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    Assassinate Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel

    Janet Cinderfeild
    Janet Cinderfeild

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    Assassinate Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel  Empty Assassinate Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild 18th March 2019, 9:53 am

    Elise would be waiting outside the mountain village for her guild meet Jennifer Ford to show up.  As the sky blue gray with clouds becoming on the horizon and the wind howled lightly.  she would lean against I tree just outside of village overlooking the half into it waiting for her companion show.  Elise had decided to get there early to start out for what they had to do wanting to be a little more prepared for their task ahead. Today's job was someone wanted them to assassinate someone during a speech he was going to be giving. There client wanted them to send a message to everyone that he was not safe once she was out of his towers and such. So this would be the one opportunity they would have to effectively get the job done so they could not afford to do it up. Normally she would handle this for self and she could handle this for self however Jennifer has shown particular interest with Elise so she decided to have her come with. Along with that she want to learn with her deal make the capable of she won't be able to do that so she decided to have her come with. Along with that she want to learn with her gold mates were capable of what she couldn't do it she didn't work with them so either way having the extra help would be nice.  As the skies blue darker she would look at the village as she waited watching everyone studying up for the speech that was going to be happening sign to self shaking her head. Shouldn't like the looks of things down there. Rune Knights where are you were either on guard or helping set up for the speech one of the two they were calling around like an infestation which would make doing this hard considering they had to kill him during his speech I would likely draw attention no matter what route they didn't even if they're very stealthy about it getting out with a problem. Even if they were to manage to kill him stealthy they were going to lockdown the village. However talkin strategy to herself would do no good she would continue thinking about it more once Jennifer had arrived.  For the time being she would just sit there and Scout making sure that nothing drastic change while she waited for her companionship what she was looking forward to.

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    Assassinate Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel  EVCuZsf

    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    Assassinate Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel  Empty Re: Assassinate Knight Commander Hendrick Kennel

    Post by Jennifer Ford 10th April 2019, 6:52 pm

    Knight Commander: Hendrick Kennel. Jen didn't have any personal issues with this person, other than their name sounding like a dog cage. Still, she had a job to do, and he just happened to be unlucky on this day. Jen thought about the job as she suited up for the day. She wore her usual attire, which really didn't leave much to the imagination, and was hoping to impress one of her guildmate on this particular occasion. Jen had taken a particular shine to one Elise LaFleur upon first glance, and since then, her feelings of affection for her had been growing. Because of this, she really didn't want to screw things up today. Luckily, she happened to have a bit of an edge with her. Before setting out, she prayed to a particular ancestor, that this job would go off without a hitch, and promised him a nice soul, that of the target. As Jen made her way to the mountain village, she couldn't help but get a little excited about the prospect of accomplishing several goals in a single day. Jen had a feeling that things would go well, and even if they didn't, she always had a plan b, and a plan c. Plan B was simple. If things go sideways, they fight their way out. Plan C was equally simple. If they were to be outgunned or outmatched, Jen could call for reinforcements. Granted, there wasn't much cause for concern, as Jen placed quite a bit of faith in Elise, knowing that she was more than strong enough to handle this job on her own. Upon her arrival, Jen greeted Elise.

    "Hi, sorry I'm late, hope I didn't keep you waiting too long."

    Jen was a little embarrassed about having kept Elise waiting for her, knowing full well that she didn't have to.

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