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    Indefinite Hiatus


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    Indefinite Hiatus Empty Indefinite Hiatus

    Post by Terith 9th March 2019, 10:21 pm

    Hey there folks. It's ya boi Teri. Been a while since you guys saw me probs, and I'm really sorry about that. I missed a lot of tea and I can see a lot of new faces lurking around the corner. Really, I wish I could be more active tbh, but my muse is abyssmal and I've actually no idea how to get it back outside of my already busy Uni life. It's sad, but I need to eventually get my life together first.

    Me leaving permanently is up for debate, but until then, I'll settle for a hiatus. This'll be a long one, guys, and again, I'm both sad and sorry I didnt live up to my goals on-site. Or that I never got to plot properly with any of you. But maybe one of these days my muse would stop being dead - maybe then I can enjoy RPing and writing like the golden days. I've actually started drafting a personal writing project of mine.

    Hopefully that'll kickstart my will to write as I go on. Then I can have the courage to face you all again.

    But hey. 'Till then, stay chill FTRP.

    P.s. If you see any folks who might want any of my accounts' FCs, hope its not too much to ask that you'd direct them to my discord. I'm pretty active there and we can work something out. (The Saltiest Fried Out There#8845 is my handle, btw).

    So yeah. Bye~

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    Indefinite Hiatus Empty Re: Indefinite Hiatus

    Post by Seijin 9th March 2019, 10:26 pm

    Best of luck with your university. Hope all goes well for you. Stay awesome!

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