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    Ingredient Hunt!

    Brianna Tano
    Brianna Tano

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    Ingredient Hunt! Empty Ingredient Hunt!

    Post by Brianna Tano 13th April 2019, 6:48 am

    The hunt was on and no sooner had she said go, all four of her spirits who had wanted to take part were off. The usual suspects were there of course, Blaziken and Greninja but to her surprise, Luxray had also turned up and grabbed a basket in his teeth too. It was baffling to say the least as he only seemed to like combat but it seemed that the chance to prove himself was too much for him. The more the merrier though and as for the fourth spirit? Well, he did not actually want to take part at all and simply sat by Leliana's side and fell asleep. That was typical of the green and blue dinosaur named Venusaur but the mage was OK with it, as it had been some time since she had summoned him. She had been given a job from an elderly man who required ingredients and the black haired mage had taken it on without the need for much persuasion. It was an easy task for her spirits and since nearly everything in the area had healing properties then there would be no shortage of items to find.

    Leliana had taken quite a liking to the cliffs and the quiet atmosphere of the place was something that she could appreciate it. She simply watched her spirits work while giving the massive dinosaur a rub, who was definitely enjoying the sensation, judging by the lazy grin on his face. He was the tank of the team and since she did not fight all that much, she found little reason to summon him for although that did not mean that she cared for him any less than the others. They were content with the relationship that they had and that was enough, even if he was a dozy old git at times which annoyed her on occasion.

    She had given her spirits an hour to find as much as they could and when the time was up, she asked Venusaur to roar in order to get them to return, which he did eventually. The response was swift and her three competitive spirits soon returned to her, each carrying a basket full of ingredients. After judging each one, she eventually named Luxray as the victor, which caused the lightning type to roar himself, scaring the life out of all of them as well as everything else in the region. The other two simply vanished in a huff although Leliana managed to thank them first before they did. Luxray and Vanusaur, however, did not vanish so soon and decided to make the most of the time that they had with their mistress. The three of them returned to the elderly man and gave them the ingredients and were well paid for their trouble and Leliana felt slightly embarrassed by the amount of praise that he gave them. The trio then travelled up to the top of the cliffs and took a seat to watch the beautiful view. Luxray standing on duty to Leliana's left, Venusaur napping to her right and the mage in the middle, one hand gently rubbing her spirits in appreciation. They were her family, her true family.

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