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    A new arrival


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    A new arrival  Empty A new arrival

    Post by Segodon 3rd February 2019, 3:18 am

    Flying seagulls screamed above the forests of masts within the harbour of Hargeon. Sailors and fishermen traverse the docks with bundles of ropes and the catch of the day. Daisuke, in his tattered robes and his sword on his hip, stood at the railing of the merchant ship brought him from Ce-Elum to Fiore. His long black hair flowed in the wind, as he overlooked the scenery of the largest port city of the kingdom. He will be standing on soil again after many days on the wobbling deck at sea. The prospect of solid ground beneath his feet is a pleasant thought. It is not that Daisuke has troubles with seasickness, but he is getting tired of adjusting his balance to the motion of the sea. They neared a clear stopped at the dock where they could disembark. A couple of sailors picked up leather cushions to place between the wooden dock and the haul of the ship to avoid damaging either. A sudden, but short, shock went through the ship as it touched the dock. Ropes were thrown overboard and helpful sailors on the docks tied them to the thick log pillars of the dock. The first few sailors of the ship jumped off the ship and carefully checked if the ropes were attached securely. The men on the docks exchanged courtesies inform of some jokes. A wooden platform was lowered from the ships to the dock for easy access.
    A man in a blue leather coat with a shaggy beard and long black hair, tied in a tail, walked towards Daisuke. “So, we are here.” He spread one of his arms as to show the town, “How do you like it? And more important was the travel to your liking?” Daisuke bowed slightly, “Here we are indeed,” He paused for a moment trying to find the words, “I think so, but the looks don’t matter. Hopefully, I can find work here and find knowledge. Your ship sails magnificent, rarely have I travelled by ship that comes near its grace.” The words weren’t exactly exaggerated as his other experiences were with cheaper ships, which also meant lesser ships like this one. The captain laughed, “Good to hear.” He stretched out his hand, “I wish you good luck.” Daisuke shook the hand, “Thank you, I wish you good voyages.” The captain of the ship, unlike the sailors, wasn’t afraid for Daisuke he did feel an ominous aura around him, but he wasn’t someone for superstition.
    Daisuke picked up his bag and walked towards the platform to leave the ship. His upper body tried to compensate for wobbling that wasn’t there, it was strange to stand on solid ground again. Daisuke walked over the wooden planks of the docks towards the street. He passed humble fishing boats, stocked merchant ships and impressive war galleys. Daisuke looked around him on the square, a few market stores littered the place. The place felt like towns in Minstrel but there were differences in architecture and of course the speech. Daisuke walked to a pedestrian, “Hello, where can I find an inn?” The man turned around, his face displayed annoyance but it faded into a certain uneasiness when he saw Daisuke. “Uh, the Two-Tailed Cat is down that road. Look for the sign.” He said with a hazy voice as he pointed to the road on the left. He ran off before Daisuke could thank him. Daisuke sighed and shrugged. He followed the road. It wasn’t long before I found a three-story building with a sign. There was a cat painted on it, it had two tails that formed a circle around it. The name of the in followed the tails in an arch.
    Daisuke entered the inn, he was met with a wall of warm smoky air. The hearth was burning hot and the chimney seemed to need a good cleaning. Eyes turned to him, the patrons of the inn had noticed him. They looked with suspicion at him, Daisuke wasn’t sure if they acted like that because he was a foreigner or if they felt his aura or maybe they just don’t like strangers. He walked to the bar, where a bartender was tapping a few pints. “What do you want?” Asked the innkeeper with a gruff before Daisuke had the time to speak. He was taken aback by it, the innkeeper sounded quite hostile. Maybe I should go somewhere else? thought Daisuke but he dismissed that thought. “I’m looking for a room to sleep and I’m looking for work.” Daisuke patted on his sword when mentioning work. The innkeeper looked somewhat curious at his sword and then back at him, it seems as if he was measuring him. Daisuke grabbed for his money pouch, the coins within clanked softly within the leather. The innkeeper nodded, “How long do you wish to stay? I have got a couple of rooms free.” The innkeeper then pointed down the hall to a board, “There is the job board but those are for mages thoughts, you got to ask around for… other jobs.” Daisuke nodded, “Thank you, I’ll stay for one night at least.” “That will be 500 jewels.” Said the innkeeper strict, there was no room to haggle. Daisuke had changed his currency back in Ca-Elum, he collects the right amount of money and gave it to the innkeeper. A faint smile appeared on the innkeeper’s face. Money is a universal bribe to be liked thought Daisuke. He walked to the job board and looked at the many notes on it. He read through them. “It sure was a good idea to go here,” said Daisuke softly to himself. I have never seen this many jobs just hanging around. It would take him a while to go through it, he went to the innkeeper and ask for a drink. He wouldn’t be going on a job till tomorrow, so he had all the time to look for a suitable job. He sat down at an empty table, far away from the hearth.



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