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    Where am I? (D/Arc/Job]


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    Completed Where am I? (D/Arc/Job]

    Post by Ling 9th February 2019, 9:03 am

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    This notes section will scroll if needed!

    The airy sound of wind blowing against his metal helmet awoke him from his restful slumber. His figure was submerged in mud and stone, and above him sat a sky so blue and open that it wasn't like anything he remembered. That being the case, he couldn't precisely remember anything. Not where he was, how he got here, or what circumstances had led him to sleep so restfully because he couldn't recall a time where he slept so well at night. But there were three things he remembered vividly: his name was Arcanas Vigil, he was a knight from Pergrande who served under a mighty and intelligent lord, and he was certainly, most surely dead.

    He remembered how he died, too. It was a time where some other feudal lord had raided his own Lord's chambers on a night thrashing with stormclouds and thunders. He remembered the booming sound of that thunder and the lionlike shouts and howls of he and other knights in combat. Blade against blade, metal against metal, yet all of their armor baring the mighty and reverable crest of Pergrande Kingdom. Arc died in that battle, as did most of the other knights, and somehow he knew, within the depths of his gut, that His Lordship was dead. But he knew he died true to his will, his purpose, and died with many regrets.

    Yes, this was all true! But nothing in his widdling memory could explain how he ended up here, someplace mountainous and foggy. He wiggled and dug his way out from the ditch he had been in and took a thorough look at himself. His shiny silver armor was no longer shiny or silver, but black and ancient-looking and his entire being felt empty. Yes, he felt his innards, that was right, but his heartbeat, his pulse, they were nonexistent. The rumbling of his stomach, the rawness of his throat, the sweat between his toes and fingers, none of it seemed to be present. He quickly got used to this feeling and accepted it heartily.

    Arcanas shuffled himself to the nearest cliff and was overlooking a town embedded into the very mountains he found himself on. The architecture was nothing like he had seen before and nothing you'd find in Pergrande, and you'd never find a village so small in his Kingdom either! He couldn't see any knights from the little specks of people that inched around, and there was a overwhelmingly gross magnitude of something strange and unholy he felt engulfing the area. He couldn't feel the rumbling of his stomach anymore, but the feeling made it nauseating.

    Following an indistinct path, he scaled down the mountain, or a hill or sorts, and made way to a narrow and barren alleyway towards the outskirts of the town. He kept to the comforting shadows of the place and only peeked out of its openings. Looking, looking, looking. Looking for something showing where he was. He continued to search for this something, and scribbled across many signs and boards and merchandise in display cases was its strange-sounding name—Shirotsume, former home of a "Infinity Hydra" guild, and guilds were specific to one place in Earthland—Fiore.

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