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    Archaeological Excavation!


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    Archaeological Excavation! Empty Archaeological Excavation!

    Post by Kalama on Sat 13 Apr - 16:20

    The archaeologist spoke so quickly that most of what he said went straight over Leliana's head but she did manage to get the gist of what he wanted. He needed her help in excavating the bones of a prehistoric creature or something like that and she had agreed to it although she was unsure of just what she could do. The mage had come to the desert by accident more than anything and had quickly taken a dislike to the sand so to actually find a job here was at least something positive to take from the situation. When she actually asked him how she could help, he told her that it was more of a physical role that she needed to play and so she summoned four of her spirits to aid her. Blaziken, Venusaur and Greninja in order to do the heavy lifting and Sylveon to help boost their strength levels. The sight of her summons immediately aroused the archaeologist's curiosity although Leliana had few answers to his questions. There was much about the realm of her spirits that she still had not learned although one day that she hoped that perhaps she could visit it herself.

    Managing to steer the conversation back to the task at hand, Leliana and her spirits were led out in to the desert, towards his dig site. There were already a few workers there although they did not look in great shape and so the mage allowed the archaeologist to command her three more physical spirits whilst the workers took a break. Sylveon, on the other hand, stayed with her mistress and helped heal the injured and recovered their strength with her magic, as well as boosting those of Leliana'a three other spirits. The support type loved being in the centre of attention and happily got to work, while Leliana what she could to support her. The three males on the other hand worked tirelessly for most of the day, eventually coming across something big among the site, a massive carcass of a beast from long ago. The archaeologist almost started foaming at the mouth with excitement and was soon among the thick of it, helping out with the finer tasks. The result, as far as Leliana could make out, was that they had uncovered an ancient reptile of some kind although how long it had been buried there was anyone's guess.

    Delighted, the archaeologist called an end to the day and everyone joined up in the centre of the camp. Leliana was absolutely exhausted, having kept her four spirits out for so long but was pleased that the group had found what they had been looking for. She thanked her spirits and let them return to their realm to rest, while she once again fell under the spell of the archaeologists endless talking, eventually falling asleep herself. He was not offended though and gratefully took the mage back to the edge of the desert in his vehicle and was kind enough to wait for her to recover. When she finally did rouse, it was getting late and after paying her for her service, he went back in to the desert, leaving a slightly confused but happy mage in his wake, to hit the road once more.

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