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    [Job] Golden Goddess vs Whiteknight


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    [Job] Golden Goddess vs Whiteknight Empty [Job] Golden Goddess vs Whiteknight

    Post by newwaterz on 31st March 2019, 9:40 am

    There was a burst of sound from the rear of the Throne hall just before a short fat man with a neckbeard and fedora came running out. In his arms a basket of undergarments from Dies Irae. Quickly following him was the Golden Goddess herself in hot pursuit and equally warm anger. She was already in full Golden Goddess mode and was pounding the ground, kicking up dirt as she chased the short round. "Stop right where you are and drop those clothes!"

    "I am sorry My Lady. As much as you would like to go on a date, I currently have a ritual to perform."[/b] His entire body started to glow and his legs became but a blur before he rocketed off.

    As the mesh started receding, Janine stopped. There was no way she was going to let this little creep get away. Not after he touched her. She was not going to allow him to be the first person to touch her rear. This evil had to be purged from the world. Now. Her hand drew her cap up and spun her hair with the other hand tucking it under the hat placed on her head. "Metal God Meltdown." Hollowing out the inside of herself, she extended her torso well into the air. From there she could spot the little creep. She spotted him running down the alleyways heading towards and open clearing. He had a few alleys to cross and despite his sped, she would wait for him where he was going to. Her hands grasped the closest roof top and withdrew her abs allowing her to run along the peaks in a straight line.

    The two came to the clearing at the same time, though Janine was about five meters in the air above him, her cap being flung in front of him. As she came down her hair fluttered wildly behind her. The cringe getting a good look at the Goddess descending. He took a moment to adopt a manly pose. This made her want to destroy him that much more. "Metal God Melee." The fluttering loose strands congeled together to form a golden drill around her right foot. The kick driving into the ground, knocking him back and the basket away from him.

    As he pulled himself up, naked now, he tipped his fedora towards her. "Alright. Alright. I can see you are persisitant. I will allow you to date me My Lady."

    As if Janine wasn't angry enough now. "Tell me, why did you go into our guild and steal all those undergarments?"

    The Cringe just smirked to her. "Well if you must know. I am about to ascend to a being higher than anyone has ever seen." This brought her to a stop. He, this little pipsqueak, had the key to divinity? The very prospect sent a shiver down through her spine. If he became a God, she would have to deal with him everyday. There would be no getting rid of him. His slime would protrude anywhere. That was not acceptable, screw the mission, she had to kill him now. "I, Melvin Whiteknight the Third, will complete this ritual. You know how magic oozes and seeps from every mage? I took that which absorbs the most seepage and will convert that into divine energy."

    Just as she was about to strike him down, she heard his plan and she couldn't hold back her laughter. "That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard. It's almost as stupid as that name. As as tiny as other things in the area." Her hair weaved together creating her Metal God Mesh again and ensnared him. "You have proven to be a waste of my time. The Ambassador may have granted you mercy, but after this, you will receive none from me. And I am not your lady. I am THE Lady Janine Kirrity Lolligo von Minstrel. Your Goddess!" With one last flick of her head she sent him flying neck beard first into a near by tree, walking him back to the guild to turn him in, placing him well behind her.


    [Job] Golden Goddess vs Whiteknight Wsb8ROK
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