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    An unexpected meeting in the Three Tailed Cat.

    Kaja Jelen
    Kaja Jelen

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    An unexpected meeting in the Three Tailed Cat.  Empty An unexpected meeting in the Three Tailed Cat.

    Post by Kaja Jelen 19th April 2019, 1:00 pm

    Job sign up P.144

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    Health: 375/375
    Mana: 300/300
    Melee: 51/51
    Speed: 37Mps
    Sensory: 187M
    MagicDef buff: 40%
    MeleeDef buff: 0%

    Health buff: 25%
    Magic buff: 0%
    Speed buff: 25%
    Sensory buff: 25%
    Melee buff: 70%

    Her looks are different from her avatar and the pictures within the template, she can shape shift through nano technology. There is a picture bellow for reference.

    A young woman with short blue hair, dressed in jeans, a black shirt and a brown coat stood upon the docks of Hargeon town. The sun was on it’s decent and the horizon over the sea was filled with shades of purple, blue and yellow. The reflection of this daily spectacle was mirrored in the rippling surface of the sea. Kaja enjoyed the view for a moment, but as the sun got closer and closer the edge of the world, she decided to find a place to eat.
    She wandered over the boulevard, went into an alley and got on one of the main roads. She was looking for a restaurant as well as place too sleep. An inn would satisfy the need for both. Kaja noticed a sign on a clean white plastered building with three stories across the street in the distance. That could what I am looking for, thought Kaja longingly. She looked left and right before crossing the rather dormant street. She could read ‘The three tailed cat’ on the sign as she got closer, along with a painted cat with three tails. She heard muffled voices through the door just before she opened it.
    Kaja was met with a wall of hot air when she stepped into the room. A lively blaze crackled in a large open hearth at the left wall. The room was filled to the brim with filled tables. Kaja looked left and right for a table without a patron. “I am afraid that all the tables at the moment are taken.” Said a kind female voice. Kaja was startled for a brief moment, she hadn’t noticed the waitress walking upon her. “Can I offer you a place at the bar until a table is cleared?” Asked the green-haired waitress? Uh, yes. That’s fine. Said Kaja. ”Is it also possible to get a room for the night here?” The waitress nodded, “Yes that is possible as well, you can ask a key at the bar.” ”Thank you.
    Kaja had ordered a room for the night and sat rather lonely at the bar with a glass of red. The bartender seemed to be trying to impress one of the waitresses with a story. Kaja rolled her eyes and turned her back to them and looked through the room. There was no table vacant. She sighed, faced the liquor shelves behind the bar. The android sipped from the strong sanguine liquid and enjoyed the taste. "Can you get me some food as well, perhaps some bread with herbed butter or cheese?" The female thought for a moment, "Ow and do me the bottle of the wine. It's a delight." “Sure, we got Minstrel buns, we don't have herbed butter but we do have salted butter.” "Salted butter is fine." “All right, I'll get you them soon.”

    A basket with steaming bread and a cup with salted butter arrived about twenty minutes later, brought by one of the waitresses and another waitress brought her a plate and her fork and knife. "May it tast well." "It sure looks like it will.

    are the ones that lurk within our souls.



    An unexpected meeting in the Three Tailed Cat.  0WKR6kK

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