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    Sibling Rivalry


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    Sibling Rivalry Empty Sibling Rivalry

    Post by Medeia 25th March 2019, 9:10 am

    The town, if you could even call it a town, was a complete dump. A bombed out shell of a place that did not seem to have any life at all, wiped out by the weapons testing of a guild. The thought of one of those useless organisations doing such a thing was an amusing notion and the tall pink haired Goddess briefly wondered if perhaps her initial judgements on guilds had been wrong. She had always assumed that they simply were where the cowardly and fearful congregated, where the mages with no genitalia grouped together in order to try and keep law and order. It was a foolish notion in her eyes although the longer she spent entwined with her godly partner, the less she cared of those around her. The plights of others had become somewhat meaningless to her and the only group that she was truly interested in were those who lived amongst the stars, those arrogant pricks who called themselves the gods, a group that she would one day drag from the heavens and destroy with her own two hands. Oh yes, one day she would drag them down from their lofty perch and turn their faces in to bloody stains.

    Making her way through the remains, Sarisha briefly surveyed her surroundings, tilting her head briefly to the side. It had been some time since she had last travelled somewhere new and the thought of exploration sent a brief tingle of excitement through her. A Goddess she may be but there was still a few traces of the human that she had originally been, that wide eyed explorer who never stayed in the same place for too long. Of course, her reasons for staying on the move had changed somewhat as her deeds had begun to attract attention. Every job that she took on had pretty much ended in bloodshed and even the idiots of Fiore had begun to put two and two together and come to the conclusion that it was her. They could chase her for eternity for all she cared and was perfectly confident in her own abilities and skills. No mortal would put a scratch on her and that was simply fact. Those who dwelled on the mortal realm were simply toys for her amusement and to be exploited in whatever way she saw fit. That had not always been her way of thinking but her time with Valara had changed much of her personality, so much so that she was almost a completely different woman than the one who had come across her blue skinned Goddess, desperate to feel again.

    There was something about the toxic wasteland that had drawn her to it, despite the barrenness, a sort of calling that had reached her from some distance away. It was a calling that had touched the centre of her godly essence which was both a warning and an exhilarating sensation at the same time. It could easily have been a trap by one of her godly kin but Sarisha had come anyway with the thought of perhaps shedding the blood of one of the holy only increasing her sense of excitement. She knew that they were aware of her and Valara's joining and it would only be so long before her deeds would attract attention. The King of the God's was a paranoid bastard and the thought of his wildest daughter breaking free of his judgement upon her would no doubt infuriate him, much to Sarisha's pleasure. Now, she needed to send another message to him and her hope was that she would have the chance to do that today, hopefully with corpse of one of Valara's kin. That was the hope anyway, the desire and what made her heart beat faster.

    It was heavy going but eventually she reached the centre of the town and found herself approaching a large pillar which stood directly in the middle, seemingly unaffected by the damage that had been done to the place. It was glistening white in colour and drew the Goddess towards it like a moth to a flame. It was most definitely the source of the calling and she could almost hear a voice emanating from it, speaking her name. Sarisha could feel the warm embrace of her godly partner wrapping her arms around her shoulders, knowing that they both wanted to reach out and touch the beautiful piece of work. Her footsteps began to quicken as she approached the structure and without a moments more thought, her hand stretched out and made contact with the pillar. It was warm to the touch but the moment she touched it, a powerful form of energy began to pulse through her body. The Deity began to shake although she bit down hard on her tongue to stop screaming out, refusing to let herself show that kind of weakness. It continued for a couple of minutes before suddenly coming to a halt, before the pillar cracked with a pulse of energy which forcibly hurtled Sarisha away from it, sending her crashing in to a pile of debris from one of the bombed buildings.

    The pillar then emitted a powerful bolt of yellow energy which rose high in to the air and formed a symbol in the sky, a symbol that Sarisha was all too aware of. It was the sign of one of her sisters or Valara's to be specific and as the mage clambered out of the debris, the ground briefly shook, before a figure came careering down from the sky, coming to a perfect halt to perch on top of the pillar. Her visage briefly hidden by the bright light. When it finally faded, a young looking woman was shown, wielding a set of bright gold armour, with the top half of her face covered by a helmet. In her right hand she carried a one handed axe and in her left she carried a shield. Sarisha had never seen her before but the memories of her partner made it feel as though she had, such was the closeness of their bond. The figure remained silent for a few moments, before leaping from the pillar and landing on the ground, a few feet from the God Slayer.

    "You never could refuse the touch of something bright and shiny," the armoured woman said, a touch of amusement on her voice, "When I had heard that you had fused with a human, I admit that I was sceptical, as you have never been the type to settle down, Valara." She briefly fell silent and walked around the mage, as if she was judging her form, before returning to the front, "Not a bad choice though, your host has a lovely form, although I can promise you that the King is not quite as impressed with your decision. Bonding with a mortal was a stupid decision to make and now it has been left to me to clean up the mess that you have made. You are going to return to the heavens, sister, to face judgement for your crimes here. You were banished here and stripped of your emotions in order to learn how to escape from your petty indulgences and to perhaps finally mature but you have not listened at all and have simply found a way around the King's lenient sentence, how foolish."

