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    Leonard's Bank

    Sir Leonard
    Sir Leonard

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    Leonard's Bank Empty Leonard's Bank

    Post by Sir Leonard 10th April 2012, 7:57 am

    Name: Buster Sword
    Type: Greatsword (Weak Weapon)
    Additional Info: x1
    Leonard's Bank 02_03_13
    Strengths: The sword is very useful in crushing weak enemy defenses. And because of its size, it has large damage output and can be used to shield Leonard from D - rank magic projectile.
    Weaknesses: This sword is just a normal sword, it can't be re-shaped or re-sized. He won't be able to use any magic on it except telekinesis. And because it is a large weapon, the attacks of the sword are slow and easy to doge and could cause Leonard to be outbalanced if the sword was just being swung around randomly.

    Name: Requip Swords
    Type: Sword (Weak Weapon)
    Additional Info: x300
    Leonard's Bank Calymo11

    Strengths: They are simple swords, Leonard has about 300 of this weapon. This quantity allows him to cast spells. The swords are one-handed light weapons that can be used in swift strikes. Its length allows Leonard to close some hits into the enemy in a given distance.
    Weaknesses: Although the swords can be re-sized and reshaped, they can't be used in conjunction with Leonard's abilities. And they can't be imbued with any element.

    (Bought from Shop)
    [b]Name: Blazing Inferno Blade
    Type: Sword (Strong Weapon)
    Leonard's Bank 1008593_1335071877297_full
    Strengths: The Blazing Inferno Blade being a strong weapon, gives an outstanding boost in strength. It's light and has a very long reach as well as fire damage. The sword is just as powerful as Leonard, so it means it can destroy D - Rank defenses that are made of ice, stone, wood and fire. While he can do only half damage to B to C - Rank, and just small cracks to A to S - Rank defenses that are made of the same type.
    Weaknesses: The sword is vulnerable to B to A water and ice offensive spells. So it would be unwise to use it to defend himself against such offensive skills. And being a strong weapon, Leonard can not use his Re-size/Re-shape ability on it.
    • Strength Boost

    • Added Fire Damage

    Name of Technique : Dragon Flame
    Rank: D - Rank
    Description: Leonard focuses his power to the sword and the intensity of the flames increases. When he waves it to his target, a burning projectile that looks like a dragon will come out to hit the target and explodes upon impact.
    Strengths: The technique is very effective against D - Rank mages and defenses, fair against B to C -Rank mages and defenses and no good to A to S - Rank mages and defenses.
    Weaknesses: It can destroy thick walls that are not made of ice, regardless the rank.
    Name: Palladenium
    Type: Greatsword (Strong+ Weapon)
    Original Form:
    Leonard's Bank Download_image
    Corrupted Form:
    Leonard's Bank Wow_tcg_corrupted_ashbringer_by_namesjames-d3acebh
    Strengths: The Paladenium is a sword graced with so much divine light. It serves as the bane of all forms of evil and darkness. The sword gives additional speed and strength as well as light damage to the user. It can be used to deal with D - A rank mages that use any element. While it will devastate D - S rank mages that uses darkness. It also acts as a shield against D - A rank offensive spells of any element except light. While it may be used to defend against D - S rank offensive spells of dark origin.
    Weaknesses: If the sword is used against light mages, the swords become an enemy. Because the sword amplifies any light-based magic attacks wherever it may come from. Also the sword can only defend against 25 dark magic attacks, otherwise the sword will be corrupted giving dark power instead of light. Though it makes the user more powerful when corrupted, the user becomes insane. Devastating anything the user may find.
    • Strength Boost

    • Speed Boost

    • Additional Light Damage

    Name of Technique : Flash
    Rank: D
    Description: A simple, fast, strong flash of light will blind enemies for a time.
    Strengths: Blinds enemies for 2 posts. Hiding behind walls that are transparent like glass and light is useless and you will still be affected.
    Weaknesses: Hiding behind walls that are not transparent and/or smooth reflective surfaces will save you. And the user will be blinded as well, but only for 1 post.
    Cooldown: 4 Posts

    Name of Technique : Divine Punishment
    Rank: A
    Description: Pointing the sword upwards, the heavens roar and seems to have opened as light shines from the skies. As the sword is pointed towards the target, a thick bolt of light will strike the target.
    Strengths: The bolt explodes upon impact the the target location. It can pierce through normal objects, D - B rank defenses of any element except light, and D - A rank defenses of dark origin. The explosion deals additional damage to D - Rank mages in the area.
    Weaknesses: If you defend yourself with a light based defense and the bolt hits it, the bolt will disperse upon contact with it. And the bolt can only pierce through 5 layers of defenses of any rank and element except dark.
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
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