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    The Morrigan Child


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    The Morrigan Child Empty The Morrigan Child

    Post by Morrigan on 15th February 2019, 8:09 am

    Lineage Name: The Morrigan Child
       Wielder: Haley Halcyon Musea
       Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t10202p625-the-trading-hub#290727

       Deep deep in the woods of a time long forgotten, there lived 3 goddesses. Each represented their own power. One was of Life, Harmony, Fertility and the Present. Another was Battle, War, Outcome, Hearth and the Past. And the last, was Death, Darkness, Chaos, Victory and the Future. The three were sisters were tied, like a strong bond was between them. A curse? A blessing? No one knew. Eventually the three became one, the Morrigan. The fused power brought the Morrigan unspeakable potential. She was the Phantom Queen, Goddess of Crows, Decider of Fate, Ruler of Magic, Mistress of Time, Shapeshifting Deity. Like a Valkryie in battle, she swoops up spirits to fight before laying to rest peacefully.

    The Morrigan fell in love with a Pooka, an Irish trickster fairy and they had a child, Haley Halcyon Musea. While some Pooka power went into the child, the Morrigan’s kin had obtained much of her power and looks. Crows and kin became the servant of the child, fate was shown to the girl, she could see into the depths of time, the Morrigan’s powers had been blessed into her child. The full potential of its power, has yet to be unlocked, for the girl has much to learn.


    Plot-based abilities:
    Shapeshifting: Haley can transform into various forms, whether human or non-human without fail. Her favorite forms are crows, horses, goats and fairy. Only non combat use since she needs to have a window to concentrate and shift.

    Corvus Tongue: Haley can speak to crows and any of the Corvus species as well as understand.

    Soul Touch: Haley just needs to touch you to allow Haley to sense you. This sense allows her find you if you happen to be in a 50m radius. Of course she can't see you through walls or things that obstruct vision. It works sort of like a dowsing machine where she can sense your presence, not really see you. Requires OOC permission.

    Shadow Sneak: Haley can slide along shadows like a person who on ice.

    Hippo Tongue: Hippo is not as in that pink skinned water mammal. Hippo means Horse. She can speak to horse, and oddly hippos...

    Goat Tongue: Obvious enough

    Median: She can see the dead and speak to them too, as well as send them off. This does not affect players at all. Just general NPC dead people or OOC permission dead characters.

    Runic: Imagine if magic are computers, and that you can hack into this computer by unlocking it. Imagine if ancient curses can be dispelled just by solving this code lock. That is what Haley can do. It is not useful in combat situations since, its impossible to crack codes that quickly enough and magic code locks are really really complicated, like computer coding. To put it simply, Haley can access these locks and try to solve them. Solving them allows her to unlock the user's true potential, remove curses placed on them, bring down barriers safely etc. This is mainly used for plot only or for jobs where you need to solve magic puzzles.

    Ancient Archives: Haley can access a place called the Ancient Archives, though Haley prefers to call it home. It is basically a library, laboratory, observatory, zoo and many many more all in one. It will appear as a leather suitcase that is rather beaten up and only can be summoned by Haley. The Ancient Archives includes a multitude of recreational rooms, kindergartens(for plants), zoos, greenhouses and other crazy stuff. Any room that Haley can think of, it can appear in the Ancient Archives.

    Probability: Haley can easily win luck based events, cause she can see it happen. Can’t say she always wins, Fate is not always on her side.

    Fate Lines: Think of them as pathways. Haley can choose to follow these pathways or ignore them. These pathways help lead Haley to people of interests or people Haley intends to find. However they do not always appear to here as they only appear when Haley has the possibility of changing someone or her own life forever. Like Runic, mainly for plot or jobs that are plot heavy for Haley.

       •Magic the Gathering
    Haley is the child of the Queen of Magic, and hence whenever she regains mana, she will have a brief moment of 3 posts where she gains enhanced senses, move 5% faster, jump up to 4 meters in the air and forward, and react faster than normal. Does not stack if mana is gained repeatedly.

    Haley will teleport 15 meters away (add another 15 for every rank up up to S) and turn invisible on the first attack that “lands” and instead a doppelganger will instantly take her place. There is no way of spotting the time gap between teleportation and the appearance of the doppelganger and teleportation will always bring Haley out of the enemy’s land of sight. Its instantaneous. Doppelganger will have one quarter of Haley’s hit points and behaves similarly to Haley. Doppelganger only disappears once killed or when Haley makes it disappear. Note that Doppelganger and Haley can both attack you at once. Once Doppelganger is killed, Haley would have to put herself in harm's way to resummon it. Out of combat however, and the doppelganger can be summoned willingly. Clone does user rank physical damage, and does not cast spells as it does not have mana.

       •Feather Dance.
    Each time Haley does a physical attack, she leaves a crow feather on her spot when the attack lands. If she hits someone in the air then it simply just floats there. These crow feathers do not appear visible to anyone other than Haley and they remain ghost like. But when Haley starts a magical attack, the feathers became visible and physical. They will fly towards the target of said magical attack. If the attacks misses, the feathers disappear. If it lands, they deal physical user rank damage. Max number of feathers is 5.

    All of Haley’s attacks, whether physical or magic, drain Mana from the enemy hit when under shade or shadow. The amount of Mana taken is 10% of whatever her damage is. So if her damage is 10 for physical and 20 for magical, she steals 1 Mana and 2 Mana respectively.


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