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    All this fuss for a passport?

    Bastila Kisagami
    Bastila Kisagami

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    All this fuss for a passport? Empty All this fuss for a passport?

    Post by Bastila Kisagami 19th April 2019, 4:43 am

    It was hard to tell if she was standing on the docks or sitting in a bar to be honest. The crowd were just as rowdy as foul mouthed as her drinking partners usually were and she found it hard to tell the difference. An entire ship of immigrants had just reached the mainland and were now all clamouring for a passport so that they could stay in the country but in the case of the the buxom beauty at the back of the line, it was for exactly the opposite reason. There were many jobs abroad that she wanted to sink her teeth in to and the only way that she could achieve that was by picking up a legal document herself. It sounded quite silly in her head, given that she had sailed across to many of the other countries already during her time as a pirate but things had changed and she wanted this done legally, if only to solve any problems that she might run in to later. For now, she would just have to stay patient and....

    "Oh for fuck sake, move your asses,"
    Desiree yelled from her spot in line, "I haven't got all day you know. You giving everyone a rectal exam or something? Just give them the passport and move on to the next person."

    "Don't tell me how to do my job," shouted the man behind the stall in return, "Just wait your turn or I'll call the guards."

    "They'd be a prettier sight than you,"
    the blonde quipped, getting a fair few sniggers from the people waiting in front of her.

    "If you think that you can do a better job than me then come up here and prove it," he called back, looking flustered.

    "Fine, I will," she answered, before making her way through the crowd and taking a spot beside him.

    Smiling, she then opened up a new passport and began taking down details from the next woman in line. Everything seemed to go smoothly, until the time came where she was meant to give the passport over to the woman. Instead, she simply turned to the male attendant.

    "See? It doesn't actually take that long, does it?" she then said with a coy grin, opening the passport to reveal that it had been her own details that she had filling in all the time, "Thanks for letting me jump the queue but boy, do these folks look pissed off now. I wish you luck, bye now."

    Before he could say a word, she quickly jumped over the stall and back in to the busy crowd, using them as cover to make her escape. It always amazed her as to just how gullible people could be sometimes but if they wern't then she'd never make another jewel. Anyway, with a brand new passport in hand, Desiree swiftly headed for the town exit. She'd heard of a brand new device called an iLac that was being handed out for free and the blonde, her fancied colour for today, was more than eager to pick up one for herself. Next stop, the Neutral Grounds.

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    All this fuss for a passport? ROWMLkF

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