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    Divorce System


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    Official Divorce System

    Post by Seijin on 3rd February 2019, 11:22 pm

    Divorce System 4tMRUpu

    So, I see you're interested in getting a divorce. Relationships are great, you find your soulmate, the one that completes you, and your best friend for life! Marriages are the things that bond two loved ones together and it is something worthy of celebration. Remember that time you asked your partner to do the dishes or laundry and they said they would, but they didn't?... Yet you still loved them. Remember when they would pull the blanket too much to their side when you're both sleeping?... But he woke up early to make you breakfast in bed to make up for it? Remember that one time where he went into debt due to a massive gambling addiction and cheated on you.... which ultimately destroyed your marriage? Well... something like that probably happened for you to be here.

    On Fairy Tail RP, divorces aren't frowned upon. However, it is a tedious task for staff members to continuously have to alter your "Partner:" profile field over and over again. So... do us a favor.... try to make your next marriage the last. Thanks. I know it can be hard. Sometimes it's not even in your control. They could've ghosted you, but I guess that means you weren't worth staying for. Ouch. Sometimes divorces are happy divorces though. You get to get rid of what has been the metaphorical "ball and chain" in your life that has been nothing but a headache for you. Congratulations, we're here to help you move on to your next step.

    So how do you file for divorce on an anime forum RP? Well, that's simple!  Just follow the instructions below, and you'll be on your way to your new single and ready to mingle future. You will also have an empty "Partner:" profile field, an achievement Divorce System TlsbFpT for getting divorced, and the freedom to date whoever you want IC. You do however, lose any perks the marriage had to offer you.

    Step 1) Fill out this template below. You can copy the code at the top right of the rectangular section.

    Divorce Template:


    [u][b][center]Divorce Papers[/center][/b][/u]
    [b]Your Character's Name:[/b] (Insert Your Character's Name)
    [b]Are You Sure You Want A Divorce?:[/b] (Yes/No)

    Step 2) Post a reply to this thread with the template and you are officially free once it has been approved by staff!

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