still, Aven had no actual experience with it! There had to be someone in the Guild, anyone, who could do this job far better than he could. He began to glance around, but the grip on his arm began to tighten, and he looked back at Valery. Her face was shy, but sincere, and he felt his falling apart at the seams. It couldn't hurt to help the girl out; after all, the information was fresh on his mind, and she just wanted to know about it, not actually perform it. It wasn't as though he was being propositioned, or anything... for some reason, Nessa popped into his head, a memory of that night in Valhalla. He blushed in embarrassment, understanding now the context of that situation, and their near miss of being caught by her Father in her Bedroom. No matter what the job, it was his duty as a Fairy Tail wizard to help build the Guild's reputation and standing.

    Aven let out a small sigh of defeat. "My name is Aven Alveron, it's nice to meet you, Miss Valery. I assure you, I'm no expert in the subject," Valery's expression dropped, but Aven continued, "...but I'll do my best to fulfill your request. I'll be classifying this as a C-rank mission, in regards to Payment, is that acceptable?

    Valery smiled, still a tinge red in the face from the effort, and nodded. "That will be fine, Mr. Alveron." As she spoke the name, a memory seemed to spark in her mind: had she heard that name before? Somewhere, surely... She shook the wanton thought from her head. Far more important matters were being attended to that such triviality. "If you will follow me, I would like this to take place in a more private area. I have a room at an Inn nearby which should suffice." Valery's demeanor had improved, but only barely, as she hastily let go of Aven's wrist and began to lead him briskly out the door, as though to hide her reservations.

    Aven followed along beside her, a friendly distance away. "You can call me Aven, Miss Valery: I don't have any great love for titles, and Mr. Alveron is my father." Valery glanced over, and she gave him a small smile at the candid offer. "Very well, Aven; you may also call me Valery, I see no reason to stand on airs, especially... in this occasion." She faced forward quickly, hiding a growing blush. He's really cute... but why do I recognize that name...? She made an effort to quell her curiosity, reminding herself that this wasn't an excerpt from her favorite short story, there was nothing special going on.

    The pair reached the Inn relatively quickly, and wasted no time climbing the stairs, and entering the small room. As expected of Nobility, it was one of the nicest Inns in town, though Aven was surprised to find she was staying in one of the middle class lodgings. Regardless, it was functional, a fluffy queen sized bed flanked by a nightstand and a mahogany Ar-moire. Valery sat silently on the edge of the bed upon entering, and motioned for him to join her. Aven hesitated out of instinct, and this time, his mind flashed to the time Nessa and him had sat on his bed, talking their families. That's right, this is serious, it's nothing to be flustered over. Valery is asking me to teach her about intercourse, it's just a job! With a fleeting dismissal, he joined her on the edge of the bed.

    There was a mood in the air, as silence hung heavy around them. Valery ventured a glance, becoming redder by the moment. It could have been the closed door, and the fact that they were alone, with the easy assumption that sudden interruptions were out of the question. A breath here, a shift over covers there, the small sound of shoes scuffing the floor. Aven cleared his throat, and, steeling himself, began to explain.

    "So... first off, people don't usually call it 'intercourse'. Most people call it 'Sex', because it's easy to say, and sounds alluring. As a slang word, Sex has a lot of different meanings and levels; anything from kissing and massaging each other's sensitive areas, to actual sexual intercourse." He paused; in hindsight, it was a mistake to be sitting next to her. He'd only done it because she'd gestured to do so, and she was the client, but it would have been so much less involved if he were sitting across, or standing, as in a lecture. Valery, on the other hand, was shifting her hands back and forth along the soft sheets, trying to distract herself from just how dreamy his cyan eyes were, how she could just lose herself staring into them. She was listening, of course, and at the same time, battling a memory at the back of her head. Where did she know his name from... could he be a Noble, from somewhere?

    Aven continued, steadily becoming aware of just how close Valery was, her long brown hair bouncing off his arm as she nervously adjusted her bangs. "Sex between a woman and a man usually refers to... um... well, when the two fit their parts together." He was starting to feel extremely anxious. Trying to explain the subject verbatim to a near complete stranger was, in every sense of the word, surreal, and he was beginning to understand why his parents had never taken to the ordeal. Not only that, but it was a very pretty girl, his age, who he was alone with in a mostly vacant Inn. He would have much preferred to fight some monster somewhere...

