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    Fireglass Lotus


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    Fireglass Lotus Empty Fireglass Lotus

    Post by Aura 10th March 2019, 6:36 am

    Fireglass Lotus


    Magical Item



    • The item doesn’t require to be directly exposed for the user to use it’s abilities freely, it simply has to be somewhere on their person
    • Aside from being useful in combat, the Fireglass Lotus might be one of the prettiest magical objects currently present in Earthland and it’s owner can certainly be proud for owning something of such beauty
    • The glass can endure regular damage that usually comes as a result from accidents, alleviating the need to be constantly careful with it


    • Unlike regular magic lotus from which this item was created, the Fireglass Lotus has been completely taken by magma and thus it’s element cannot be changed from fire to anything else
    • The user is required to have the glass lotus on their person if they wish to reap any benefits from it. And due to it’s intricate shape and size, it can be sometimes a bit difficult to carry around
    • While the glass is sturdy enough to survive unintentional falls from fairly large heights, it will not be able to withstand a direct magical or physical attack. Something like that will break the lotus apart and disable it’s abilities for the remainder of the thread
    • As most fire-based equipment, the Fireglass Lotus’ natural weakness is water. All of it’s abilities are thus 50% weaker when directed against a water-based enemy or object



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