    "The name is Sarisha," the Slayer answered, "Valara is a part of me and we are one in mind, body and soul. I am all too aware of the sentence that was put on her and I took great pleasure in freeing her from your King's bullshit. Together, we are going to slaughter every single one of you who live in the heavens and perhaps then, we will turn our gaze towards this world and perhaps do the same here. I do not give a damn about what your reason for being here is and it makes little difference. You cannot simply rip her from me because we joined willingly. I am not simply a host, I am her and every feeling, emotion and power that she possesses flows through my form. Now, Abeline, use your brain for once and run back to the King and tell him of what I said or I will rip you head off and send you back in pieces. It has been a long time since we last had a tumble, after all." A particular vivid memory ran through her head at that moment and she had to try to avoid rolling her eyes, Christ, Valara was a dirty minded bitch sometimes.

    "Oh, I do apologise for not understanding your bond," Abeline replied with a smile, "I thought that you were simply a puppet that she liked to toy with. That does add a wrinkle to proceedings as I am not going to able to split you up properly without it stinging a bit. I am quite good at such things you see and there is no doubt that I could drag my sister out of you, however, I am not sure that there would be much left of you afterwards, Sarisha. As you can probably guess, I am not going to be able to deliver your message so I guess we will have to do things the hard way. I am sorry about this but it is time for Valara to come home and if you refuse to comply peacefully then I am going to have to make you. Just like old times, my dear."

    With a laugh, Abeline dived forwards and attacked with a downward swing of her her axe, forcing Sarisha to dodge to the side and then counter with a hard punch to the side of Abeline's head, leaving a dent in her helmet and knocking her off balance. She recovered swiftly and responded with a pair of axe swipes, which the Torrent God was able to evade, before surrounding her hands with water and then connecting with a powerful uppercut that knocked Abeline backwards, before connecting with another powerful punch to the face, causing a spurt of blood to erupt from the Holy Goddess's face and awaken the power of Sarisha's latent abilities. Oh, how Sarisha loved to brawl and it had become an area of expertise due to the amount of close quarters combat that she had taken part in since they had joined. Her abilities may of been ranged for the most part but they were mainly to get her in to her favourite range. Minimum. Leaping back, Abeline swore wickedly before making a slicing motion with her axe, sending a bolt of Holy energy which managed to force Sarisha back a few feet. Oh, how the Torrent Goddess hated anything holy.

    Raising her hand to the sky, Sarisha summoned a downpour of rain which covered the area that the two were fighting in, before surrounding herself with water and spinning in a circle, resulting in razor sharp blades of water to fly towards her opponent. Abeline rose her shield and managed to block the attack, before countering with a powerful blast of light from her shield which Sarisha simply had to endure although thanks to her activated abilities, the damage was minimal. The fight seemed to be pretty one sided and with a confident smile, Sarisha leapt in to the air and darted towards Abeline, catching her it the stomach and forcing the pair of them in to the pillar, with the hole Goddess taking the full brunt of it and dropping her weapon and shield, which briefly glowed before disappearing. Taking the advantage, the Slayer then ripped the helment off of her opponents head and delivered a powerful combination of blows to her head, causing the blood to splatter everywhere, sending her in to a fury. It seemed like the end but the holy mage suddenly vanished, much to Sarisha's disbelief, only to reappear behind her and striking the water Goddess with a powerful bolt of energy which forced Sarishaup against the pillar and once more be struck by its energy.

    "Dirty trick," Sarisha howled, twitching and convulsing due to the pillar's power, trying her best to wrench herself away from it. Abeline took the advantage and reformed her axe, before charging behind Sarisha and starting to strike her with it, causing blood to start streaming from the water Goddess's back. The humiliation of being tortured in such a way was enough to drive her to the bring of madness and stoked the anger even further. There was not a submissive bone in her body and every strike from Abeline's axe only made her want to kill her sister stronger. There was only one chance for her to get out of the situation and hypocritically, it would mean that she would have to use a similar ability to Abeline in order to escape. The hell with hypocritical though as in that moment, her instinct for survival over rid everything else. She simply had to wait for the right moment and endure until then. The only issue with that was that her defensive abilities could only defend against so much and in reality, she was more of an attack based mage. Holding on for dear life, she grit her teeth and waited for the moment where the pillars power would falter for just a second. No, no. Now!

    Vanishing in to molecules, she briefly disappeared, only to reappear behind Abeline and unleash a powerful stream of water from her mouth which caught the armoured woman directly and smashed her up against the pillar, stunning her. She then created a dome of water in order to trap her and a wicked grin crossed her face as she watched Abeline start to suffocate inside her oxygen less dome of water, enjoying every moment that she suffered. It was only when her sister stopped moving that she released the ability, her sister crashing to the floor in a heap.

