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    Dies Irae Guild Locations

    Dies Irae
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    Information Dies Irae Guild Locations

    Post by Dies Irae on Tue 12 Mar 2019, 9:26 am

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    Amber Island
    Amber Island, a location to the northwest of Midi and west of Minstrel, formerly the estate to a noble family of Minstrel. The island had always been sparsely populated, though, in an event that occurred decades ago, lost the last of its inhabitants in a brutal bandit attack, nature, over time, gradually reclaiming the remote territory for itself. Today, aside from charred ruins, all traces of civilization have been wiped from Amber Island, thick forests and extensive grasslands covering it. Summers on Amber Island are mild, winters are rainy and oceanic, a climate perfectly suited for the extensive woodlands found all across the territory. The island, formally, is still part of the nation of Minstrel, though has been abandoned for long, the nobles and royals of the nation unwilling to dispute interest to this, in their eyes, "worthless" land, as Amber Island does not contain any natural resources or other valuable sources of income, not to mention the fact that the island is home to many powerful magical beasts, Dies Irae thus laying claim to it. After this, the island was officially purchased from the nation of Minstrel by the Magic Council of Fiore, Minstrel readily selling what they perceived as a worthless piece of land, with Amber Island becoming a sort of overseas territory for the nation of Fiore.

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    The Guild Hall
    The Guild Hall of Dies Irae, referred to as the "Throne Hall", is situated on Amber Island itself within the upcoming town of Port Amber, facing the Azure Sea to the West. The Throne Hall is the administrative headquarters of the guild, and all operations of Dies Irae are based here. The guild hall itself is a large domed building, more akin to a palace than a traditional guild hall, built from solid, grey granite, the red and gold banners of Dies Irae decorating it generously. When one approaches the guild hall, the first thing they can see is the great archway making up the entrance that leads directly to the center of the guild hall, the throne room itself, the Ambassador and the Commanders of the guild, if not on a mission or other duties, can generally be found here. This is where DI's job board is located as well. The guild hall itself, apart from the main hall, contains both the East Wing and the West Wing, the West Wing accommodating free housing for all members and employees of the guild. Neophytes and Soldiers of Dies Irae receive a relatively sizable room that includes all modern necessities as well as a private bathroom. Officers and above receive larger, more comfortable rooms or apartments as well as the privilege to completely customize their room to their liking. The East Wing of the guild hall is where the several services the guild offers are located. This includes, among others, the Mess Hall and Kitchen, which are open for business 24/7 and sell Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to visitors and clients. Guild members eat and drink for free, of course. Furthermore, this also includes the guild's extensive Library and Offices, where personal records are kept, jobs are processed, and knowledge known to the guild is stored and presented to its members.

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    The Trial Grounds
    The Trial Grounds are another name for the expansive arena located at the other side of the guild hall of Dies Irae, the building used by the members of the guild for a few purposes. This includes, among other things, serving as a public location for tests of strength between members of Dies Irae or other types of dispute that are to be settled in a less diplomatic way. Of course, duels in the Trial Grounds are also a public spectacle where one can prove the strength they have acquired as a way to simply kill time or entertain the members of the guild and population of Amber Island, should they so desire. Within the Trial Grounds itself, one need not worry about holding back either. The entirety of the arena is covered in a plethora of runes that shield the viewers from any and all magic from within the arena itself, and through these runes, the area inside the arena can be manipulated at will, shifting into a terrain of the combatants' desire on command. Additionally, the Trial Grounds serve as the guild's training area when not used for a duel, the same runes able to produce all kinds of different training scenarios for those striving to advance themselves.

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