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    Cierra Huxx
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    Post by Cierra Huxx 13th April 2019, 5:29 am

    Since the ending of her last job, Leliana had been in a sombre mood and lacked the enthusiasm to do much of anything. She had left Crocus as soon as possible and had found herself returning to Hargeon, where she had done a couple of jobs before. She liked the place and it was always nice to sit by the sea for a while and just watch the ships go by and that was what the mage had found herself doing since she had arrived. The girl had not said a single word to anyone and was pretty much a kimono wearing ghost for the most part. She just kept reliving those panicked moments during her last task and did not even try to get them out of her mind. They were consuming her from the inside out and all she could was sit there as it happened. A passenger in her own body. Things had been going so well up until then and it was just as she was starting to find herself that something like that had to knock all the way back down again. It was typical of life, it truly was.

    However, a voice eventually managed to penetrate her self absorbed thoughts and she turned to find a sailor looking at her. He approached and quickly explained his situation to her and before she could say anything, he had taken her hand and ordered her to start piling up boxes for his trip. For a few moments, Leliana did not do anything but after shaking her head, she became more alert and quickly summoned her dynamic duo of spirits in order to help. The chicken and the frog were well up for it and were quick at loading the boat, much to the amazement of the captain. They then all clambered on to the vessel and travelled across the sea towards their destination. It was only then that the sailor explained his actions, having read the look on the girl's face and knowing where that could lead and so, he had forced her out of her slump through his actions.

    The trip itself was quiet and there was nothing much in the way of danger to worry about. It was so quiet that Greninja jumped in to the sea after a while and swam along the side of the boat, stretching his legs and appreciating the chance. Leliana simply watched him, while Blaziken looked scared to death at the thought. Fire and the sea just did not mix and even the usually bold chicken looked somewhat nervous. It took about an hour or so for them to reach their destination, a place known as River Village and once all of the equipment had been unloaded, the captain gladly paid her for the help and offered her a ride back. The mage, however, turned down the offer and instead decided to explore the new region that they were in instead. She had yet to truly explore the nether regions of the world and it was time to change that.

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