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    Ranks & Ribbons - Page 2 Empty Re: Ranks & Ribbons

    Post by Mythal Ragnos 21st July 2021, 4:56 pm


    Character Name: Toril Fulgur
    Site Rank: S
    Knight Rank: Private
    Requested Rank: Warrant Officer
    Duration: 8 months
    Doctor K
    - Tor is assigned to lead the investigation of a series of robbery targeting hospitals and blood banks. After coordinating the clues available, Tor and his temporary squad then pinpointed where the next target of the serial robberies would be and staked out the location. As expected, they clashed with the perpetrator, a rogue doctor famous among the criminal underground. The attempt to capture the man failed but Tor has been trying to find leads on this Doctor K ever since.

    - Tor gets involved in a mass kidnapping while being undercover for another job. Despite not having any backup, Tor managed to defeat the criminal group. After defeating them, it's discovered that the criminals had already done this three times prior and had been clever enough to disguise their previous attempts as monster attacks. At the end, Tor managed to save the victims from all four kidnapping attempts.

    Border Clashes
    - Tor participated in the clash between Pergrande and Bellum as part of the Marshall's squad. He proved himself as a capable soldier. He was able to showcase his independence to moving on his own while acting within orders. He also demonstrated the restraint of a Rune Knight in terms of dealing with enemies, only killing when necessary.

    - Tor is assigned to lead a three-man squad to infiltrate a tightly-sealed drug-making factory. The trio managed to successfully break into the factory. They were caught off guard by a prepared enemy, but in the end, Tor still managed to turn the tables on the enemy and create an opening for the Rune Knight reinforcements that were lying in wait to storm in and crush the operation. He also contributed to the arrest of an influential criminal called Rend, who was known as a master assassin.

    Looks good to me. Get to it, Warrant Officer!


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