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    A rose, A passport, And a date (solo)

    Kaede Hoshi
    Kaede Hoshi

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    A rose, A passport, And a date (solo) Empty A rose, A passport, And a date (solo)

    Post by Kaede Hoshi 8th February 2019, 2:44 pm

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    _____Kaede learned one thing about Alice, NEVER agree to go on dates with the woman. All day she was getting dragged around by her boss and house mate around Ross garden getting everything she felt was mostly unneeded and should have gotten herself but Alice refused letting the girl pay. Sure the woman was claiming it was because Kaede paid for far more of the rebuild project then she should have or was expected to.

    _____But what truly made the trip so difficult was waiting in line for the last thing WHILE holding everything. Alice had offered to help a number of times but seeing as she was dressed in cuter cloths Kaede refused to let her touch even one of the bags. So it looked rather comical to outsiders as the butler struggled to keep up with the forty plus bags behind the dolled up woman. Alice turning to Kaede as the girl staggered some and glared already ready to repeat herself that this was her job.

    "You are going to need to set those down when we get to the front of the line. They have to get your signature and finger prints. Then after we can go back to my car and set those inside before I take you on the real date like I promised."

    _____Kaede's face would turn sour, if this was called a date, and the REAL part was yet to come she did not like them. Shifting forward in the line some more before Kaede could see a group of rune knights taking care of people's finger print and asking questions to them. Alice doing most the talking for Kaede who buckled away and took the chance to set down all her bags in a way she could get them back up without much issue. Hearing some get directed to her Kaede spoke up in reply.

    "Kaede Hoshi... Twenty one... born August sixteenth... female... - A vein popping on her head as the knight looked her over three times at her claim before Alice backed her up to avoid ANOTHER incident with authority. "Guildless..."

    _____Watching them write it all down as she walked over and made sure to have her left hand be used for finger prints, an inner sigh of relief they did not need both hands as she would have to explain THAT and likely be doubted or worse tossed into a cell. They made sure to explain that if she lost her left hand for any reason she would need to get a whole new passport though and she felt that was fair overall. Then getting the small book that cleared her for travel, tossing it into one of the many bags and getting them picked up once more she followed Alice again.

    "I think we should go to Rosendo's little dinner, they have the best view of the night sky... Bit on the pricey side but you could finally see why I say Xion's mom is the better chef." Kaede would sigh lightly as she was taken along for the ride, but despite that she smiled and blushed a bit as she watched Alice glow in the lighting.
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