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    The Next Step

    Sara Ravencrest
    Sara Ravencrest

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    The Next Step Empty The Next Step

    Post by Sara Ravencrest on 2nd April 2019, 11:50 am

    The early sun shined brightly above Clover, most of the citizens were already up and going about their day to day life. Although most of them were going to spend the day doing something else instead of working as it happened to be a weekend. That meant that only a few shop owners would be available and of course the grocary stores and restaurants would also be open. And to be more specific ramen restaurnat, of course it didn't serve only noodles, it had many other dishes and such its just the one thing Sara loves most about this place, when you exclude the owner that is. The restaurant was a two-story building but only the first floor was accessible to customers and the like. On the second floor of the building in one of the bedrooms laid Sara looking through different Sorcerer's Magazine's and anything else she could get herself on guilds and notable people. It was time she caught up with what was happening in the world, instead of just being indifferent about it and minding her own business. Joining a guild had priority first, and gaining some knowledge about  high ranking mages was also a good idea, she wanted to be a saint, so she had to familiarize herself with the other, just general knowledge. She wasn't going to poke around to know what they even did in their private life, Sara didn't care the slightest about that.

    Going back to the topic at hand, Sara picked up a magazine that her surrogate father had. It was amazing how he had almost everything she needed for this, and it was as if he was waiting for it to happen. Going through every guild she didn't skip a single one. From top to bottom.

    The Rune Knights were at the top even though they weren't exactly a guild and more of the military force of Fiore, they still accepted mages. They weren't that interesting in Sara's opinion as a whole, but they did have some interesting members, at least from those that were shown. Sara had never met or heard of them, but she didn't even care till now. Taking another look through the Rune Knights she sighted as she moved towards the next page, as another legal guild was illustrated there. Sabertooth the only legal guild of sorts. Their virtues and intentions were good but it wasn't what Sara wanted. The next guild that appeared was an independant this time, Fairy Tail was the name of the guild. She had faint memory of hearing about this guild, a guild that went from legal to dark and then back to a state of independancy. All in all another guild that was flipped out of disinterest towards it.  

    Sara sighed as she dropped the magazine next to her on the bed. "I have no idea what to do"

    'You just need me, why would you join some place that can hold you back.'

    "Shut up, I don't want to deal with you today."

    'I'm hurt, I didn't know you had it in you to bite back.'

    Sara stayed silent, looking towards the ceiling completly ignoring her tenant. Closing her eyes for a moment she took a deep breath before exhailing. Suddenly her eyes shot back open as a memory of a few days ago shot through her mind. Picking up the magazine she started moving through the pages, until she reached what she was looking for. How could she forget about the one choice that she was already interested before even looking through it. The West Fiore Trading company, how could she forget she even met the CEO of the company a few days ago. One of the reasons she was even home was because the job request was from here instead of traveling. It was also good she didn't spend that much time with her old man nowadays. The last few days were filled with stories and laughter. Helping around the shop was nostalgic, it felt like old times when she was younger, when life seemed to be much more simpler then now.

    Getting back on track she looked through the guild or rather company. She liked handling commerce as she used to do some stuff around the restaurant. It was nothing major but she handled stocks from time to time. And even having to transport goods from one place to another would let her travel more and more around the country. While commerce and goods weren't exactly her forte, but by the guild description it said that merc like jobs were allowed, after all the company did employ mages from what she was seeing in this magazine. Another factor was the invitation she received by Ruvel. What she liked about that was that he didn't try to persue her into joining the company. Even though she wouldn't pester him that much, she may get some guidance towards her goal. A goal that changed quite a lot with a few exceptions, Sara still wanted to be famous, but now it wasn't only for the fame. Even if she couldn't bring change to the world, she could be a beacon of light in dark times. While it could prove quite dangerous she didn't want to abandon the road she wanted to take. The only thing it took was one person to make her question her ideals. To dig deeper into what she wanted to be. She already held great respect for that person and it was not because of some title. Titles didn't define people rather the people defined the idea behind the title.  

