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    Cherry's Passport!


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    Completed Cherry's Passport!

    Post by Cherry 2nd April 2019, 11:46 am

    Walking on the edge of the docks, Cherry looked about as there seemed to be more and more commotion going on. She heard that people were getting their passports registered today. Maybe she should, too… You never know when you’ll need a passport. However, she fell off of the edge and squeaked, as she fell into the water. She flailed about in the water, screaming for help. Luckily, a small row boat was coming to shore and scooped her up, taking her to shore. She thanked them for their help and wrung out her cape-shawl, putting it back on. She sighed. Why was she so clumsy!? She looked down and sighed. She saw a flock of geese flying above her and she made her way back to the docks, to get a passport. She waited in line for hours, talking to a nice family infront of her. She told them about her dream of becoming a powerful wizard and all that, telling them about her previous small adventures. They seemed amused and wished her luck, telling her about their hometown. She listened carefully and smiled. After what seemed like forever, she was finally able to get in line to obtain a passport. She filled out all of the boring paperwork, and got her passport. Then she was instructed to go wait in ANOTHER line, to get it registered. She groaned loudly, and sighed. The line looked so long… And she just got out of one line! She didn’t want to go to another line… Oh well. It can’t be helped. She walked to the line and sat down, knowing this was going to take even longer than the first line. She took out her sketchpad and her pencil, deciding to draw the horizon while she waited. Several people complimented her on her drawing and she thanked them with mild timidness as she did not think she was a good artist. She put her sketchpad and pencil back in her satchel bag. She sighed and decided to chat up the person behind her for a while. As the line gradually got shorter and and shorter infront of her, and longer and longer behind her, she discovered several people’s stories of wanting to get their passport to visit family and friends. She had no family to speak of, so it saddened her a little. Discouraged her, even. Someone cheered her up by telling her family isn’t set in stone by blood, but chosen by bonds. She smiled and giggled at that, seemingly feeling much better.

    When she finally got to the front of the line, she filled out the next set of paperwork, and got her passport registered and stamped for the current region. She smiled and put her passport in her inner jacket pocket with her iLac, and closed her eyes. “Alright! Now I can go wherever I want!” she grinned to herself, fist pumping the air as she was excited. But… First she’d have to get a job for traveling money… Maybe she should look into getting into a guild.

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