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    Cherry's Blood Drive Volunteer Job!


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    Completed Cherry's Blood Drive Volunteer Job!

    Post by Cherry on Tue 2 Apr - 14:17

    Cherry woke up on a beautiful saturday morning, smiling as she remembered today was her day to volunteer for the local Blood Drive. She got out of bed and got dressed, and brushed her hair. She walked out of the little inn she was staying at and headed to the little cafe on the ground floor. She got a hot chocolate and some toast to eat, and munched away while she looked around the cafe. There were fliers for the Blood Drive everywhere. Must be a big deal… She finished her toast and hot chocolate and got up, cleaning off the table she was sitting at so the waitress wouldn’t have to do it and started walking. She smiled to herself as she whistled a low tune, hands to her side as she put one foot in front of the other, heel to toe. She giggled to herself. Today would be a good day. She looked up at the sky, wondering how it was so blue. She wasn’t watching where she was going and ended up tripping on a rock on the ground. She fell on her face and whined. “Oww…” she pouted, getting up and dusting herself off. She sighed, and carried on walking. She was determined to make today a good day, so this wasn’t going to get her down. Cherry put her hands in her jacket pockets and watched straight ahead of herself, least she fall again. Clumsy girl.

    She reached the Blood Drive tent. It was huge! Red and white stripes and balloons everywhere. She walked up to whoever looked like they were in charge. “Hello! I’m here to volunteer today.” She said. The woman looked down at Cherry, holding a clipboard. “Perfect! Why don’t you start by handing out cookies and juice to everyone in the recovery tent?” She said. Cherry nodded and grinned. “Sure!” she giggled. She ran to the recovery tent, and picking up a tray of juice and cookies. She snuck a cookie or two for herself, putting them in her pocket. She carried the tray around, handing them out to the blood donors. Giving them each one cookie and one juice box, she smiled at each one of them and thanked them for their donation. Once her tray was empty, she went back and repeated her actions, handing them out and smiling, thanking them. After that, she walked to the woman who was in charge. “All done! What should I do now?” she asked. The women tapped her chin. “I know! Why don’t you help clean sterilize the chairs for the next patients?” she asked. Cherry nodded and smiled, walking to the donor tent and helping to sterilize the chairs by wiping them down with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol. After all the chairs were sterilized, she waited around until another chair needed to be sterilized. After a while, she snuck out behind the tents to eat the cookies she took. “Just what do you think you’re doing!?” asked the woman from earlier. Cherry squeaked and freaked out. “I-I’m sorry!!! I-I was hungry and I didn’t think-” “Calm down, sweetie. I just came to give you a juice box. You’ve worked hard today. You deserve it.” She smiled. Cherry paused, and giggled. “Thank you, Ma’am…” she said, taking the juice box and enjoying her snack. The woman instructed her to take the bags of blood to the intended storage area. Cherry did so, pulling the wagon behind her. She smiled and delivered wagon after wagon. It was starting to get dark. She was told to go home for the day.

    Cherry walked home, but stopped by the bakery on her way home. She decided to get an orange crumble cake and smiled. She paid for her crumble cake and sat down, digging in. A small raccoon came over to her and she shared her cake with it, it chittered in delight as if to thank her. She smiled at it and rubbed its head. Volunteering and helping out a critter in need. Today was a good day. She looked up at the sunset and clouds and closed her eyes, sighing. She was proud of her accomplishment.

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