    This was the next big step in her career as a mage, a huge step in her opinion. While it wasn't the first guild she is joining it still made her heart throbe from the thought of joining one again, it was a strange feeling for something she avoided so much. Honestly the idea of joining another guild hadn't been on her mind for a long time, after the disbandment Crystal Swan didn't reflect on her at all. After all she had joined the guild a short while before its disbandment and she wasn't even there when the disbandment happened. The only loss for Sara was that she lost complete communication with a friend from the guild. Val was quite the wierd one in Sara's opinion and the two had quickly bounded over a trip to the Cursed Woods for a job, and after that she hasn't spoken to her since ,and from there Sara thought it would be a good idea to travel a bit, taking some time for herself. It was at that time that she had noticed that her guild mark was missing and later on word reached to her that the guild had disbanded.

    Sara was brought out of her thoughts from a knock on the door. "Come in" Sara said with a small smile already knowing who was behind the door. A few seconds afterwards the door opened and a man in his mid 50's entered the room. "Have you made your decision?" "Yes i'm fairly certain where i'm going to go from here." She said as she rummaged through the magazine's next to her until she found the one for the guilds. "This is the one I'm interested in" "West Fiore Trading Company huh" Of course he knew them, it would be strange if you owned somekind of a shop and to not know the biggest shipment company even if you didn't use their company for anything. "Are you certain you want to go there? I mean have you checked the other guilds?"
    "Yes, I've been looking through almost every guild there is, I may have missed a few, but I feel like this is the right choice."

    Hе chuckled a bit before placing a hand on her head to pat her, when he noticed Sara was pouting. "I haven't seen you being this decisive since forever. The last time was when you wanted to take the road as a mage." Sara smiled at his words her pout now gone. "You've been helping me a lot, ever since the incident, I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you" "You don't need to repay anything. It was the least i could do, if you knew the things your family had done for me, I would need to be paying my debt back to you forever." He said with a bit of a laugh and Sara joined him this time. It was these moments that she loved, she didn't have people as close as her old man, and joining a guild would maybe help her find more people that she could just sit next to and laugh carelessly. "So I couldn't ask you last night from all the work, you helped a lot last night by the way, so how are you dealing with your 'tenant'."

    Sara looked down before looking back towards him again. "He's still being a jack ass from time to time, but he did save me from some tough situations, so i'm grateful to him for those time, but we still have a lot to go before we are on mutual terms." "You'll get used to him, your father was used to him and they were able to get to a mutual agreement at one point. Ok get dressed and come help me down stairs, I'm going to open the shop" He said and exited her room.

    Going to the mirror Sara looked herself over, she was in her simple PJ's, her eye patch was on a drawer next to her bed. "Time to get dressed i guess". After a few moments Sara put on a sleeveless shirt and a black jacket and a pair of black jeans. She sighed as she looked at her hair. It was pointy at few places but she was too lazy to straighten it.

    'Your completly sure of going to a guild, and do you plan on telling them about me' The demon suddenly spoke, startling her a bit.

    Sara stopped at the door with her hand on the door knob and thought for a moment "Yes i will, probably not at first but I know how dangerous it could be if i don't mention it"

    'And what if they don't accept you because of me, what will you do after that'

    "Don't get your hopes up, even if they don't, I wont listen to you, the last time it happened a lot of people almost got hurt."

    'If you had just let me take care instead ot thinking that you can just use my power like you know what your doing.'

    "Well now am better at using it." She finished and turned the door knob opening it and heading downstairs to help out a bit before traveling again.

    There were a lot clients today at the restaurant or rather the Ramen Shop as she liked to call it. She didn't know how she would have been able to live without noodles. One of the many reasons she loved coming back to Clover. After a few hours almost every customer had left. She didn't even know when the time had passed let alone when had it become lunch time to help around. It was time to go, she had went back to her room and started packing, just some essentials like cloathes and a few books about magic. She wanted to learn another type of magic at somepoint and expand her arsenal, she could even get a few tips from some people and maybe find a mentor that could guide her a long the way. After finishing Sara said her goodbye's with her surrogate and stepped out of the shop. It was time she opened a new chapter in her story.


    Orange is Sara
    Red is her demon
    Green is her surrogate father.


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