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    The process of gardening


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    The process of gardening Empty The process of gardening

    Post by Kaguya 18th February 2019, 5:14 pm

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    Veleno had traveled to hargeon city in hopes to finding someone that he was supposed to meet, when he had accepted the job of helping a man to plant his seeds for this year. However, he wasn't feeling very well, so he had hoped for someone to do him a favor. Once veleno had met the man after arriving to his destination, just a few minutes since his arrival at the city. Veleno had happily accepted his offer, after knowing that he was going to get paid for it. He didn't want to work in the attire that he had on, which was a skirt. He had quickly changed to appropriate wear, after finding a bathroom in his house. Once he had done so. He was ready to start the job. But veleno had realized that he didn't know how to plant seeds, because he was never taught how to garden, when he was a kid. Albeit it wasn't something that he was interested in, when he was little. He made an acception, and looked for some guidance.

    The man only told him little instructions, because he was feeling sick. He couldn't help veleno plant the first seed, so it was up to veleno to use his brain, and common sense to figure out the rest. First he had thought that he might need a shovel, but why would you need a shovel if you're planting seeds? Veleno scratches his head, with gloves that he was wearing. In order for his hands to be protected from dirt, since this job is going to get dirty without the right equipment. Veleno picked up the gardening tools. He used what it had appeared to be a small gardening shovel, and started the process, by planting one seed in the ground, and covered it with dirt. He would then continue the same process, several more times. Covering the dirt with the seed that he had put in the ground.

    At least enough for the seed to have some sunlight, and not immediately burry the thing in there. He still wasn't sure how to planting process worked. He was positive that all you have to do is, correctly plant the seed in the ground, and make sure it gets some sunlight. That way, the seed can properly grow. With some water of course. Without any water, and a light source. The seed won't be able to grow. Then again, you can simply cheat the process with some magic related to what the seed needs. But veleno thinks that it wasn't what the old man wanted, and it's not like veleno knew any light or sun based magic. Anything that was relevant to heat. He only knew water magic, but he was still a novice at using magic. Veleno was getting tired from planting, and after getting off of his knees. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, to see what that he had finished his job. Veleno would return to the man, and told him. Once he did, veleno would have gotten his fair share, and left the town. He had learned a bit on how to garden, but he was still uninterested in the idea of it. Why? Because it didn't suit him.


    The process of gardening Xu2gaj10

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