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    One Drop of Blood In an Ocean of Sorrows [Private]

    Noctis Rose
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    One Drop of Blood In an Ocean of Sorrows [Private] Empty One Drop of Blood In an Ocean of Sorrows [Private]

    Post by Noctis Rose 2nd April 2019, 11:03 pm

    14 years ago...

    It was late into the night, the moon and the stars where hidden behind storm clouds that rained down a torrent of water and winds. The lightning and thunder flashed and roared rhythmically as the blots of electricity rained down on the ocean wave. The waves thrashed a small row boat around.

    "Tam hold on! Stay with me okay! Everything is going to be okay! I promise I'll get you out of here! Big sis is gonna make sure we'll make it." A young girl no older than 10 years old rowed the small boat with all her might trying to get as far away from the shadowy figure of an island a few hundred meters away. Tam, a young boy about about 4 years old held desperately to the side of the rowboat. The waves splashed water into the frail boat, filling it with about 5 inches of sea water.

    "I'm scared Alice..." The young boy whimpered as his older sister pushed herself to keep rowing forward. Yet Alice's efforts was futile.... she and her brother was at the mercy of the sea.

    "I'm here Tam... look at me okay... we'll be fine..." Alice fought back her tears, but she knew she had to be brave in front of her little brother. Truth be told she didn't know if she they were going to be okay, but one thing was for sure Alice had to do her best to save her little brother... after all he was all she had left.

    "ALICE!!! BEHIND YOU!" screamed Tam, his voice cutting through the sound of thunder, wind and rain. Alice turned around to see the island behind them shift and move... it wasn't an island... it was the leviathan demon that consumed and sank their home. The shadowy figure of the gargantuan monstrosity roared into the sky still not having its fill...

    As the sea demon rose up form the ocean depths a gigantic tsunami splashed out with the beast only standing up. Alice knew that there was no way that they would be able to out run the gigantic wave. She turned to her little brother, he tears flowing out but masked by the rain that rand down her face.

    "Tam.. I want you to take this okay... it'll protect you...we're about to go under water...I want you to hold your breath... you know the game we would play at the beach? You know how we would see which one of us could hold their breath the longest. I want you to do that okay?! Do you understand? I want you...no you have to win okay! You have to hold your breath longer than me okay?!" Alice took off a blue braided bracelet that was wrapped around her wrist. She quickly tied it on to her brothers wrist.

    "A-Alice I don't think I can..." Tam said with his voice wavering. Alice embraced her brother tightly. The roaring of the titan tidal wave was getting louder. Alice knew it was only a matter of time until the wave was upon them.

    "You can do it Tam..." Alice smiled as she whispered it to her little brothers ear. CRASH.....The two siblings found themselves underwater. Nothing but darkness. Tam trashed around underwater trying to feel where his sister was at. He held his breath the best he could....1 minutes passes... 30 seconds more... Tam's lungs burned as he tried to find which way was the surface. His breath escaped and bubbles spewed from Tam's mouth as the sea water began to enter his lungs. Tam began to slip away... he was drowning...

    Morning comes...the sea is calm... as if the tragic event that transpired that night never happened. A Fisherman, with dark tan sun weathered skin began reeling in the fishing net he had thrown not so long ago. It was heavier... perhaps a good catch? To the fisherman's surprise the net was able to catch a few plump fish, but the oddest thing was not the fish but a young little boy soaked wet. a little boy who's body was stiff... a drowned corpse.

    "Fucken hell..." The fisherman cursed as he adjusted his round cracked circular glasses. "I should just toss him...he ain't got nuthin on him worth while..." The fisherman grumbled as he grabbed the young boys corpse. He then turned to see the floating debris, wooden planks... barrels... even a whole tree.

    "Fucken hell mate... I was too late..." The Fisherman cursed. He looked at the still body of Tam. "I must be fucken mental..." The fisherman muttered to himself as he dashed towards the front of his ship. He tossed open a chest and began throwing stuff out of it without a care. Clothes, rope, even a bag of silver coins was frantically tossed as if it held no value. "I hope I ain't too late..." The fisherman said as he lifted out a black leather book. The spine of the book was held together with rings in the shape the shape of tentacles. The cover had ancient runes inscribed on it. The book was locked shut with an intricate mechanism. That was decorated with silver that was molded into the shape of seaweeds. The fisher man produced a trident shaped key from his pocket.

