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    Greedy Fire

    Vandrad Ragnos
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    Greedy Fire Empty Greedy Fire

    Post by Vandrad Ragnos on 13th March 2019, 10:07 pm

    Laws exist only for those who cannot live without clinging to them.

    The harvest season in Midi was slightly different than it was in Fiore, with certain weeks in the summer and fall being designated as times to gather the fruit of the land. But Kido was not going to complain about the opportunity to complete yet another job and earn some more jewel, as well as cause a little carnage as well. It seemed that a certain Mr. Jekis in the Neutral Grounds was the most blessed farmer each and every year. When the harvest came, he always raked in the most bounty from the ground, bushes and trees – earning himself a veritable fortune to live and thrive through the off season. He hadn’t done anything wrong per se; he was a bit protective of his land but then again, who wouldn’t be of such treasured soil?

    But the other farmers were jealous and desired to make him suffer for his fortune. It was a job entirely focused on the greedy punishment of the better off and one that Kido felt he was personally entitled to take upon himself. "After all,” he explained to Ogimen as they moved through the darkness of night towards the farm. "You are one of Ilgan’s Hell Knights and I’m his chosen to become the Pit of Avarice. In a way, we are championing his cause by aiding these farmers.”

    For once, we are in agreement, Ogimen said, his voice rife with excitement. Perhaps you will allow me the opportunity to act out our mission? I haven’t been able to stretch my legs since the joining.

    "Not here. The Neutral Grounds is a space that is completely devoid of ethernano – no magic can be used within its boundaries. While I do not doubt your power, I am not sure what kind of effect it will have on us if you take over. It is better to play it safe,” Kido explained as he pulled up the stolen scarf over his face, leaving only his eyes free to see.

    He could feel the Hell Knight’s scowl. Fine. But the next job I get to cause a little mayhem.

    "So long as you keep our identity a secret while we do more… illicit activities, then I have no problem.” Kido had made his approach to the farm, now moving among the tall corn stalks that flooded the area. Even in the half-moonlight he couldn’t tell where the end of the stalky row lay, an impressive sight even without a full view. He brought the small jug of oil out and began to pour a thin line of the flammable liquid as he walked along the reeds.

    Illgan said you were far more sinister than you are seeming. Maybe he overinflated your hunger?

    There he went again, trying to antagonize him. "My ‘hunger’ is not blind and stupid, Ogimen. I don’t deny my desire but I don’t act rashly. The true meal tastes sweeter when it is eaten with the misery of the unworthy, not by eating like a hog at a trough.”

    “Hey! Whose there?!” It seemed his conversation with the Hell Knight had been just a bit too loud. Kido crouched lower to the ground as he saw a shadow moving through the stalks, armed with something long and probably sharp. He waited until the figure of Mr. Jekis was in the row beside them before he pounced, leaping through the plants and slamming his fist into the man’s stomach. The man curled over from the sudden attack and Kido came down with an elbow to his back, causing him to drop ever further. The weapon he had brought had been a hoe, the metal head glinting in the moonlight. Kido grabbed it and brought it down over the man’s back hard, snapping the thick wooden pole in half from the impact.

    The man was completely laid out, squirming but apparently unable to move. Kido cocked his head at the shadow of the man on the ground and reached into his back pocket as he brought the oil canister forward, drizzling liquid right up to the man’s mouth. As his other hand came forward, a cigarette stuck between the Midian prince’s fingers, as he twirled it around. He crouched down and stuck the stick in between the man’s lips before swiftly, snapping the man’s jawbone, breaking it so that it remained shut. He tried to scream but it was muffled behind his clenched teeth.

    "Don’t you know?” Kido asked as he pulled out a lighter and lit the cigarette for the man. As the embers burned the stick down, the hot ashes would fall into the oil. When a large patch of it fell in several minutes, it would certainly light up the entire field… and Mr. Jekis. "Smoking kills.” And with that Kido took off down the pathway of corn, emerging from the other end. He never looked back, even as the colorful flames began to paint themselves among the crops.




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