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    Veerings from Normal Valentine Vapidities


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    Veerings from Normal Valentine Vapidities Empty Veerings from Normal Valentine Vapidities

    Post by Fraag on 15th February 2019, 5:13 pm

    Rose Garden. Quite the interesting place, at least as far as all the brochures and travel guides Venus had consulted had said. It had so many magical wonders, the sort to please your run-of-the-mill tourist. But presently, Venus didn't consider herself to be much of a tourist. For starters, she had not come here to enjoy herself. She'd been given a mission with rather... strange details: retrieve a box of chocolates from a designated warehouse and take them across the scape of Rose Garden to a little shop which specialized in trading sweets at the other end of the city. That didn't seem so bad. She was also expected to make the delivery with a partner, who was from the unpredictable guild known as Fairy Tail. Okay, now that didn't seem so good, seeing as Venus was unsure of the moral standing of that guild. Oh, and one tiny, little detail: herself and the Fairy Tail mage were meant to be married.

    Now, that, that was jump-off-the-high-cliff terrible.

    What sort of mission involved getting married to a stranger? Even if it was a temporary thing, Venus was of the opinion that intimate relationships like marriage were not things to be taken with levity, being someone who took matters of loyalty rather seriously. In any event, Venus couldn't complain much. After all, the mission was just for a single day, and the rewards sounded relatively good. Besides, Venus couldn't help but be curious about the special magic which people had been mentioning that came with being a couple.

    It wasn't permanent, in any case, so there would be no permanent damage, Venus surmised. Standing before the doors of the chocolate warehouse from which she and her to-be ephemeral husband were to collect the package, she waited for him to arrive.


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