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    Olivia Sutton's Ending

    Kit Kerrington
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    Olivia Sutton's Ending Empty Olivia Sutton's Ending

    Post by Kit Kerrington 12th March 2019, 9:14 am

    Elise Would find herself in the port town of Hargeon Arriving by boat as she was sent on a job by a client of Vergil Warren.  This job was a special and delicate job that needed to be handled with extreme care to make sure it went without a hitch.  Her job that had brought her to Hargeon was to assassinate a old ex Lamia Scale guild member named Olivia Sutton.   However this is where the delicacies of the job come i to play, after all if it was just enough to kill her it be over and done however there were some requirements for this job that needed to be met.  The first and probably the most important part of the job that had needed to be met once this cannot be a public this particular assassination had to be done in secluded area so no wonder that didn't happened. Her client Virgil Warren was very clear about this point not wanting to have any loose ends or any sort of ties to him for that he was even involved in this situation.  So for this situation secrecy was an absolute must the second part of this job. The other more crucial point was he wanted her to know this was for revenge.  She didn't know the true details of why Virgil Warren wanted to extract revenge on her but to be honest she didn't care about the details regarding why he wanted revenge all she cared about was she was getting paid to feed on her essence and end her life, Elise was happy to do it.  Thought beyond that she wasn't concerned about this women, from what she was informed about Oliva was that she was a very a very skilled a magic known as gold make magic it allowed her to making gold into a solid state or a liquid state at will meaning she could do very small two things I think a tidal wave of gold want to meet a core of gold and make spikes shoot from the ground.   needless to say she would be a very challenging opponent but at least it was still not concerned. As long as she played her cards right in did the proper work to figure out more about her Target she was sure she would be fine for now she had the first find her Target. Finding her Target would be a challenging set of task considering how big this city was this city was and while she was more famous for three good deeds. Did not exclude the fact that she had a life and that she did things with her spare time she was never in one place living the life of an elderly woman. Bearing that in mind though she would begin with her search for Olivia to start her assignment. As she walked through the city on this bright and sunny day she would take a moment to simply enjoy the sunshine on her face as she hasn't felt the feeling of the sun like this in such a long time. However how she did this she would want to go to a nearby shop meeting to pit more information about Miss Olivia.  As she walked through the streets enjoying the sunshine she would look for a hop that might know more about her target Olivia. After a little while of walking she the spotted a rather large magic shop that sold magical trinkets and gear for the wandering or curios mage.  Surely a shop like this would have information on the location of her target.  Has she walked in he would hear a small sound as the door it would hit against a small bowl that was hanging there to let the people inside know that someone had entered as the sound Echo to the shop.  She would slowly make her way into the the shop looking around at all the magical items and trinket play owner of this shop had a wired and had for sale. It was indeed and impressive display of trinket and other items that they had for sale. I was she would be walking around what can a woman with blonde hair blue eyes that's good as tall as she did walked out to greet her.  “ It is very nice to meet you welcome to much of a may I help you.”  She would ask in a warm and welcoming tone what's made dolly smile at least she was polite. So she was being polite she would at least try to be polite back figuring it was about course action for the situation not meaning to intimidate her. “ hello there I and not actually to buy anything I was hoping to get actually hear to buy anything I was just hoping you can give me directions somewhere I'm looking for family member in the city and I forgot divided down there address” she would say with the convincing smile looking at the woman behind the counter if you just gave her a sympathetic smile and nodded. “ course I will be happy to who you looking for exactly” she said no leaning on the counter little bit looking at Elise more carfully. “ yeah I'm looking for my Grandmother Olivia Strutton, I'm surpising her with a visit. “ she smiles at her.  Sbe didn't actually know if she had family but she would be willing to roll the dice.  Lucky abe did as the shop keepers eyes lit up.  “Oh thats wonderful she'll be so happy to see you...she usualy spends her days at the homeless shelter with the kids and the students fromt he Academy.” She said with a chipper tone of voice.  It was then she got a idea. “Funny you mention the school I'm actually enrolling in the school can you point me to in the direction of where I can find the Academy please” she said a very politely smiling after girl who just simply gave a nod and started to be reply. “ of course. Academy is just up the road nearby the old girl how to act answered of a memorial to them” she would say in a happy time of voice.  Elise would nod “ thank you very much please have a wonderful day”  she said as she left listening to the ring of the bell as the door hit the bell again on her way out.  She would walk through the atreets of hargeon getting an idea and a plan formulating in her head.  