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    Dies Irae Guild Guide

    Dies Irae
    Dies Irae

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    Information Dies Irae Guild Guide

    Post by Dies Irae on 12th March 2019, 4:53 am

    Dies Irae Guild Guide FBbYMqy

    “Chaos is the law of nature; Order is the dream of man.”
    ― Henry Adams

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    Order. Discipline. Honor.

    Dies Irae [ˈdi.ɛs ˈi.rɛ] is a militarized guild wholly dedicated to improving the world and trying to make it a better place through tactics other people would normally deem unusual, eccentric or even flat-out immoral, it’s goal being the eradication of evil and anarchy wherever and whenever possible, through any and all means possible, effective, and adequate, maintaining their own distinct code of morality and honor as well as assisting the people of Earthland where truly needed while, in all other aspects, functioning as a normal legal guild. In general, the ends justify the means, as long as the outcome benefits the guild and the people of Earthland.

    Acting as a bastion of force, the guild lives and dies for its own set of virtues and commands its strength with determination, namely seeking physical and magical strength to punish those deemed harmful to the people and society of Earthland, the guild mages, through rigorous training and iron discipline, striving to become their best possible self and gain the ability to face any and all challenges ahead and emerge victorious. For a mage of Dies Irae, the highest virtue is power, and the greatest achievement is victory. When one faces a mage of Dies Irae, they can be sure that they are facing a mage skilled in the ways of combat and of the highest fortitude. All in all, a mage of Dies Irae cares little for morality or conventions outside of those of the guild and will do what they think is right, backing their argument up with the strength they have acquired. The stronger you are, the more valid your argument, the more independent you are in your rights as a mage.

    The goal of Dies Irae, among others, is using their strength to acquire personal perfection, the guild pushing all members to achieve their goals, whether it be wealth, influence or simply power. Additionally, the guild philosophy sees order as a natural state, an equilibrium between nature and man that must not be disturbed, Dies Irae striving to destroy elements that disturb this natural order, such as dark mages and other harmful elements. Furthermore, DI has turned its goals into a profession, using the resources and philosophy of the guild as basis for operations that result in the capture or death of dark mages for rewards or bounties.

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    ● Eliminating darkness and harmful elements from Earthland by whatever means available
    ● Maintaining a balanced natural order as well as righteousness while helping the people of Earthland where needed, through whatever means that happens.
    ● Perfecting themselves and their magical abilities by attaining power as well as inner and outer strength and discipline

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    ● All guild members adhere to the guild’s goals and virtues (Bringing order to anarchy, eliminating dark mages and evil wherever needed, maintaining strength and discipline of the self).
    ● All members are expected to follow the orders of their guild master and help the people of Earthland, upholding and assisting the guild law and morality wherever needed.
    ● As with almost all guilds, members of Dies Irae are forbidden from betraying their fellow guild members and are expected to respect each other as well as the citizens and societies of Earthland.
    ● If on missions in other countries and territories, it is expected that members follow the law of the land and respect local culture and customs. The guild would generally like to avoid trouble or even starting a war when possible but will defend itself with all means available if needed.

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    The mark that represents Dies Irae is fashioned after the virtues of the guild, an intricate, red cross with pointed ends symbolizing strength, determination, and balanced order.

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    The uniform of Dies Irae must follow the guild theme and be a formal, militaristic garb. Minor modifications may be made to the uniform in character, such as headwear, shoes et cetera. Officers and above earn the privilege of choosing their uniform, though it must follow the guild’s strict dress code as specified above, and additionally also follow the guild's color scheme (black, white, red, gold).

    Dies Irae Guild Guide MN7F09M

    The Leader/s of the guild. The Ambassador is the supreme instance of government on Amber Island and the leader of Dies Irae, exerting undisputed influence over the guild while overseeing all operations of the guild on Amber Island itself and internationally while also determining the direction the guild is taking. In times of conflict, the ambassador additionally acts as the commander-in-chief of the guild and its armed forces.

    Men and women second in command, only exceeded in power by the Ambassador. Commander's have earned the trust of their guild master and can only be installed by them, essentially functioning as the guild's Aces. Commanders are granted control over a part of the forces commanded by Dies Irae as well as extensive influence over the guild and are bestowed with the ability to use a guild spell.

    Officers are trusted veteran members of Dies Irae. Members of this rank have been with the guild for some time and are granted certain privileges. To obtain this position, a member of Dies Irae must have completed an introduction thread as well as 3 jobs with fellow guild members. They are also granted very limited control over the forces of Dies Irae and wield a small bit of influence within the guild.

    A regular member of Dies Irae. Soldiers are considered part of the armed forces controlled by the guild and fight for the guilds ideals. To become a Soldier of Dies Irae, one must simply complete their introduction thread into the guild

    These are the fresh members who just joined the guild, the "newbies", if you will. All members of Dies Irae automatically attain this rank when they join the guild

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