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    Life is like a box of chocolates

    Kite Wilhelm
    Kite Wilhelm

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    Demon King

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    Life is like a box of chocolates  Empty Life is like a box of chocolates

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 22nd February 2019, 7:47 pm

    The Demon King

    It had been quite sometime since Kite had stepped foot in Rose Garden, he never had much of a reason to do so however today had changed that. Valentine’s Day was among them and the spirit that was associated with the holiday spread across the land like wildfire. News of one of the more popular chocolate factories was having technical difficulties with their distribution of their chocolates. He wasn’t sure to what the exact problem was however he knew that once he spoke to the owner he could get a better idea and possibly provide a solution for the company.

    Kite was mounted up on his hell horse Riksqonza and was heading towards where his potential client was located. Luckily it wasn’t hard to find and once he did he would hitch his horse just outside and walked into the to store. ”Hey my name is Kite Wilhelm and I am here to help with your problem!“ the owner took interest in the man and approached “Yes I am the Dutch the owner. You here for the deliveries?” Kite would nod, ”Yeah that’s right. Where can I start.“ He wasn’t looking to waste time here, “There is a wagon outback with the last big order that has to get to the other side of town… wait are you alone?” ”Aside from my horse yes.“ The owner would sigh, “unfortunately you cannot help, my direct competitor placed a hex on the shop, only married couple can deliver the sweets. ”well shit. I am batting a whopping zero in that department.“ if only there was something he could do however he wasn’t keen on the whole marriage thing, he didn’t want to just get married To anyone for this job.

    Kite Wilhelm

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    Life is like a box of chocolates  Gvf4gD8
    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    Life is like a box of chocolates  Empty Re: Life is like a box of chocolates

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 24th February 2019, 6:11 pm

    There were two things Kitalpha in particular didn't quite enjoy in this world; Rose Garden and Valentine's Day. Or rather, feared. Rose Garden for its multitude of people constantly hogging the streets to themselves at any moment of the day; she severely disliked being around too many people, so the crowds made her uncomfortable to say the least. And Valentine's Day because it reminded her of the thing she could not get in; love. Seeing all these people being overly lovey dovey with one another whereas she, if she showed what she truly was, would be met with gazes being the exact opposite of the ones they were giving their partners now. At the very minimum. Yet she found herself wandering around the city she disliked so much, on the day she disliked in equal measure, for but one single thing she wished to acquire. Chocolate. And not just a bit of it. Loads of chocolate. Bring some back for her fellow guildmembers and friends back at Silver Wolf as well while she was at it. She'd just been wandering aimlessly through the streets looking for the right kind of affiliated brand when she stumbled upon a certain store, a horse-drawn cart before it… and an awfully familiarly-looking horse that quite literally was burning-hot. Kitalpha stared at it for a moment, hesitated and was then reminded of what carelessly approaching people and animals alike did to her, having her opting not to get closer to it. For now.

    She gave the majestic beast another look before focusing back on the shop before her, and swung the door open with a broad gesture, exclaiming the first thing on her mind. ”All of your wares are mine to buy--” The blonde stopped abruptly when seeing only a handful of people in the shop… and no counter or confectionery at their disposal. A frown formed upon her brow. ”Uhm… this is the Cacao Compound, right?” she asked, looking at one of the people in confusion. “Yes ma’am, but we're the CC's headquarters, not one of the stores themselves.” One of the attendants came forth to greet her, and Kitalpha followed in kind, but backstepped when all of the sudden a small cylindrical robot blew past her, nearly knocking her clean off her feet as it did, the little robot crashing into the wall adjacent to the door it'd just come from, screaming something akin to “phoaaaaaaoooooh”. Both the attendant and Kitalpha looked at the mechanical mess in silence for a moment, then focused back on one another. ”Soooo… no chocolate?” Kitalpha was met with a shaking head in reply. ”Crap. Guess I'll be off then!” she stated casually, turning on the back of her heels and ready to beeline it to the exit when the attendant stopped her. “W-wait! We might have some in sto- I mean, we could use your help in delivering some! I'm sure the owner could miss a box or two as compensation.” And quite honestly, they'd had the blonde clustered at the first ‘wait’. She could smell the chocolate oozing from this building's every pore, so telling her there was none would've only ended in some private investigation type of searching. Aka the breaking and entering. ”You have my utmost attention.” The blonde said with a smile, turning back around.

    The attendant explained her along the way to a more private lobby that the company had met issues with a rivalling company. Quite severe issues in fact, as the rivalling company had resorted to hexing the many stores across Rose Garden with a barrier, making it unable for bondless people to enter the shops. These people included anyone who did not hold a deep bond of affection with someone near them; many a single individuals had found their facades smeared unto the barrier in result, including the deliverers. The shops were running low on supplies and with none to supply them, they had to reach out to willing couples and mages to help out. According to the attendant a sole, powerful mage had come to offer his assistance and was currently discussing things with the owner, Dutch. The only thing was that he was in fact, sole, and thus needed someone to partner up with. This was where Kitalpha would come in. When the door opened Kitalpha was let in by the attendant, and to her surprise recognised the mage she'd been told about as Kite Wilhelm. She'd met the man in a rather iffy situation quite some time ago, and thus waved at him in greeting. ”How is it that I run into you in the most unlikely of places, Kite? How've you been?” The warrioress flashed a smile at him, but was immediately called to business by Dutch, who seemed rather impatient on the matter at hand.

    “The two of you knowing one another makes this easier. Forgive my impudence but I need this matter dealt with as soon as possible, and now there's two of you that might actually be possible now.” He said, pulling a curious device out that looked like a regular pen, but smelled differently. “This thing here is a sigilizer; and can temporarily reinforce the bond between to people in a continuous loop as long as you two stick together. Sort of like a written wedding ring of sorts, but with a little extra added to it… if the bond goes beyond a certain point, you'll be able to tap into one another's power through said bond.” Dutch explained, letting the sigilizer spin within his fingers. “It’ll take most of my magic power to make a single bond, so I have to be certain you'll complete the task. Are you willing?” The man said with a serious face, and was met with crimson eyes staring back at him. ”I've been promised my bribery, so count me in… as long as Kite's fine with it.” Kitalpha replied, shooting the slayer a glance.

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