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    The New Lott(job/solo)


    The New Lott(job/solo) Empty The New Lott(job/solo)

    Post by Guest 19th March 2019, 10:01 pm

    To Earthland...And Beyond!
    Job approval on page 31, post n°754.
    An old pair of shoes quietly tapped against the stone sidewalk. They were a par inherited from his father, how old they were was anyone's guess. He used to work hard to make best with what little life had given him. He was born in Fiore, as his father had been before him, and theirs before them. How far back did that line go? It was anyone's guess. There was a time where the man could never imagine having wealth or power, thus had settled for trying to be as kind and giving as one without much could get. One could have called that person 'pure', the sort that would never do wrong. They had even fallen for a girl far before she had gained any sort of attractive physical features. It was a love that had started with tag games, story reading, poem making, song singing, and teasing. A slow burn that made many think that the pair had a love that could get love novels to flush in embarrassment. His jacket had been something laurence had pride in for the wonderful green he had managed to get on it. The color made it harder to tell how old and used it was, but it still had much life left in it. This shirt? It was made using scraps of fabrics he gained from making plush furniture, one of the few things on the mans person that weren't hand me downs. His walking stopped briefly, eyes leering at those ahead in the line. One by one, people let him go further ahead in line. Why did they look so unnerved? Maybe it was good that they were. The person was as unnerved as he was excited about who he was now. The name hadn't changed, true, but so much has. Why?

    The old lott had died and rot, crumbling with their human thoughts. Laws betrayed his good ways in favor for the ones with an artificial crust. Now the mind wondered what the point was in the laws and rules that don't actually exist. There was none If these fools wanted to hold on to their sunstained dreams then he would just have to manipulate them until they saw just what fools stood in them. This was not the sun stained man that always had busy hands, but a man pale from the water and kelp that pulled life into an empty shell. Though the same soul sat in, it had changed to a deep black deph like the bottom of a deep dark well. The youthful man had already taken a soul of the first day of the new world. Or was he new? Did anything exist at all? Everything felt so much more clear and more chaotic than ever. Soon his green eyes looked to the person at the desk, now being in the front of line. He took out a few papers, putting them on the table. The woman looked through them before making the passport. The item in question and the papers were grasped up by the kelpie, quickly tucking them into his jackets inside pockets. "Have a good day miss." The process of getting a passport was so easy that it made Laurence almost regret not causing any trouble. No, hes not strong enough yet to do such things in public places. Besides, that's not how kelpies do things, right? 'How do they do things?' His mind wondered briefly before answering himself. 'By getting their prey alone and luring them to their own deaths.' While he didn't see laws as really existing, he did realize that there was likely a type of hunting that suited him more.

    Finding that out would be fun.

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