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    Planting The Seeds


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    Planting The Seeds Empty Planting The Seeds

    Post by Jaheira 10th April 2019, 5:46 am

    There was something incredibly peaceful about farming that the mage quickly took a liking too. She had come across a flyer from a local farmer who needed a hand and after a brief moment of hesitation, Leliana had travelled to the farm in question and offered her services. Her success with her last job had bolstered her confidence a little and she was starting to feel comfortable with her life as a wanderer. The time she spent on the road gave her all the beautiful scenery that she could wish to see and more than enough time to simply ponder to herself. Her spirits were all the company that she could have wished for and her one regret was that she was unable to summon them permanently although when she thought about it further, perhaps that was a good thing. They were a boisterous bunch at the best of times and as much as she loved and cared for them, that did not mean that they did not get on her nerves from time to time.

    The job itself was a simple one and all that Leliana had to do was clamber in to the seed planter and use her magic power to work it. An easy task but a relaxing one and as she slowly went about her work, a small smile crossed her features, enjoying what she was doing. After a while, a small flash of light caught her attention as Sylveon made an unexpected appearance and jumped in to her lap for the ride, before starting to sing, a peaceful song that blended perfectly with the atmosphere. Leliana started to stroke her beautiful pale cream coloured ears which brought a happy cry from her summoned beast, before the support type nuzzled up against her summoner affectionately. There was no need for words between the two and they simply watched the world go by as they went about their work. A task which ended up taking most up most of the day and draining a lot of energy from the summoner. By the time it was all said and done, the fields were planted but Leliana was shattered, so much so that even Sylveon looked a little concerned as her master climbed out of the planter. In truth, Leliana was not used to using so much magical energy for such a long amount of time and the drain was more than she had expected.

    "You did a good job today," the farmer said cheerfully as he came out to meet here, "You've done the work of three men and I couldn't be happier. Thanks you for agreeing to do this, Leliana. I know that it isn't the most exciting work but it has to be done."

    "My pleasure," the mage answered wearily, her voice tinged with tiredness, "I enjoyed doing it and I hope that you have a successful harvest."

    "I'm sure I will, thanks to you," he replied, placing a hand in his pocket and pulling out a small bag of jewels, "Here you go, you deserve every jewel."

    "Thanks a lot," Leliana replied, before taking her leave, wondering where she would camp for the night. Assuming that she did not fall asleep in the middle of the road first.

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