    "Ah fucken hell... this shites gonna hurt..." Grumbled the fisherman. He took the trident shaped key and slowly pressed the teeth of the key into the palm of his left hand until it drew blood. When the key was coated enough with blood the Fisherman placed it in the lock and turned it. The Rune began to glow and the tentacle rings began to writhe, the silver sea weed began to sway as if it was under the ocean. On the cover of the book, in dark blood red the head an octopus like entities head began to form and inscribe itself into the cover.

    The fisherman knelt beside Tam's corpse and began to read the ancient text found in the yellow sea weathered pages of the tome. The fisherman spoke in a language that was lost in time. The runes began to glow and float off the pages and began to surround the lifeless body of tam. The skies above the boat became dark, the waves began to thrash. Once the Fisherman stopped reading the runes began to swirl, forming into the shape of a ghostly ethereal trident. The trident hovered above the boys body for a few seconds, then it fell stabbing Tam's body in the heart. The Trident stood still, the a exploded in a sinister green blast of energy.the fisherman raised his arms up to cover his eyes from the blast. The sea was calm and the storm clouds was dispelled.The soft sea breeze turned the final page of tome. The tome melted and turned into sea foam.

    Seconds of silence... eventually a minute passes by. "Shit...I was too late..." Muttered the Fisherman as he he began to bandage his wounded hand. Tam's body began to convulse violently. He began to cough, a flow of water and brine bubbled out of Tam's throat. He kept coughing until no liquid was left. He than began to gasp for air. His eye's opened, but it was no longer its hazel nut hue. Instead it glowed a ghostly sea green, the light began to fade away revealing his eyes now the color of an emerald green sea.

    "W-where am I?!......A-Alice...Alice... ALICE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Tam began to fanatically looking around for his sister. The Fisherman put his hand on Tam's shoulder.

    "She's probably dead kid...." The Fisherman muttered. Tam froze when he heard this, he looked up to the older man. The Fisherman had the same sea green eyes as he did.

    "no... it can't be... SHE'S OUT THERE! I have to found her..." Tam got up and began to run towards the edge of the Ship but the Fisherman pulled Tam back.

    "No... listen to me boy... All your friends... your family are dead... the island you grew up in is in the bottom of the ocean...If you did find anyone they probably would be nothing but a bloated corpse" The Fisherman growled at the the flailing kid in front of him. Tam eventually stopped struggling and began to cry. The Fisherman awkwardly embraced Tam.

    "There...there kid...You're alive that's what matters for now...What's your name kid?" mumbled the Fisherman as he patted Tam on the back.

    "My...my name is Artorias Ryuusei Tamlin...b-but my everyone used to call me Tam....w-what's your name?" Tam spoke his words in between his desperate breaths as he cried.

    "Alright Tam, my names is Fjord... stop crying... look at me boy..." The Fisherman have Tam a firm shake. He waited a few seconds as Tam forced himself to cry, even so tears was still trickling form his face.

    "I found you dead... but you we're given another chance... a chance to take revenge... a chance to stop this from happening to another person....but you're no longer the same... you're a special kid now.... I can drop you off at the nearest harbor and you can try and live your life again as a normal kid... or you can embrace your new gift and use it....for revenge... a gift that will allow you to slay the demon that sank your island and killed everyone you know..." Fjord said his words clearly and slowly has he locked eyes with Tam.

    "A g-gift? W-what am I?" Tam asked as he began wiping away the tears from his eyes.

    "Tam... you are are now a slayer... a demon slayer... an ocean demon slayer...and I can teach you how to use your magic..."

    14 years later...

    The moon was shining brightly as two men we're locked in combat at the shores of a unknown island.

