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    Watch the World Burn, my kind gig


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    Watch the World Burn, my kind gig Empty Watch the World Burn, my kind gig

    Post by Levlidian on 1st April 2019, 7:00 pm

    The fields this time of year were beginning to bloom beneath a beautiful blue sky, once again, Levlidian was out on a job and one that fitted him beautifully. With a cruel, smug grin depicted across tanned lips, it was clear he enjoyed the idea of the upcoming scenario. Down the mud trodden path he would adverse to discover exactly what he was actually supposed to be laying waste to. An amused hum sounded from the maw of the Slayer, this evolved into a whistle whilst heavy boots carried their master further on the quest. How ironic really, apparently, old Farmer Jekis had become the envy of the locals and on pure envious basis indeed.

    These thoughts pleased Levlidian a little too much, further proof humanity was irredeemable and weak; yet again he gets to prove his superiority. The long path drew to an end around the T-junction, thick mud layered the mans boots whilst he steadied his mane. The breeze bustled his red hair causing a kiss of teeth from the young Slayer, he'd arrived and yet his hair just would NOT behave today. All about him, bathed in bright light lay fields upon fields of beautiful crops and emerald grass; a wonderful view indeed. Snapping his fingers, Levlidian began a short spark and revealed a cruel smile as he recognised a particular figure by that of a wooden hut near by.

    Farmer Jekis tended his crop, a straw hat and A-typical overalls decorating his rake like figure, against the lean frame that was the Dragon Slayer- this was going to be a piece of cake. On wards he strode, heels leading him closer until he bluntly called out.
    "Greetings!" holding up a hand to grant his target a happy little wave. The old Farmer started and stood tall, mounting six foot one easily and granted Levlidian a short smile. "Ah, good afternoon sir!" he called back soon approaching his newly acquired converse. Even in the bright light, the shade that obscured this gentleman's features lay rather deep and it made discernment a little difficult until he was that much closer.

    "I was on my way beyond these fields," The red head gestured with a wave of his hands, his long coat tails fluttering absently before, again, Levlidian was fixing his mane. "You have quite the beautiful abundance here," a gentle smile painted those scarred lips, his one working eye fixated upon the pleasantry that was Jekis.  

    "Yes sir, most amount I've ever produced!" answered the Farmer, pride labelling his gruff voice readily. Levlidian nodded as the two briefly enjoyed a calm moment, that was until the Dragon slayers features turned cruel. "be a pity if something were to happen to it," an insidious hint laying in wait beneath his tone. The farmer paused, but it was far too late for action as he help out his palm and snapped his fingers, from the Wizards hands sprouted a ferocious blaze that lashed angrily at the crops. Jekis cried out in terror, instead of retreat however, he lunged at Levlidian.

    Unfortunately, at this point the boy was rather swift and ducked the tackle, drawing blazing hand free as the crops burst into a roaring tormenting inferno. Delivering a savage right hook, then a sharp left, blood spilled into the air and Levlidian knocked the old farmer down with a savage headbutt to the forehead. Standing over the slowly slumping farmer, eyeing the blood pooling from his mouth and nose whilst his crops burned. Several vicious kicks were delivered to those frail ribs.

    "Teaches you to reach beyond what you're worth," hissed the red head who proceeded to spit upon Jekis thus turned on his heel, shadowed by funnels of black smoke and a blazing crop field. "Now this is my kind of job," a dark laugh sounded whilst he'd again, smooth his hair and adjust the jacket that whipped in the warming air. "Time to get paid,".

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