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    What's a girl to do? (D/Arc/Job)


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    Completed What's a girl to do? (D/Arc/Job)

    Post by Ling 9th February 2019, 11:46 am

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    This notes section will scroll if needed!
    Rose Garden was. . . interesting, to say the least. The place was teeming with magic, as most places did, but it was so heavily flaunted here. Magic drinks, magic clubs, magic fish stands, everything was rolling in this witchcraft! The moment the armored man had stepped foot into the town, he felt as physically ill as his figure could and was too bitter to even look at others. But everyone dressed in exotic clothing, so exotic that he figured it was strange even for natives of Fiore, and there was some entertainment business at every corner. As far as Arcanas was concerned, he wanted to leave the place as soon as he could.
    But before he decided to leave, he had made several detours to find the darker, shadier areas of the town. Like every other town, there was a trend in which the more mischievous folk congregated in these types of areas and distributed jobs to just about any misfit that passed them. They were much like advertisers in Pergrande that would approach you with some type of inexpensive product with awesome benefits. Of course, very few people took interest in them, no matter how stubbornly they'd accost them.

    Arcanas eventually found such a place and, as expected of needy Fioreans, was approached by a woman who seemed awfully upset, wearing a grave expression on her face. While he said nothing to the woman, she talked to him almost incessantly, explaining her situation and asking if he'd be willing to help her. Apparently, it was some sort of lover's quarrel that somehow escalated. Is this the typical romance between two Fioreans? Riddled with drama and resulting in a man's beating? It was unlike anything he's seen before, except maybe in plays and dramas he's watched on a television or in person. How troublesome and petty! But if this was an insight on a Fiorean's typical relationship, he'd very well accept. He'd be foolish not to, and he was no foolish man.

    The woman gave several locations to check for the messy-haired, clean shaven man: a club, a bar, a car dealership, and his home. Arcanas had went every place she had listed, except for his home, and finally resorted to that instead. His home was only a modicrum of the space he normally sees people live in, and even those spaces were much smaller than the homes in Pergrande. It was a shanty apartment in the middle of nowhere in Rose Garden that was noticeably uglier than any other extravagant building he's seen on the way there. The lights were on, and he was most certainly home.

    Arcanas was not discreet about it. With a thunderous Slam! his arm burst through the front door, leaving a jagged hole in the wood. He heard the scream of a woman inside and the breaking of glass. Arcanas removed his arm from the hole and bent down to peek through it. As expected, the man was there with a woman on top of him. Both of them were half naked and it seemed he arrived just before they partook in after dark activities. The man was dirty! His hair wasn't combed, brushed, and he looked like some town flotsam even from his view! The woman was only tolerable according to Pergranden beauty standards and was rather ugly to Arcanas himself. He did not want to look at them any longer than he had to and reached through the door to unlock it from the other side.

    The door swung open and he'd step inside the home. The cieling was incredibly low, so low that he could touch it if he raised his arm. The apartment was a mess; the sink was overflowing with dishes and handfuls of dirty clothes were scattered across the stained carpets. How disgusting! The sight, more or less, infuriated Arcanas. How dare they leave the place in such a mess knowing he, Arcanas Vigil, knight of Pergrande, would come? Of course, they had no idea he would come and there was no such custom here in Fiore to prepare so vigorously for a guest. But he was angry, no less!

    Arcanas marched over to the pair, ripped the woman from on top of him and began to beat him mercilessly! This lasted only a few minutes, but by the time he had finished, the man was missing an ear, a full set of teeth, and his toes and fingers were bent out of place and turned in ways they shouldn't turn. His eyes were purple and swollen shut, and his left leg kind of dangled from its joints, attached but not quite.

    His job was done, the woman had left screaming down the road, and he was about ready to leave. But, he was also requested to slander him. Despite his searching, he could not find any pens or paper to use. Nothing available but a dirty steak knife in the sink. He stared at it, grabbed it, and looked back to the twitching, crawling man.

    Later that night, Rune Knights reported this incident, and on the belly of the man were words etched and carved into his skin, bloody and all: "I AM A CHEATER."

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