    Valery cocked an eyebrow at the vague phrasing. "Fit their parts together?" At this point, not knowing was practically burning her brain, she knew his name from somewhere, how could she forget such a handsome boy?

    Aven was at a loss, but his combat instincts kicked in, along with a bit of adrenaline. "Y-yeah, you know... Men have a sword, persay, and women have a sheath. They're meant to fit, and sex is basically just doing that over and over." He breathed out a small sigh, having found at least a decent analogy to explain it with.

    Valery seemed to grasp the concept a bit, but she asked anyway. "...And that act is supposed to feel good?" She was so close to remembering, it was on the tip of her tongue...

    Aven didn't have anything else! That was his best shot, he couldn't actually say vulgar words in front of a beautiful girl, it went against everything he stood for! Perhaps, he could get away with explaining some of the science behind it? That could work! "Well, yeah... it's based on your sense of touch, and the transfer of heat. When two people are pressed against each other..."

    Fireworks shot off in Valery's mind, as the epiphany hit her, triggered by Aven's words. It finally clicked, as a phrase from a short story her Friend had shared with her popped into her head, one she had read countless times over: With each passing moment, the kiss grew more passionate; Markus pushed forward, pressing his firm body against Aven's. It was him! God's above, God's above, God's above, God's above, God's above!

    "...they share heat, and trigger sensory input through those sensitive areas that register in the brain as pleasure-" Aven's sentence was cut off as he noticed Valery's complexion had become bright red, flushed over her entire face. She looked as though she could have been coming down with a sickness, but his intuition told him otherwise, as her eyes gleamed with both excitement... and something else.

    She scooted closer on the bed, her hip now pressed against his. "I knew that I had heard your name somewhere! You are the Aven, from A Moment of Desire, by C. Blossom! Bella told me you were a real Fairy Tail Wizard, but I thought she was only joking!"

    Aven was confused beyond all reason. A Moment of Desire, by C. Blossom? He'd never heard of it, and anyway, he was a Poet, not an author. Valery seemed certain, though, and it sounded too specific to be some kind of tall tale. Before he could respond to ask any questions, however, Valery was suddenly very close, her blush receded a bit, replaced by a heavy look. "So... how about we get to the practical part of the lesson...? He didn't need to have seen it before to know that look; it was instinctual. Those were eyes heavy with a crush, no doubt the same eyes that he'd shown to Nessa several times. This must be how she felt...

    So, there Aven was, face to face with, perhaps, the greatest temptation of his life: his eyes locked with a girl- no,- a woman his age, their lips only a split decision away from clashing in a fit of sparks. The tension was palpable, almost unbearable, creating a pressure that sought to push the two together. He was panicked, flustered, and after everything that had just occurred, he wasn't in the position to refuse. The young woman's warm breath cascaded around him, as she inched closer. Maybe... Sex was just a natural process... like breathing...

    Aven pulled himself away, as Valery's lips met air. Embarrassed beyond reckoning, the girl leaned away, and quickly scooted to the opposite corner. She looked a bit shocked, as though she surprised herself, but Aven's expression bordered solemn. Valery adjusted her posture on the bed, and looked away. "I'm sorry, I hardly know what came over me. Please excuse my behavior."

    Aven could see she was flustered, but sincere. He knew how it felt from both perspectives now, and he couldn't help but feel a tug in his gut. Even if he'd never actually done anything, even if he'd slept beside Nessa and never laid a hand on her, he'd pressured her just like this. "It's ok, Valery, no need to say any more." With a push of willpower, he returned his usual smile to his face. No reason to burden a stranger with his personal struggles. "I'll take it was a compliment that you wanted to kiss me. So, do you understand now what Sex is? That rush of adrenaline, when blood pumps in your head, and all you want is to be against that other person?"

    Valery gazed at Aven, that little spark dancing behind her eyes. "Yes... I think I do."

    Aven stood from the bed, and, with a wave, he opened the door. "Then, you understand what sex really is, and my job is done. It was nice meeting you, Valery!"

    As he closed the door, she called back, "I'm glad I met you, too..."

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