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    Jealousy or burning passion?


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    Jealousy or burning passion? Empty Jealousy or burning passion?

    Post by Levlidian 2nd April 2019, 5:18 am

    The gulls cried across the port town, heavy boots echoed against the wooden docks, the hordes of souls bustling about between both work and play; it seemed like such a lovely place to live. Basking in the shining sun as it fell prey to the fall of a sunset, the colouration soon betrayed the sky as though blood replaced the blue and Levlidian took pause. Lowering his gaze, a singularly working, feral eye fixed upon the page of a parchment he held. This was the second time he'd taken a job that involved jealousy and his brow dove into a grumpy expression.

    "I was meant for more than this," he sneered, sure enough, arrogance blossomed followed by a derisive snort flanked by a short spark of flame. As the steam fluttered, coiled and rose from said nostrils Levlidian had already about faced from the ocean. The steady chill coaxing about his spine, simply seeing the vast expanse of water unnerved the Slayer, however, he had a job to fulfil and he wasn't about to allow his fears to intervene. On into the crowd he stalked, barging several clear and out of the way whilst his coat tails trailed behind him, a sneer degrading into a grinding jaw.

    Peering to the offered depiction, an artists rendition you might say, it would at least be simple to locate this so called 'prince charming'. How that pissed him off, perfect pretty boys drew a special sort of hatred from him. Past several wooden buildings he'd wander, fingers trailing the lining of his pockets, shadows diving across him and coating Levlidian in darkness. It took some time, as he had suspected but the timing of the date had been precised. there he was, tugging his door closed dressed to impress and perfectly handsome.

    How was he supposed to derail this entire endeavour without resorting to violence, another annoyed snort followed as the red haired slayer's realisation, this was going to be more difficult than he'd thought. Back pressed to a near by wall, the man turned to leave. Levlidian was so caught up, grumpily snarling to himself and steadying his red mane as he considered his options. He barely noticed, until a short shock pierced his mind and whipping from his hiding place- he spied his target almost out of sight.

    "Damnit," he cursed and started off after him, he wasn't allowed to act violently towards this man, but, he stopped dead and bore a cruel sort of smile. Again he started off, turning the corner as the beautiful man adhered to cross a bridge. That cruel grin aboard the complexion of the slayer expanded further still, looking to the base of the bridge he'd quickly follow and soon appear behind the man. Kicking his ankle causing it to cross with his other, Levlidian then gave the man a hefty shove who fell into the shallow waters beneath with a rather- feminine scream. As he fell, a strike occurred about his head on the floor beneath the water and he lay unconscious.

    "Bingo," he hissed and took off at a sprint for the second half of his task, he hadn't quite thought this entirely through but if this woman could just read the prepared letters before this man arrived. Further more he laughed, it took him a good several minutes to arrive at the position of this secondary targets house. Not really bothering to mask himself, more so he scrambled to the door and proceeded to press a note beneath the frame. "This had better work out," he hissed irritably and found himself striding free- attempting to seem entirely blame free including a terrible whistle of some form of tune. The Home itself had been mere minutes away, luckily, though on his way back the way he'd come; a cloaked figure met him.

    Levlidian had followed the path, having delivered this letter and eliminated the approaching target he soon peered into the alley he'd found himself in. Annoyance was plaguing him again, he was a Dragon Slayer, what was he doing fulfilling these stupid requests?
    "Is it done?" whispered a females voice from the hood, The Slayer sighed, this woman was acting far too edgy for his liking.
    "Yes," he snorted, looking away to the shadows of the far wall.
    "Excellent-," she began, however Levlidian interrupted her, "-he's lying beneath a bridge just outside the floral shop," his jaw setting with a crack and the woman would gasp.
    "What, what did you-," he cut her off again, "Find him, nurse him, it'll serve your purpose," and he turned to stride away offering one hand to her. "Just give me my money before I decide to burn him alive instead," peering back, a glint of rage in his amber eye whilst wearing a rather insidious grin;he wanted to do far more than this.

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