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    What's a girl to do - call levlidian!


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    What's a girl to do - call levlidian! Empty What's a girl to do - call levlidian!

    Post by Levlidian 1st April 2019, 6:17 pm

    The sun itself beat down upon the young Dragon Slayer as he processed his inhibitions here today, food was on the menu and unluckily for him- his wallet was looking awfully dry. A scowl decorated the mans tanned features, his one operating eye darting between those passers by of which paid him attention; this neutral expression peppered with disappointment soon devolved into a sneer. "People," he scoffed lightly, lifting a once pocketed hand to smooth his messy, red hair against the shallow breeze. On he crept, deliberately taking his time and wearing a face like a slapped arse, this was of course until he happened upon the note he'd plucked from the jobs board as he passed through. Brow furrowing, each of the well scripted sentences serving to irritate the man more than they should, 'Damn city folk,' he'd catch himself  internalising but a job was a job. These sorts of things should have been beneath him, nary a warrior would even glance at such adolescent work and care much for it; however, food was food and a bed for the night would be nice if he didn't over do it. A cruel, devilish smile now wound it's way across his lips, 'again' he ended that thought of his own and let loose a sombre growl.

    "The details put him around this area," came Levlidian's gruff voice, rolling his tongue across his lower lip as he stared into the crowded, shop adorned streets of Rose Garden. he'd heard a Guild operated in this area, this only meant he'd have to watch himself; sort of. Boisterously he'd barge into the crowd, seeking this singular gentleman of whom he apparently owed a -date-.
    "Steak," he mused softly, the long tails of his coat whipping in a summers breeze, heavy boots ringing off the stone and his ragged look earning his passage amongst fairly well dressed individuals. "An unholy alliance of cheated women," again he mused a random thought to the air before him, "Never heard of anything less intimidating," he'd turn a corner and glance for the enclosed drawing of the man they'd requested -roughed up-. A glare captured the corner of Levlidian's eye causing a grunt of discomfort, he couldn't afford the loss of his one working eye but it would seem, this was a coax of luck on his part.

    Across the street from where he would stand, a passing cart and horse shielding the individual for but a moment and yet it was unmistakable really, there was his target. He seemed busy with-.
    "A female, of course," he laughed softly and exposed canines with the whites of his teeth, this had seemed far too easy at this point, thus the Dragon slayer about faced to seek his target, his bull hardy nature soon had him crossing the street, uncaring of those about him, shouldering a young woman clear with a grunt as he neared the male only for him to, not be there. "The heck," he barked, ignoring the blatant disrespect the female he'd barged past barked at him. With a wave of his hand in her direction he'd make after the figure of the man he'd now spied had moved off. Apparently, the flower pot that had moved between them briefly was enough time for the slippery sod to make his way half way down the street. Hoards bustled past Levlidian, the claustrophobia was beginning to stifle his senses thus his nose would wrinkle, scents were abundant but none he cared for. Cheap aftershave, perfume, stone, smoke, he had it all bothering him and removing both hands from their respective pockets, he'd begin shoving souls clear of him to travel after the male.

    "Get out of my way," he barked at one child who burst into tears, ignoring the lamenting cries and angry shouts, Levlidian spotted him round the corner and made after the creature. Luckily for him, Levlidian's nose managed the scent of the mans aftershave from mere consistency as the crowd cleared, performers seemed to be packing up as he made his way down the emptying and more so neighbourly street. Narrow openings dotted between the joined buildings, pristine and beautiful stone he wrapped his fingers about on one such corner to spy he had indeed picked the correct direction.
    "Perfect," mused the Dragon slayer, heavy heels moving loudly as he'd shimmy into the same alley, the distance between them was closing, any good stalker would know silence was key; however, this was Levlidian.
    "Hey!" he cried in his gravely tone and the man turned with a furrowed brow to face the shaggy looking cat caller. "I've been sent to find you," he bluntly announced with a charming, if slightly creepy smile. Long red hair blew gently in the breeze whilst the dual colour eyed figure drew level with the not so small gentleman.

    "What of it?" barked the target, clearly uncertain of this figure who'd called him out, in a back alley no less but Levlidian kept his cool for the time being. "Yeah man, girl you were speaking to forgot to give you something," a brazen bluff, she could have been anyone. However, the target lowered his gaze slightly and his eyebrows lessened, Lev' had him, "Oh? What did she want?".
    Ever the crackpot, a hand soon pocketed itself as if he was to hand this gentleman something handed to him but instead, he pulled out the note for the job and dangled the parchment before him. It was amusing, to say the least for the red haired slayer, watching the mild surprise turn into a mixture of confusion and rage, unfortunately, the man had little time to respond before a shift in Levlidian's stature positioned one foot forward, swivelled his pelvis and buried a fist hard within the mans abdomen. "jewels are jewels," he smugly laughed. The strike had sounded sickening, like that of a mallet slamming into meat and down crumpled the now stricken target. Upon his knees he'd fall, palms pressed into the stone while he gagged on his own saliva and stomach bile.

    "You've been a dastardly one ain'tcha," laughed Levlidian, knuckles unfurling from the first strike and a knee violently rising to slam into the mans nose as he'd peer up at his attacker, grasping his blonde mane as the leg descended; our Slayer was quick to deliver the opposite fist, wrapped about the parchment across his complexion with a sickening crack felling his target to the floor upon his back. stepping closer, a boot resting about his groin, he'd then lean and press into a heel forcing the blonde target to sit up suddenly only for a hand to wrap up within that mane of his and hold him still. Blood swam from the nose of the target, flesh grazed and already swelling around his eye. Lowering himself, an amber eye and a white meeting the brown of the felled creature whilst the Slayer crouched. "I've been instructed to make an example  out of you," a cruel growl flanking the stern words offered unto the seated soul. "So, ready yourself- eh?" a crack of knuckles sounded, a whimper came clear from his mouth as the former boyfriend sought to reason with the Slayer only for another solid crack to fill the air.

    Several minutes pass, whistling heartily, Levlidian held the collar of the man in his hand, unconscious as he was- and naked from the waist down, he was dragged into the street and lifted upwards. hands bound around each shoulder and propping him against the wall just before the busy street. Gazing at his handy work, burns scarring half the targets complexion whilst he now held his own pants tied about a wooden board strapped to his neck dangled freely. "You're going to march home like that," commanded the Dragon slayer, sparking his fingers again as he realised the other was unconscious. Blood ran from the cuts decorating a swollen complexion, blood pooled about his side and burns wept but with a stark slap- he was conscious once again.
    "You, listen," he barked angrily, "March down that street with this board, as you are, go home; if I ever catch you womanising again- I'll gut you, hear me whelp?"
    The man meant to open his mouth but thought better, doing as he was instructed, limping horrendously, bleeding profusely, Levlidian was careful to turn on his heel in that moment and vanish from the scene. There was a mixture of concern and laughter ringing behind him from the street. A cruel smile elaborated across his tanned lips, said lips spread to reveal a cruel sort of smile baring fang. Upon the board read -Womanisers all feel about this small- with an arrow burned into the wood, much like the words. These gestured to his crotch, jewels fully on show.

    Making his way back towards the address upon the note he still held, blood soaked as it was, Levlidian felt an odd sort of gratification in what he had achieved today. The only pity being, he didn't get to kill the poor sod. "Pity," he concurred and vanished into the streets to find himself some payment.

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