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    Nice Flower, Bad Wolf


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    Nice Flower, Bad Wolf Empty Nice Flower, Bad Wolf

    Post by Lethe 3rd April 2019, 2:22 pm

    The Rarest Flower
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    The Iron Dragon Slayer

    Adalinda looks down at a piece of paper. Someone had requested her aid in helping search for something, and wolves were involved. Since she was mated to a were kitsune/wolf, apparently this was great grounds to request for her assistance. Whatever. She could get this over with easily without her exceed, especially since she had found out she technically was a werewolf herself due to her mate. She approaches the medicinal shop in Magnolia, and looks around the place. Outside, the stores owner was pacing a bit. As soon as they spotted the girl dressed in a white pantsuit with the West Fiore Trading Company pin on her collar, he gasped rather loudly. “Oh! Thanks the heavens! You’ve come!” He cries out as he comes up to the girl. Adalinda smiles as she runs her hand through her hair. “Of course! I couldn’t reject since it sounded urgent!” She says to the man as she bowed. “Adalinda Ortinbras, reporting for duty. What is it that you need my assistance with?” “Well… you see, this is a medicinal shop. And there’s this plant I need that’s really rare, not even my workers will go to the Spooky Forest to go and get it. I need this flower as it’s a key ingredient in a powerful medicine I need to make again. Please, can you go get it for me?” The black haired girl’s smile nearly faltered, but she clears her throat and nods slowly. “Yes. I’ll go and get the flower. May I have a picture of it to find it?” She questions as the owner quickly hands her a picture of the strange looking flower. “I hope it smells better than it looks.” “Oh! It doesn’t.” And with that, she was off to the Spooky Forest.

    In the Spooky Forest, Adalinda was grumbling about how she just had to be the one dealing with the plants, and how this job already sucked to her. She was shoving plants to the side and looking around the place. This plant was a silver thing that looked like it had a mouth on it, but it was rather hard to find as it only grew once every five years, and not in the same area every year either. The dragon Slayer was warned that there were various little creatures about, but they meant nothing to her as they were probably heavily weaker than her. The owner had warned her that there was a big wolf that would apparently show up when one got too close to the flower. She scoffs as she kept her senses about her, taking a sip from her horn that Kyran had given her a while back, and feels the alcohol course through her. She heard a low growl ahead of her, and she smiles. “Who’s a good boy?” She snickers a bit. Of course she felt his presence circling her. She was able to tell with just her slayer senses. She looks around the area, searching for the silver flower. The growling got louder, and Adalinda takes a deep breath as she steeled her right arm in her iron scales, and then fortified it before she quickly turns around and smacks the wolf with her fist while it was trying to come out and bite her. She blinks a bit though as the wolf was probably about as bit as Yuudai, but she snorts and rolls her eyes. He’d of been able to just scare it away with a growl. “Bad boy.” She says as she watches the wolf turn tail and run away from her as she injured it’s face a bit. She turns around once again, and finally finds the simple silver flower. She takes a deep breath as she grabs the flower with her right hand, and plucks it from the ground before sticking it in the bag the medicinal shop owner gave her. Now that this job was done, she could take it back to the shop owner, and collect her reward.

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