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    [Onyx Moon] Zdenko's Toys


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    [Onyx Moon] Zdenko's Toys Empty [Onyx Moon] Zdenko's Toys

    Post by Johann on Fri 22 Feb 2019, 14:04

    Job Title: Zdenko's Toys
    Rank: C Rank
    Job Location: Capital Crocus
    Solo Word Count: 1,500
    Group Word Count: 3,000
    Additional Requirements: Help Zdenko get his toys back to normal (Optional: Purchase a toy from him to help his business.)
    Job Description: Zdenko Novak is a middle-aged man with a strong accent who runs a toy shop in Capital Crocus. There are so many shops in the capital city that he desires to stand out by producing unique and quality toys. His business hasn't been going very well since he opened it, which is a shame given that he is an extremely passionate toymaker and a very kind man. His toys tend to have a creepy, other world feel to them and parents don't want to buy them for their children. About a week ago, he sought help for cheap from a mage he met on the street. The mage he met said that he could draw attention to his shop, and Zdenko, desperate for customers agreed to let the mage cast spells in his shop. Now, his toys during the day appear extra appealing, extra beautiful and extra impressive. But during the night, the mirage spell cast over the toys wears off and the toys come to life. Customers have reported terrifying incidents, attacks, and activities similar to poltergeists. All the purchased toys have been returned and now Zdenko's reputation is in an even worse position.

    Zdenko needs help collecting all of the toys affected by the spell and dispelling the magic from them. Apparently, he seems to think that any spell cast on them is sure to remove the other spell upon it. Alternatively, he doesn't mind if you go looking for the mysterious mage who helped him and get that mage to undo his mirage spell. It would be especially nice if you purchased a toy to cheer Zdenko up at the end of your job.

    So your job is to first go to Zdenko's Toys in the city. Next, examine the toys carefully to see which ones are affected by the spell. Then try to remove the spell, cast spells in the shop to counter the mirage spell in place, or fight the toys until the magic upon them just wears off. The toys can move or float around and fight. You can also go looking for the mystery mage responsible and get him/her to take responsibility.


    • Enemy Rank: Weak
      Description: 5x Small Child's Toys:

      • Jump-ropes (Black rope with wooden handles, with intricate carvings of goats'-eyes),
      • Flutes/whistles (Exquisitely carved from wood or bone, has designs of spiders and bugs in them),
      • Toy blocks (Carved from wood, but instead of numbers painted on, there are bugs bent and contorted into the numbers 1-6 and a layer of resin over them to make them shiny)

      Enemy HP: 100-120 each
      Enemy MP: N/A
      Enemy Melee Damage: 10 per hit (the types of attacks you can be as creative as you like)
      Enemy Spell Damage: N/A
      Enemy Speed: 30 m/s

    • Enemy Rank:Normal
      Description: 5x Child's Toys:

      • Moving Carousel (Elegantly painted in pastel and gold colors, hand-carved horses and alpaca's rotate around the center of the carousel headless),
      • Lantern Night Light (When turned on, this magical empowered night light in the shape of a lantern, wrought in iron and wood, casts shadows of stars and clawed hands against the walls of a room),
      • Music Box (It is hand made from a block of dark wood, plays a soft piano tune, and opens to hold jewelry and a rotating fanged snake with realistic snake eyes painted on)

      Enemy HP: 160-200 each
      Enemy MP: N/A
      Enemy Melee Damage: 35-40 per hit (the types of attacks you can be as creative as you like)
      Enemy Spell Damage: N/A
      Enemy Speed: 40 m/s

    • Enemy Rank: Strong
      Description: 1x Mystery Mage: A dishonest man/woman who sells magical spells on the black market but always with a catch. This is the mage who caused poor Zdenko's shop to truly fail. (It wasn't the creepy toys of course.)
      Enemy HP: 400
      Enemy MP: 400
      Enemy Melee Damage: 40 per hit (wields a dagger or a staff, can be hidden under clothing or in shoes)
      Enemy Spell Damage: Spells are done at roleplayer's creative choice, can deal 45-60 per hit depending on the spell)
      Enemy Speed: 40 m/s

    Reward: 18,000 Jewels and a toy from Zdenko's shop (if you don't buy one he will just give you one cause you helped him)

    ~credit to Yona


    [Onyx Moon] Zdenko's Toys Johannsiggies

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