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    iLac Empty iLac

    Post by Leliana on 3rd April 2019, 5:01 am

    Job Title: iLac
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: A brand new device called the iLac has come out and the manufacturer is giving them away to anyone who visits the factory in Neutral Ground. Keep in mind, as soon as you step foot on Neutral Ground territory, all your magic (Primary, Secondary, Weapons, Armour, Pets, Unique Abilities, Passive Effects) is instantly shut down. But that's no problem because all you're doing is picking up your brand new iLac.

    Reward: 1x iLac for everyone

    iLac is a lacrima that functions like our real world cell phones. It can access lacrima-net, but CANNOT grant the user access to OOC information on other players. It can grant the user the ability to contact any other player who also owns an iLac providing that other player gave the caller their Lacrima Identification Code (phone number). The iLac also has a calendar, calculator, HP and MP tracker, stopwatch, alarm, and any other fun applications (that do not permit your character to know OOC information on another character) you can think of. It also has a Sorcerer's Weekly app installed.

    The trip from Rose Garden had been a quiet one, much to Leliana's relief and she had managed to reach the Neutral Grounds without any problems. She always felt more comfortable on the road and the weather had been beautiful during her trek. The place that she just reached did not seem to give off that seem aura though and the sky darkened over as she approached. The petite teen hoped that it was not a sign of things to come but it did cause doubt to start forming in the back of her mind. Perhaps it was a sign and that she should just turn around and go back the way she came? What if this so called free gift was just a trap to lure mages in? It could always be that and her mind quickly started to jump from possibility to possibility, almost causing her to have a sort of anxiety attack. It could have been a trap that her family had set for her, hoping to capture and force to live that miserable life that she had fled from.

    It was at that moment that she crossed the border and she instantly felt the calming feel of her magic vanish. Her eyes widened in shock and she instantly turned to run.

    "Hold on a second," a voice calmly stated from behind her, gently but firmly taking Leliana's arm and pulling her back, "There's no need to panic, this is what happens to all mages who enter this land. Just take a breath and you'll be fine. You're Leliana, right? I got a call that you might come here from my friend at Rose Garden."

    Calming down, the young mage turned to find herself looking up in to the eyes of a massive male. He stood at about seven feet tall and easily dwarfed her slight frame. His eyes were gentle though and it was those that caused her to relax more than anything. He kept one hand on her arm while she settled down, before letting go when she had composed herself.

    "I'm sorry for the shock, I guess she didn't tell you about the nullifying field," he said soothingly, "I work for the company who make the iLac and I was asked to save one for you."

    Placing his massive paw in to his pocket, he pulled out a device that looked like an odd sort of mobile phone and handed it to Leliana. "This is an iLac. It has many functions and I'll let you discover those for yourself but remember to keep it with you at all times. Think of it as your link to the wider world and a way for you to keep in contact with those who are close to you."

    "Thank you," Leliana replied, her purple eyed gaze focused on the iLac for a moment. She had never been an expert with technology but she figured that she would be able to get the hang of it, eventually.

    "It's no problem," he answered, "Now, I have to return to the factory but remember what I said, OK? That iLac could save your life one day."

    With that, he smiled at her, before turning away and leaving her alone once again. Leliana watched him leave for a moment and then made her own exit too, her fingers playing around with the iLac as she took to the road again.

    (570 Words)


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