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    Fairy Stake Out

    Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone

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    Fairy Stake Out Empty Fairy Stake Out

    Post by Sarah Stone 2nd March 2019, 12:22 pm

    Job Title: Fairy Stake Out
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: 10 posts of 250 words At least 2 D rank mages or 1 C rank mage. Must be in a guild.
    Job Requirements:Find the Tooth Fairy's base of operations
    Job Location: somewhere hidden in the Rose Gardens
    Job Description: A notice is sent to every person in a guild. Some of the notices are different from the others though. A member of a legal guild is given a message from an anonymous person. "A villain you know as the Tooth Fairy has been stealing teeth for perverted reasons. We never knew why the Tooth Fairy has stolen all these teeth but we know one thing. They are using these teeth to create an army to take over Fiore. We have to take down this evil creep!"
    If you are from a dark guild, then you are given a message from an insider that says "The Tooth Fairy has been stealing teeth in order to create an army that will help take down Fiore. Find this Fairy's base of operation and recruit them." Whichever guild you are in you will need to find out how to get to that base and send it to the employer.

    Reward: 10k jewels, and fairy clothing if in a dark guild

    -- credit to Musicalbunny

    Sarah had been sitting at the bar in the guild hall when she received a notification on her iLac. Opening it up, she saw the notice. There had been reports of strange disappearances, and people being murdered. However, each victim found had one thing in common. Their teeth had gone missing, and not just one or two. The victims were left completely toothless. Sarah wondered what sort of person could do such a thing, or if it was a person at all. Sarah had grown up with the children's story about a tooth fairy that would take any teeth that fell out, and replace them with jewels, if one placed the teeth under their pillow. However, it would seem that this was not the work of the tooth fairy that she grew up hearing about. What Sarah didn't know was that the tale she had heard in her childhood had been changed to be more appealing to children. There was an extremely dark history to the legend, and Sarah's curiosity would unfortunately find her needing to know about it, in order to stay alive. As Sarah entered the town of Rose Garden, she noticed that some buildings had their windows boarded up. She couldn't help but wonder why people would do such a thing, so she decided to knock on one of the doors. Unfortunately, nobody answered. Giving up after a few houses with about the same result, Sarah made her way to the library. As she was looking through books about local legends, she came across an interesting story. Back before the Pergrande Crusade, there had been a woman living in Rose Garden, who would pay children to bring her their teeth that had been knocked out, broken, or had fallen out. A few years of this went by, and everything seemed fine, until a couple of children went missing. The person who found the children noted that all of their teeth had been removed, and immediately accused the woman, named Matilda Hawthorne, of practicing a dark form of magic, and of killing the children in order to harvest materials. Before Matilda had a chance to prove her innocence, the people of Rose Garden dragged her out of her home, and tied her to the stake. The charges we're read to her, the pitch was lit, and as the woman burned, rather than screaming in agony, she used her last breath to lay a curse on the town of Rose Garden. The details of the curse we're that until the idol in her basement returned to it's rightful place atop the library, she would return each night, and pay people for putting teeth under their pillows. And, if any were to look at her face, she would be certain to cause them to suffer a pain worse than death before killing them. Sarah closed the book rather nervously as she thought heavily about what she had just read. It contrasted quite heavily with the children's tale that she had grown up hearing, and she didn't want to believe it. But, when she asked the librarian to tell her that it was a work of fiction, they were unable to do so. Trembling, Sarah left the library, contemplating what she now knew to be fact, and adding it to the details of the notice. She didn't want it to, but it made perfect sense when she considered the common denominator between all of the victims. This town had committed a serious offense, and it was time that it be set right, before things got too late. It was just after sunset, and Sarah thought she heard someone's voice. Turning her head in the direction that she heard it from, Sarah heard it again, this time sharper. It was a sound she knew all too well, people screaming, not for fun, like at a parade or concert, but out of fear. Sarah reacted in the only way that she knew how, by running towards the sound. As she arrived, she saw two women. One had been pinned by a ghastly figure, and the other was standing against a wall, too scared to even try to move. Sarah, not sure how to deal with the situation, took out her iLac, and took a picture of the figure. The flash caused it to recoil, as if in pain, and Sarah saw its face. It was the same face that she had seen in the book at the library. She took another picture, driving the figure back further, before grabbing the two women by their hands, who accepted her aid, and running directly towards Matilda's former home, which had fallen into a state of decay. Unfortunately, when the trio were about halfway there, one of the women tripped on a tree root and fell. Sarah knew that Matilda was hot on their trail, and that they didn't have time to go back. She just wished that she didn't have to leave the woman behind so coldly. When the other woman confronted her about this, inside of Matilda's home, Sarah replied that she didn't have much choice. It wasn't an easy decision for her to make. If she had been able to have it her way, all three of them would be there, but this was neither the time, nor the place. Sarah quickly made her way to the basement, searching tirelessly for the idol. The woman who had stayed with her seemed terrified. Just before dawn, the two of them heard footsteps on the first floor, which were followed by a loud scream as rays of light shine through the cracks in the floorboards. Tired from staying up all night, the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms. When they next awoke, there was still a good amount of time left before sunset. Sarah looked around the basement for about an hour before finding what seemed to be a doll made from wood, clay, and teeth. Stashing the creepy idol in her bag, Sarah notified the woman, and they left the house. Unfortunately, they didn't quite remember how they had gotten through the maze surrounding it the previous night. What they didn't know, was that in her life, Matilda had been focused on plant based magic, and that this maze had not been there the night before. When they finally reached the end of the maze, the sun was beginning to set again. The two ran as quickly as possible. As the sun disappeared behind the horizon, a scream could be heard from the direction of the abandoned house. It was Matilda, realizing that her idol had been stolen from her. She tore through the air, following at a distance of twenty yards as the two entered the library. They knew that they wouldn't be able to avoid her in there for the entire night. But, Sarah knew that they didn't have to. As the woman found a good place to hide, Sarah started looking for the stairs. Oddly enough, one by one, the lights closest to the door began to dim, before turning off. Noticing this, Sarah quickly found the stairwell leading to the second floor, and called out to the woman from before, and the librarian. However, as the woman reached the stairwell, the light above the librarian went out. Realization dawned on him just a little too late, as he turned to see Matilda, the tooth fairy, removing her mask to reveal her charred face, and she quickly dragged him, kicking and screaming, into the darkness. As the duo reached the second floor, the darkness crept into the stairwell. Sarah kept moving, knowing that she had to end this, before it was too late, before Matilda had the chance to take another victim. She had seen the face of evil in this town, and would not suffer it to go on. She knew that there was only one way out of this situation, and she was going to make sure that she brought an end to this dark legend, or die trying. She was scared, not only for her own life, but for that of her companion as well. She didn't want things to turn out poorly for them, didn't want to see this woman become another victim of the town's dark past, its hasty decision. There was only one way to make sure that didn't happen. Sarah climbed the stairwell leading to the roof of the library, and set the idol atop a small stand, as she heard an eerie scream right next to her, followed by light shining over her shoulder and looked. A young woman stood there, with a smile on her face, and surrounded by an otherworldly glow. The woman thanked Sarah, and apologized for her wrongdoing before fading away. As Sarah returned to the second floor of the library, she saw the woman she had saved, sitting on the floor, crying. Sarah couldn't revive the people of Rose Garden that had fallen victim to its past, but she could assure those that still lived that there would be brighter days ahead. As dawn broke, Sarah took the woman's hand, and led her out of the library, before returning to the Aurora guild hall, and submitting her report on the events that had unfolded.

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