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    La Transperceneige


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    La Transperceneige Empty La Transperceneige

    Post by Triple_Hell on 15th February 2019, 9:14 am

    Lineage Name: La Transperceneige
    Wielder: Model Alpha 3.H.
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t10202p625-the-trading-hub#290727

    Log #2012 "Snowpiercer":
    It was day when the empty threats ended. Whether it was the gods, a force beyond them, or something even beyond those beyond gods, the result would still have been same. It was day that we must have crossed a deity whom our greed and lust offended and upon whose plentiful benevolence each of us depended. As the looking glass frosted over, I wonder what was it that I could not see when the frost descended upon us. We were fools.

    Log #2013 "Frostpunk": We pampered life's complexities, manufactured luxuries while suffocating nature's lungs when we cut the trees. Why we as people thought that even while the supplies of life dwindled, we continued to treat ourselves with no end. Now here I am, leader of them all. It hurts to be the being above the turds that called themselves worthy of saving. Pigs they be, animal hides as attire. However... I gave my hope to the smoke and steam. I must lead, even if it kills me.

    Log #2014 "Ice Apocalypse": The blizzard nearly killed many. It was the worst. Perhaps our comeuppance seems to be to huddle round the fire with everything to hide and animal hides as attire. The wheels of progress have gone frozen, trying to subsist upon a trickle of supplies with the vittles diminishing I don't think it will suffice. I remember a great man once said that, "Species evolve quicker when it is difficult to thrive." But that theory isn't something that always applies and deprive us enough, we'll suffer our inevitable demise.

    Log #2015: *static* You... can't be serious! *static*

    Log #2016: *crashing* Must... l-le *more crashing, loud cracking. Winds blew loudly with the cry of something. A male voice can barely be heard before log ends.*

    LOg #2017: *long silence and white noise.* Booting... Model Alpha 3.H. now booting... checking files... Process complete... Initiating La Transperceneige... Mission... *sudden crack and loud noise, shuffling footsteps and noise heard. The sound of wheels moving away.*

    • Frost Augmentation: 3.H. has increased 35% magical and physical resistance. All of her spells gain an icy after blast that deals 1/2 user rank spell damage as a secondary effect while under the effect of Blizzard.

    • Blizzard: 3.H. whenever she enters battle a fierce blizzard while blow that affects enemies in a User Rank Spell AoE Max Range distance. Depending on duration the effect decreases in effectiveness. For the first 5 posts, damage dealt is User Rank Spell Damage per post. The next five posts trickle the damage down to 4/5,3/5,1/2,1/3,1/4 User Rank spell damage per post.

    • Frozen Gear: 3.H passively produces a icy veil around her. Said icy veil gives her 15% magical resistance and slows down every spell to 15m/s in a 45m radius. Affected spells scales off User Rank. Works most effectively on Single Target Spells.


    La Transperceneige 21

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