If she could change her appearance to look like one of the students that was wondering at the homeless shelter she couldn't wait until she left the homeless shelter for the day and then could drop her back to her house was she could break in and then do away with her and get this job complete. Very that reminded you would make her way to the streets in the city toys Academy so she could try to steal a uniform. The closest she got to the Academy the more students she saw roaming around in the uniforms and such. The uniforms worth a gender based concept. The email uniform which is what she was particularly interested in at this point and time was a yellow top with gold. And they black skirt with black socks and black heels. The design was very detailed and one of a kind that if you're wearing this you were probably thought to me to be a student unless said otherwise.  She did stand out a little bit at the academy and she was one of the only things not wearing a uniform currently however she did plan on changing that problem fairly soon.    as she got to the Academy she would look up on the large wouldn't building that was actually built into the old guild call to again active sort of a memorial to the guild that had served it's time in this city but has not anymore. She was walking to the entrance of the Academy as students and stop lights turned at this moment who were just what herself in.  She would assume all the weird look she was getting worse because of the way she was just throwing his place a public Dalton so anyone could just walk in but she was dressed rather differently than the normal person though this was our only set of clothing besides when other side that was just as obvious so she would think this perhaps you should go clothes shopping sometime. Have she walked through the school people with stopping ask her what she was doing but if anyone did that she was the simply say she was going for minute enjoying in put them on Friday blew there alone a few conversations happen. She didn't want to have actually joining but she would play along with it as she to eyes she was good at playing any role she had to.   Eventually after a little while of wondering who would find wish you was looking for him it was would be a locker room to a gymnasium she would wait till know one's looking and I'm slipping side probably to find one of her size.  Has what would have it there was a girl in the the rules that was her size changing out of her uniform in for a gym uniform and putting that in her bag in her locker.  They haven't seen to notice Ali center yet so she was just step to the side and wait for them to finish so she could acquire herself a uniform. As they finished up and they walked past her pain no mind to her at all as they were and gross in their own conversation she was then go over to the locker and someone Hurst order breaking inside it of it without any sort of trouble or effort. She was in begin to change out of her current close into the school uniform finding after perfectly actually she might keep to self as she put the other one into the girls bag and started to walk out in disguise now. She would quickly. Drawing any attention we the Academy ground not wanting to answer any questions or anything like that as far as they will continue to say student going home at the end of the day. As soon as she was clear of the Academy she would then start to head towards the homeless shelter and stock her prey.  She would eventually find the homeless shelter that she was told about in the Olivia was is the at.  As she walked inside she could see Olivia over in a large area casting her gold make magic so there was no mistake it was Olivia. She was making a gold make course so the kids could ride around on a golden horse in play knights.  Should watch only second before someone will counter and ask her what she was doing as she explained to them that she was just over volunteer and help out and help clean up the place make gladly without a nice hesitation accepted her help giving her a broom and she started to speak up the place keeping an eye on her mark.  Elise would just sweep and clean up the orphanage surprised that it was this easy to get in but mainly watching Olivia do her work with the kids and the kids absolutely adored her.   they were laughing they were having fun and it was like they got the chance to be kids again regardless of them being in an orphanage or not.   at least going to help I pity the person who had wanted this woman dead but it wasn't her place to ask why all that matters is she needed to be dead so that's what it would do she would ultimately kill her and be done with this job.   at least made sure though during this whole time she was not in any side of the old woman but she can still keep tabs on her not ever directly engaging anyone just keeping to her self and cleaning up while watching her entertained all the kids.   After a while her entertaining kids she talks she was wrapping up for the day and saying goodbye to them so at least quickly finished up with she was currently doing and went outside to wait for her to leave the orphanage so she could begin to follow her prey and get the jump on her. Eventually she would walk out of the orphanage and start walking in a direction unsure of when she was going to go home Elise would it begin to follow and stay a safe distance back.   however all she did all day was errands and to be honest Elise was getting rather agitated so she started to formulate a new plan as she wanted to get this done as soon as possible.  Bearing that in mind however she started to think about what the job required no one can know she was going to get hurt how that's all required was a secretive Revenge plot so with that in mind she started to hatchin idea who didn't matter she knew she was targeted as long as she would get her by herself that's really all that matters here so while she entered one of the shops on her many many errands for the day at least one quickly pull out a tab of paper and start to scribble down a note that just read if you don't want anything to happen to the orphanage meet me at midnight on the outskirts of the  gates.    The only problem she found with this plan was if she alerted the guards it was a bus and she would actually have to go back to the old tactic of breaking into a house however this would be the quickest and easiest way to make sure she can get to where she need to go and assassinated at the same time so bearing that in mind she waited till she would have left the store and approach her.  “Um excuse me miss someone at the orphanage told me to deliver this to you after you left I've been trying to find you  all afternoon?”   she would say with a genuine Smile as she handed out her note and the old lady took it she gave a bow and walked off down the street only turn the corner and I'll look back to make sure she read the note.   Elise would look back and see her open the note and read it and go  wide-eyed for only a moment before crumpling the note and walking off she thinks it did the trick how were the only way to be sure would be to go to the gates at midnight and wait for her just on the outskirts of town so that's what she would do to go prepare for the  the Battle ahead.    Elise spent the rest of her day Making the preparations for her battle and as a  night  error had encroached upon her you would be sitting there on top of a hill so in that school uniform just waiting for this made to show up hopefully alone.   however as luck would have it she would indeed show up alone and Elise would sit there staring at her before standing up and greeting her.  “ why hello there it's about time you showed up I see you came alone.”  she would say rather politely actually not in any sort of evil intent.  The  Mage would just drop the note and stare at her before speaking.  “ I recognize you today from the orphanage who sent you.”  she said glaring I was a death stare at her as if she's going through this before what she probably has.    Elise we're just simply respond shaking her head “ you can know that once  you're on death's door.”  she said with a polite Smile as in the old mage will just clap your hands together and throw them out making a slashing wave of gold flying towards  Elise.   She would just smile and shake her head. Elise would then just  mutter under her breath. “ Time Slayer Roar” and then time with freeze all around them,   the gold wave just inches inches from her face having stopped at just in time but to her it was calculated and planned perfectly to a tee. She would look around the gold weigh for only a half a second that she stepped to the side safety first after all and would slowly start to walk towards the Mage looking at her shaking her head a little bit before disappearing maybe 25 M behind her in ending the spell the gold  wave slamming forward into a tree has she done immediately jumped backwards onto her golden liquid noticing that Elise had just appeared behind her out of nowhere wondering how that was even possible. “ wow they weren't lying when you said you were a talented mage”   she said as she saw three golden spikes three golden spikes rise behind her and then being thrown towards Elise.  Elisa's precognition helped her this time as she saw for a split-second the Spice wood being thrown in such a manner expecting her the Dodge so at least one would hit heard upon dodging giving Olivia the opening she needed to strike her down. Elise go seeing this would do the unexpected taking some damage and making the sacrifice in charge straightforward through the spikes only suffering through one is they grazed her sides however she did not show any signs of pain or weakness as she starts before it's surprising Olivia and she started to make a gold make Shield Elise spoke.” aura of death, draining sphere”  as the two stars went off a dark Dome then covering the two of them invented arcs of lightning would shoot out at her stunning her in her place as she felt some magic being slowly drain from your body yelping out in pain clearly not having suffered through this before. Not wasting any time wanting to finish this quickly she would point her hand out at her. “ draining Bolt” she says firing a spell at her knocking her to her back still stunned by the aura draining her of any magic she was able to cast right as a Elise walked over walked over. By now the stun on the aura was wearing out so before she could act she would cast her draining Ray spell to ensure her victory. Firing from point-blank she would screaming but no one could hear her through the Dome. Elise then drew her blade and put it to her neck.  The blade would vibrate near her neck as she would just stare down at her just lightly pressing it to her neck to make sure she understood these were her final moments that these will be the final thoughts she had in her final thought she had would be her blade on her neck…. or so she thought.    she didn't know what she really had in store for her or what she was really going to say but but now she's wanting to enjoy the look on her face.  She could see every emotion in Olivia's eyes right now.  Fear….anger...but also a fire as if even though she knew she was  to die she was going to stay strong and keep her dignity,  Elise at the very least could respect that. “ well….kill me…” she says glaring as Elise shakes her head. “ not yet. I have a message for you from someone you may know.” Olivia size would look confused as Elise would speak. “ Virgil Warren's sends his regards.” her eyes would then why didn't she clearly knew what that name was include I sent her however their story would remain a mystery to Elise I said she would stab her blade through her neck.  Elise Stare down at the body as she slowly pulled her blade out of her neck.  She would  kneel down at the body as she pulls out the essence from her body with her magic taking it all as it leaves her life force whispering to her ear that she wasn't worthy opponent and it was an honor to have her Essence in her.   Elise respected her drive at the end her not fearing death her  ability to not waver towards the end she knew what the outcome of the fight would be and she's so  I fought that is to be commended.    bearing that in mind she would turn and walk back towards hargion sneaking back into the city so she can take a boat and get out of here.  Her job was complete and now it's time to get paid she would leave her on that Hill outside the city she lived in shaking her head such a waste but the essence was worth it and for her that's all that mattered right now.

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