    "Are you fucken mental Tam?! Ya think you can kill a gold fish with that?! Ya gotta put more power in your punches lad!" said an older Fjord as he dodged the 18 year old Tam's swinging fist. Tam grinned as he rode the momentum of his punch to go into a a full roundhouse kick. However this was any sort of kick, the ocean itself began to swirl into a torrent of highly pressurized water, coalescing around Tam's leg.

    "Demon slayers...Leviathan's thrash!" Tam yelled as the kick clad in churning water swung toward Fjord's torso. Fjord grinned as he raised his arms up to block, the water below Fjord shot up like a geyser of sea foam and water.

    "Shit..." Cursed Tam, he then concentrated on his other leg and focused. The water around his leg began to bubble and foam before suddenly sending Tam flying up into the sky with a gigantic slash. The drops of water reflected the moon as he hung in the air suspended for a fraction of a second. "Demon slayers...Neptune's trident!" Seemingly out of no where water began to appear and rush around Tam's arm. A roaring wave began to rise up, creating a large swirling trident made out of sea water. Tam then heaved the swirling trident down to Fjord.

    Fjord laughed and yelled out "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" Fjord stood his ground and opened his mouth and ate the ocean forged trident. "Thanks for the meal kid.... but sorry to break it to you... YOUR COOKING TASTES LIKE SHIT!" Fjord opened his mouth, a blood curdling howl cut through the night sky, a torrent of highly pressured water blasted out towards Tam. The force of the water so great, moving so quick it could easily carve through a mountain leaving a perfect hole in the rock.

    Tam gritted his teeth, he raised his arms up and blocked. "Demon slayers shield... Grand Turtles Shell!" Water gushed forward forming a gigantic turtle shell. The pillar of water clashed with the shield made by Tam. The force caused the bodies of water to create a blast of sheer impact. Tam was sent flying further down the ocean. He splashed down and was sent under the waves. He opened his eye's as it glowed sea green. He could see everything as he glanced up to see a school of fish swim by. He smiled the water around him began to propel him towards the surface faster than a torpedo. A huge tidal wave burst from the oceans surface making a beeline straight toward Fjord on the shore.

    Fjord took a firm stance, his hands on the side of his hip as if holding an imaginary sword in it's scabbard. "You're getting better Tam... You're starting to impress me." Fjord chuckled as he swiftly swung his arm in a motion as if drawing the imaginary sword. A burst of highly pressurized water cut through the giant tidal wave. Behind the wave was Tam who smiled as he puffed up his chest.

    "OCEAN DEMON'S HOWL!" Tam opened his mouth and a blast of water raced forward hitting Fjord before he could even react, causing Fjord to be propelled into the sandy dunes of the beach in a large explosion of water and sand.

    "Fjord? Old man? Are you okay?" Tam called out as he raced to his mentors side.

    "Ow...that hurt...but I'm okay...fucken hell Tam... Good job..." Fjord coughed as he took Tam's hand and allwed himself to be hoisted up by Tam.

    "Haha...finally got you" Tam beamed as his pearly white teeth nearly reflected the moonlight.

    "Yes you did haha....Tam...I trained you for 14 years... I think it's time for you to go, you're turning 18 tomorrow... I've done what I can to teach you... all that's left is for you to use your own imagination and make this magic yours..." Fjord said as he put his hand on Tam's shoulder.

    "Fjord...I don't... thank you...." Tam said clearly shocked at the words that came from his masters lips.

    "Before you go... take this...It's yours...It was on your wrist... it was a bit damaged when I found you but I fixed up for you" Fjord said as he handed Tam a blue bracelet.

    "this was my sisters...she gave it to me before.... before I lost her..." Tam took the bracelet and stared a it. He could feel the sorrows bubbling inside, but the tears could not find its way to his eyes. The sun began to rise up and the break of day cut through the night sky, painting the heavens an array of beautiful colors.

    "Alright lad it's best you get goin....there's a boat on the opposite of this island...head towards Hargeon town... I have it marked your map... i don't wanna see your face around here no more.... no get outta here...." Fjord turned around and began walking away.

    "Thank you master...I'll do you proud..." Tam yelled as he tied the bracelet on his wrist and began running towards the boat, in hopes to start his next chapter in his grand adventure....


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