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    Get Back Here!! (Solo)

    Ilda Nora
    Ilda Nora

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    Get Back Here!! (Solo) Empty Get Back Here!! (Solo)

    Post by Ilda Nora on 8th February 2019, 9:39 am

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    Ilda Nora
    One day, they'll know I'm not the monster they say.

    It may have been due to her height that the farmer asked the one known as a monster to help herd his stray chicken. The man was old and feeble, and didn't quite reach five feet in height. Ilda, meanwhile, was just a bit closer to six feet tall than five, meaning she at least had an advantage vertically over the chicken pumped with magic hormones to grow its size.

    Unfortunately, the chicken retained its swift movements in this new, giant body. Ilda struggled to even catch up with it, much less capture the beast unscathed. She moved to try to find a narrow alley to trap the hen in, thinking it would be safer not to touch it as much as possible. After all, if it managed to pull off her glove, it could get burnt by her palm- meaning the woman would be bringing back fried chicken instead of earning her reward.

    It took one lap around the town to find the right alley to use as her trap. With careful maneuvers, she chased the chicken towards the alley she'd chosen- only to have it start running towards her, apparently catching onto her tactics. "I hate traps too, but what did you expect?!"

    Clearly, Ilda needed a new plan- but the chicken wasn't keen to chase her and had instead rushed off on its own once more. "Need a plan B..." Her words were but a mumble, her eyes glaring daggers in the direction the giant piece of poultry had fled. "If I can't make it go where I want, how do I make it come to me?" She let her eyes dart from one place to another as she ran about the town, trying to remember something she'd seen the chicken excited over the most.

    "Bread!" She shouted, causing passers by to stare and gawk at her lack of context.

    Her next stop was the baker, she'd come to realize. She fled towards the bakery with bated breath, watching around her in case the chicken joined her in her methods. "It's not a dirty trick if it's used on an animal that can't think. I'm just using what I know to get what I need." It was an unnecessary excuse for herself. As she entered the bakery, she demanded harshly a full loaf of cornbread, preferably on the stale side. Once she had it and paid, she fled the scene to find her perfect alley once again, starting to break the bread into crumbs to lead the chicken from the alley to the farm where it belonged.

    Patience was a virtue Ilda lacked. At the farm, she stomped back and forth on the same patch of grass more times than she could likely count, waiting to see her plan come to fruition. As her hopes started to feel dashed, she saw the chicken pecking the ground closer and closer to its master- until finally, the farmer held a handful of crumbs out for the chicken to feed on.

    "Right at home, safe and sound." Ilda said with a smile. "See? Told you I could do it." Her words were to herself. She wasn't a monster- just a normal girl with the skills to lure a giant chicken home.
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