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    Rainbow Star


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    In Progress Rainbow Star

    Post by Adalinda on 20th March 2019, 2:48 pm

    Rainbow Star

    Mythical Item


    Description & Appearance:
    A beautifully elegant pendant sitting on a plain silver chain. The pendant itself is of a rainbow opalescent gemstone that makes it seem as if it has a magic of its own trapped inside. Around the pendant, there is a gold and diamond band almost wrapping around it gently as if to protect it from the outside world.

    Rainbow Star TUZ5K1a

    There was once a nanny who looked after a young boy who was scared of the dark, around her neck she would wear a necklace from her homeland so she could remember where she came from. She had looked after this boy since he had arrived at the Lord's and Lady's house that she served previously as a maid. From the first moment she saw him and was told her new duties she doted on the boy like a second mother. She didn't have the wealth of his parents, but she did have the time they seemed to lack and a heart full of love that was his alone. She would tell him stories of where she was born and raised and even bought him a lacrima rainbow that helped him sleep, which eventually got smashed by one of the boy's friends.

    On the day of the boy's birthday, the nanny was nowhere to be found, the only personal item that was known to be the nanny's was the necklace that she never removed. To this day no one has seen the woman again nor do they really know what happened to her. There have been many investigations and theories but nothing has ever unraveled the mystery of the chain's original owner.


    Name: Lucky Failsafe
    Rank: D
    Type: Passive
    Description: The twinkling gemstone has a secret within it that only its owner knows about. This is the fact that the gemstone can hold up to D rank mana within it which is able to recharge at 5% of that MP each round as long as there is water or light around. The owners own magic cannot charge this ability nor can the MP within be used towards force if they are a slayer. The MP within the gemstone can be used instead of the owners own mana to cast spells.

    Name: A Rainbow's Reach
    Rank: C
    Type: Passive
    Description: The owner of the necklace finds that their spells can move 22.5% faster and 22.5% further than normal. The reason for this is the initial speed of a rainbow's creation is quick and has a long reach so the necklace seems to share some of its mysterious gifts with the owner.

    Name: Unicorn's Strength
    Rank: B+
    Type: Passive
    Description: As everyone knows a unicorn is an animal that can sense the true intentions of people, thus tend to stay away from those who are deemed as impure or evil. That being said, even these beautiful and wise creatures can be fooled and can fall to darkness. This ability allows the owner an additional 40% buff to both their spell and melee damage.

    Name: (For Owner to Customise)
    Rank: A

    Name: (For Owner to Customise)
    Rank: S

    Name: (For Owner to Customise)
    Rank: H


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