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    Rescue in the Crystal Caves

    Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone

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    Rescue in the Crystal Caves Empty Rescue in the Crystal Caves

    Post by Sarah Stone Mon Apr 15 2019, 15:14


    Sakuramori was quite a trek from Spades. It had taken Sarah a while to arrive on foot, and she was quite tired. Nonetheless, she had a duty to represent the guild. As for why she chose to travel on foot, she had motion sickness, and didn't exactly feel like coating the inside of a coach, much as she would have loved to spend some time getting to know her partner for this particular job. Sarah didn't know Mellascyla very well. She had seen her name once or twice on the Aurora roster, but the two had never actually met.  That being the case, this was something of an auspicious occasion. So, rather than meeting with the client right away, Sarah decided to wait for Mella to arrive. Sarah had decided to get a bit of a head start, seeing as how coaches tended to travel faster than the average wizard. Still, seeing as how she had arrived first somehow, there was no reason that she couldn't wait in comfort for the time being. After all, it wasn't as if anything dangerous we're going on within the actual village, and Sarah thought it might be nice to see what Sakuramori had to offer, seeing as how she actually wanted to sit down and have a nice long chat with Mella once the job was over. This was her chance to try and figure out just what sort of impression she could make on her guildmate, and she wasn't about to squander it as she took a sort of tour of the village, looking into all of the establishments, and seeing what sort of hospitalities would be afforded to those that were not locals. The townsfolk actually seemed very hospitable, and the restaurants all seemed to carry good food, and to have been competently staffed. The hotel seemed quite nice as well, and Sarah went ahead and booked herself a room before returning to the village entrance.

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