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    For A Good Cause


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    For A Good Cause Empty For A Good Cause

    Post by Jaheira 10th April 2019, 6:23 am

    There was a party like atmosphere town in the town of Hargeon, all due to a spectacle that was taking place in the centre of the town. There was a massive stage set up in the middle of the main square and a large crowd of people were watching every movement of the performers. The town was used to its fair share of scrapes and excitement but never had they quite seen a battle like the one that was taking place before them. On one side, you had a six foot chicken who breathed fire and on the other, a five foot frog who manipulated water. The pair were engaging in a battle of strength and beauty, with the crowd lapping up every moment of it. Every movement was choreographed so well that to those watching, it seemed like an actual battle. The truth was somewhat different although that did not take away from the effect it had on the crowd. To top if off, there was a third creature, a pink, cat like one, who was adding to the event by use of music, its great vocal range able to add to the spectacle. It had taken ages to plan out and almost everyone witnessing it was savouring the experience.

    However, sitting behind the stage, away from the public eye sat Leliana, nervous as she could possibly have been. She had put so much effort in to preparing her show but she was unable to actually watch it for herself. The crowd was so large that she just could not go out among them, paralysed by anxiety and fright. Her job was to create a show so that a local children's charity could receive some much needed donations from the wealthier people of the town. It was a worthy cause and one that she would never have forgiven herself for if she had turned it down but she had underestimated how just successful her show would end up being. There was no way that she could go out there after it was finished and ask for donations and the thought caused her to bring her knees up to her chest and wrap her arms around them.

    The show ended without a hitch and the crowd gave a rapturous round of applause and the sound of bags of jewels being thrown towards the stage could soon be heard. Members of the charity soon began to collect them, as well as go out among the people and ask for more, which the people were certainly eager to do. It had been a great success and took some time before things grew quiet. It was only then that Leliana went up on to the stage to praise her three spirits, who were more than happy with their own performances. It had been a perfect day as far as the job was concerned and as her spirits returned to their realm, the mage smiled softly and turned around to see the head of the charity approaching her.

    "Wow, amazing stuff," the tall blonde woman said with a grin, "You did a hell of a job working all of this out and the donations are still coming in now. You should be proud of your work, Leliana, the children will certainly not forget it and I doubt those who watched your show will either."

    "I'm just happy to have been of some use," Leliana answered, sounding more relieved than anything, "I'm sorry that I couldn't go out there myself, I just froze up."

    The woman smiled and wrapped an arm around the mage, "It's OK, if you don't want recognition then I'll just say that you were a helpful mage who wanted to do her bit for the cause. Know that you did a great job and have helped out a lot of people in need. Thank you."

    Leliana did not give an answer but a smile did cross her lips at the thought.

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