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    Holy Godiva!~ (Kessica/Event)


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    Holy Godiva!~ (Kessica/Event) Empty Holy Godiva!~ (Kessica/Event)

    Post by Aoi 26th February 2019, 8:07 pm


    "Waaaaaaaade in the waaaater!~Waaaaaaade in the water!~" Belly up in the river headed through a small section of Rose Garden, a cream colored river otter floated it's way down through. It sang a strange tune, nothing more than the same line over and over, but with enough breaks that it didn't seem like some kind of annoying tune to the people around. Her tail swished lightly through the water she floated on as the Celestial Spirit enjoyed herself while traveling down the channel without a care in the world. It wasn't as fun not being around Ilda, but even Aoi had to admit to herself that being around the girl or staying cooped up waiting for her to return was no way for her to be. SO, to make up for that, she herself had to venture out into the world and do something sometime. How else was she going to get used to the human world if she stayed at home anyway.

    "Waaaaaaaade in the waaaater!~Waaaaaaade in- Oh, there's my stop!" As the water spirit had looked up, she noticed the area was more industrial. Something akin to where she was headed to begin with. Her small animal form popped into the water and then jumped up onto the body, running along the surface like she were running on solid land. Getting up onto said solid ground seemed slightly harder than she thought, but no less was she inclined to let it stop her. After finally getting up there, the cream colored otter looked around before running around, avoiding many people around until she spotted the warehouse with the Valentines decor on the outside. She ran alongside the walls, knowing she couldn't be hurt that way until she'd gotten close enough to doorway where the insides were nearly bustling with people.

    People seemed to be going in and out, but those who came out wore special rings and small kiddy wagons. Well.. a plus side to being her size as a human. It seemed like a fun time and a greater way to meet a new friend, so she was immediately dead set on running on in and having a friendship ring! The small creature darted along the street in the biggest break of the crowd and entered right as a pair left. She stood up on her hind legs, seeing a man behind a podium with a lone woman The river otter tilted her head, wondering what was going on, but the male had gotten a very annoyed body language. Dashing past people, she had gotten up to it when the male had taken notice to the animal standing by the womans feet and giving a glare. "Another pesky rodent? Bah, we should have gotten that darn cat. Shoo, you pesky vermin!" He waved at her dismissively, which only fueled a rather sassy jump to the hind legs, placing her fore paws on her hips. "I'll have you know, I may look like an otter, but I'm a completely reliant person!" Her reply caused him to hump back a bit and with a quick flash, the otter before the two would appear as a smaller than average girl. Her eastern garb and hair fashioned nearly perfectly. "Aaahh. SO! I'd like to sign up for this little partnership thing, if that's alright with you!~"

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    Cordelia Beaumont
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    Holy Godiva!~ (Kessica/Event) Empty Re: Holy Godiva!~ (Kessica/Event)

    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 27th February 2019, 4:04 pm


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    Kessicia had found someone that was resistant to her looks. And, for some strange reason, it wasn’t a wizard.

    She’d heard stories about a contest happening in Rose Garden, that actually turned out to be more of a job than anything else – with a twist. She found a pamphlet that had explained it to her once she got into the town; apparently the chocolate company in Rose Garden was looking for a couple to temporarily join in marriage and make a delivery of chocolates to a store in the town. It was an odd request to be certain but one that she actually kind of found adorable. What an interesting way to spend the holiday of love. What she did feel slightly miserable about was that her lover, Pandora, wasn’t around to join her in the partnership. If only because the thoughts of turning temporary into permanent were just a tiny bit enticing.

    Should she had been thinking of such a dedicated connection so early in their relationship? Probably not – they hadn’t really established much beyond their care for one another and a desire to be near one another at almost all times. But in that whirlpool of emotion seemed to be the answer that, perhaps, a formal and official declaration of their love wasn’t quite crazy after all. She had made her way to the factory in hopes of asking the workers there to delay the closing of their job so that she could get ahold of her love and have her come to Rose Garden.

    Most of the men and women within the factory were all for it. Her magical looks entranced them immediately and they were more than willing to do anything she wanted. That was, until, they sought out the manager to make the changes. The grump of a man came out, spotting Kessicia and actually sneered. “We ain’t changing dates just for one girl,” he said to her, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared down at her.

    This was quite surprising. Kessicia couldn’t feel any magical power from him that would make him resistant to her charms and yet here he was, scowling. She had just opened her mouth to continue her protest when the man snapped at her feet, complaining about some ‘rodent’. Kessicia blinked and glanced down to find a small otter seated right beside her. The precious animal was adorable and the succubus smiled softly, that smile opening a bit in surprise as the creature took offense to the man’s words, declaring herself a person. Only a moment later did the otter transform into a girl, one that looked roughly about ten or eleven if she were to barter on it.

    She’d apparently come to sign up for the partnership job, apparently having missed the message as much as Kess had. ”My dear, it is a bit more than partnership,” the succubus explained, smiling. ”It is a job that requires marriage, though it is only temporary it seems.” It wasn’t exactly her turning down the possibility of the girl taking part but she did want to forewarn her. But she continued. ”But if you are willing to have me as your ‘partner’ in such a job, then I’d be more than happy to oblige.” There was no sense in simply telling the girl no; she looked so radiant and happy to be there. Pandora would understand no doubt. She held out her hand to the girl. ”I am Kessicia. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

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