    Sarisha was not done, however and created a whip of water which she gleefully began to spin with her hand, before approaching the fallen Goddess. Bending down, she angrily ripped off the armour that covered her sisters body, before turning her over to get a look at her face. She found herself looking in to Abeline's powerful green eyes, surprisingly still alive but no longer having the same confident expression that she had once had. Her face was etched with fear and she looked more like a little girl than a brave warrior at that moment. Her lips were trembling, her nose was broken and there was dried blood all over her face. The lesson that Sarisha had wanted to teach had certainly been taught, the message had been delivered.

    "Now what?" Abeline said, her voice no more than a whisper, "I cannot return to the King after losing to you nor will I deliver your message to him, as it would be a death sentence for me anyway. I concede defeat to you and I underestimated the bond that the two of you have. Sarisha, killing me will only anger him further and the risks on your life will only increase now that he is aware of your strength. Be prepared for his retaliation and know that he will eventually send his strongest in order to end you. I am simply the weakest of our family, as I am sure that you know with Valara's memories in your head. You are bringing the heavens down upon you. Is that what you truly want?"

    As she listened, the whip in Sarisha's hand vanished and the rain soon followed. The fight was over and her opponent's words had at least tempered her rage for the time being. She could feel the pride and pleasure that Valara felt inside her, pleased with the result of the contest and satisfied for now.

    "It was what brought us together in the first place," Sariaha answered, her red eyes losing the anger and rage that they had previously burned with, "I hate your kin as she does and our goal is to bring an end to those who sit in the heavens. There is no other solution to this I will not rest until I have brought an end to them. That is the simplicity of it."

    "I see," Abeline responded, "Then at least give me the pleasure of dying by my sister's favourite technique. She has always been a lusty creature and I am sure that you know what I am referring too. I assume that you are inclined in the same way?"

    The pinkette''s eyebrows rose at the question but she knew to what Abeline was referring to and simply nodded her head. Gently raising her hand and running it down Sarisha's face, Abeline simply added, "Do it then, I die knowing that I did what I could."

    Leaning over her, Sarisha gently wrapped her arms around Abeline and pulled her upwards in to a kiss, performing her unique finishing ability. A dome of water enveloped the pair as it took effect and once it was completed, it vanished as quickly as it had formed, leaving Sarisha alone, her blood covered face almost the same colour as her hair. Her task had been completed and she had managed to handle herself against her godly kin. There was much to be done but it was enough for her to know that her powers were increasing and that one day soon she would be able to take on the mightiest of the gods.

    For a while, she simply sat by the pillar, pondering to herself about where to go next, recovering her strength. She was surprised by just how much energy that this particular fight had taken out of her but it was only to be expected, given her opposition. Perhaps she had become complacent a little in having such easy competition up until now. Well, that was something that she would certainly never become again and her training would increase in order to keep herself at top form. That was something that she vowed there and then. Now that she had struck the first real blow, things were likely to move far more quickly and she had to be ready.

    Eventually, she rose to her feet and slowly walked away from the pillar, ready to move on to her next adventure. However, just as she was about to leave what was left of the town square, the pillar suddenly released another blindly bright light towards the sky. Sarisha swiftly turned and gazed up towards the sky once more. However, the symbol of Abeline which had once been there vanished at that moment, followed by the pillar exploding in to pieces. If that was not a sign that she had made an impression then nothing was. The day was now well and truly hers and long may it be that way.

    Turning away once more, she then took her leave and soon left the town, leaving a bloody looking square behind her. She had half expected another attack but given what the King's mood would probably be at the moment, perhaps he was taking out his frustrations on someone else. One day, it would be his head under her boot and that thought was one that sprung to the forefront of her mind and she walked. Oh yes, one day she would put and end to him and finish what she had started today. She briefly tapped in to Valara's memories and pondered the opposition against her. There were certainly some tough bastards in there but that was precisely what she wanted. If she wanted to beat up weaklings, then she would just keep slaughtering humans, a far easier target and enjoyable now and again.

    Another thought briefly passed through her mind and she briefly considered again what she would do after her great task was over. Perhaps she would take over the mortal realm in the same way as would the heavens? Perhaps take the throne of Fiore for herself and rule over all others. I was an interesting though and she smiled slightly as she amused herself with the thought. Maybe it would be better off if she simply wiped the inhabitants away and start from scratch. There were so many options and as she disappeared once again in to the the shadows, these were the ones that were front in centre of her mind. Her partner was clearly embracing her thoughts as she once more felt that mental nod of approval from the godly lover. Oh, the future was going to be a hell of an experience and for Sarisha, she would relish every single moment of it and allow her blood lust and passion to spread across the world, engulfing everyone in the ecstasy of it. The future was bright, the future was brutal and hell, it would sure as hell be bloody.

    Damn, now she was getting all excited again which meant only one thing...Time for a festival of violence, water and the most exciting feature of all. Blood and lots of it.

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