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    It's Barking Again! (D/Arc/Job)

    Arc Vigil
    Arc Vigil

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    Completed It's Barking Again! (D/Arc/Job)

    Post by Arc Vigil on 9th February 2019, 9:50 am

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    This notes section will scroll if needed!
    Fioreans made livings through strange and unfamiliar ways. Once he had realized where he was, he had also begun to make connections of the connotations surrounding this country. It was a country teeming with magic, a concept he had only heard stories of when he was growing up. It was also a concept His Lordship was fascinated and obsessed with. So, naturally, Arcanas began to take some mild interest in it as well. While Pergrande and their technology was advanced, destructive, and perhaps mightier than anything magic could ever hope to achieve, it wasn't nearly as otherworldly and unique as was magic, or at least how it was depicted in their texts. He was told that sorcerers could wield fire without a gauntlet, and summon monsters from other realms without so much as a technological catalyst. In writing, it was fascinating and even rivaled Pergranden technology in strength, but was unholy and something too great to be left in the ravenous hands of your average human being. His Lordship, being so intelligent and clever, confided in him many things relating to magic and how by harnessing it could he attain a power like no other. He sought this through magical relics, observation, and even capturing sorcerers like the ones here in Fiore himself. He wasn't entirely sure what His Lordship did with them, but he was most certain that it was just.  

    Not only was magic outlawed in Pergrande, but it was also never practiced. He couldn't even fathom such a prevalent usage in other countries. But, he knew this was the case and also knew that said countries and their sorcerers were inferior to Pergrandens. So, with great disdain and bitter eyes, he watched the people of Fiore in disgust. They must all be shown the way of God and his holy subjects in Pergrande. It was unfortunate that they have been subdued under the evil that was magic.

    But before his righteous quest could ever even hope to begin, he first had to find his barrings. Apparently, in this country, the working class made a living through jobs, or something like that, which they'd utilize their sorcery to solve their trivial problems. They defeat monsters or people who threatened others' way of life, which was humorous to the bitter Arcanas, who couldn't recall such lack of control in his country. Despite Pergrande being so big, their Kingdom and its mighty monarchs crushed such petty "threats" underneath its enormous heel.

    So, Arcanas attempted to accept one of these "jobs," and accepted only the ones that showed some sort of promising experience. One of them detailed something about killing a dog. It was an awfully trivial task and nothing befitting of a knight! But it would help better his understanding of this awful country and its system.

    This particular "job" wanted him to slay some sort of fiend, or a dog, as the "client" describes it, and Arcanas followed the direction To the T. Chained in the lawn of some small and abandoned-looking home hollered a grotesque dog with small, pointed ears and a body that looked nothing of an animal and more of a beast made purely from muscle and bone. Arcanas wondered, would his former blade slice through it in one strike even without so much as a lick of strength? He didn't know why he asked himself this since he had no sword to slice him with. It left him awfully disappointed, but he approached the dog anyway.

    Their time together was brief, since by the time they had separated from one another, the dog was dead and mutilated. He had beat it to death, striking it over a dozen times even though it had been dead by the eighth strike, but he did enjoy the squishness against his armor, so he didn't stop. And he wasn't particularly discreet with beating it to death either, having killed it right where it was chained in front of a roadway for just about anyone to see. He didn't care if anyone saw what he was doing, but if anyone did see, they said nothing and never confronted him about it.

    Now lying on this person's lawn was the beheaded corpse of their so-called "dog," unmoving and a shell of its former fury. His duty was done, but he had other plans before he left the town for something different. He scaled the tallest building in the most crowded area he could find, and with a dog's head in hand, tossed it into the middle of the street for all to see. A shrieking Aaaah! cracked the air, followed by the screams of others. It was quite funny to watch people fainting and nervously scrolling through something like a small electronic phone to contact authorities. He watched this for several minutes before departing again. It was enjoyable, but a shame that his beating ended so quickly. 'Twas a Fiorean's life, he supposed.

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