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    [Job] Go Beyond! PLUS! ULTRA! (Akeya/BlessedBeatrix/Luceam/Serilda Sinclair)

    Serilda Sinclair
    Serilda Sinclair

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    [Job] Go Beyond! PLUS! ULTRA! (Akeya/BlessedBeatrix/Luceam/Serilda Sinclair) - Page 2 Empty Re: [Job] Go Beyond! PLUS! ULTRA! (Akeya/BlessedBeatrix/Luceam/Serilda Sinclair)

    Post by Serilda Sinclair on 7th June 2019, 4:12 pm

    "Character counts most when duty calls."

    Truth be told, Serilda was getting tired of several parts of this interaction. She hadn’t come here to play politics with some otherworldly noble that insisted on continuing to insult humans and just in general being rude without provocation. Particularly when she had been striving really hard over the last few months to make Luna as comfortable as possible while the fairy was suffering outside her element, and doing her best to help guide the typically kind pink haired woman through things that Serilda honestly knew absolutely nothing about. And on any other day, perhaps she’d have a bit more stomach for it, but right now they were on a mission and this was starting to interfere.

    Not that Serilda blamed Luna, of course. It was obvious the fairy was going through a lot of things, things that the noblewoman genuinely wished she’d been more prepared to help Luna handle. As it was, however, she’d done all she could and the constant mood swings mixed with Tierra’s holier-than-thou attitude were wearing on her vast patience. Feeling a headache coming on, she reached up and slowly rubbed her temples a bit as both Mythal and Akeya thankfully came in to give their own two cents worth on the situation.

    Serilda took the time to step away mentally, focusing on the scientists who were also doing their best to ignore the drama. They were discussing the information that Akeya had found regarding the bat creatures. Once they let Serilda know what their next plans were and they started moving some of their equipment back onto the ship, she finally turned back to the group. She had nothing more to say in regard to the argument. All she wanted was to be done with it, and as much as Serilda truly liked Luna and was concerned for her wellbeing out here, Mythal and Akeya were right: they had a job to do, and none of them were going to tolerate anything more getting in the way of that.

    Akeya stated that whether or not the scientists set up cameras, she planned on keeping an eye herself. Serilda nodded, knowing that if Akeya truly found herself in any kind of danger because of the choice the dragoness could easily slip back into the ship for protection. “As long as you’re comfortable with that,” she told her. Serilda would never ask Akeya or Mythal to take up such a dangerous post, but if they made that choice themselves far be it from her to try to stop them. She’d worked enough with both darkness mages to know they could more than handle themselves.

    “I’m going to help some of the scientists try to find the best spots to put up a few cameras, and the rest of them are going to start pulling the remainder of their equipment back inside.” Before she left to do that, she put a hand on Akeya’s shoulder and gave it a small, silent squeeze in thanks for her part in helping to deal with the situation. Mythal she would talk to about everything later, when they were alone and she could destress in private. At the very least she gave him an appreciative glance for now and then walked away to go do what she said she would.

    Not long after the cameras were set up, darkness fell on the planet. The day had gone much quicker than they were used to, so it was fortuitous that they’d erred on the side of cautious and packed things up for the night sooner rather than later. Everything they’d gleaned so far seemed to indicate that this planet wasn’t very safe after nightfall, and since her job was technically to protect the crew she wasn’t keen on risking their lives unless they insisted it was necessary for whatever research they needed.

    She made a hot cup of tea to help ease the throbbing in her head and then sat with the scientists to watch the monitors for a while. Serilda would need to make sure she got some sleep soon -- Mythal and Akeya were probably going to be up the large majority of the night, if not all of it, being first hand lookouts, and Luna was probably going to need a bit more recovery time. One of them needed to make sure they were fresh for the next day, and that someone was going to be Serilda. But she could still stay up to witness the first couple hours of the night life. After that, she would head to bed making sure that they knew to wake her immediately if something came up, even if it was something they weren’t sure was a problem or not.

    Gently blowing the steam away from her face, she sipped the scalding liquid and watched as the cameras slipped into infrared as night fell.

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