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    Keeping With the Times.


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    Keeping With the Times. Empty Keeping With the Times.

    Post by Zachary-Sirius on 27th January 2019, 3:58 pm

    Page 29, post 724

    Ilac quest

    The neutral ground was a strange area for Zachary, a person who dedicated himself to learn and master the powers of Magic. It was his dream and his drive. However, a wize man-- his very first mentor once told him, sometimes the best means to get a job done is to not use magic at all. The place in question was a pretty big city which ran on man made electricity and other forms of technological avenues. It was one thing that Zachary always admired. Technology. He would read up on all the latest creations made both by magic and by other inventors. One of which was a unique fusion of both.

    The only down side to this little trip was that due to this place, he couldn't summon or communicate to any of his spirits. Even Ruby, aka Ruby Carbuncle. His fuzzy little companion was no where to be found, even as a transparent spirit. For the first time in a while, he was alone. As a child, he longed for magic to help him make new friends. It was only by happen stance that his mother was a Celestial Wizard herself.

    Still, Zachary walked down the street to the new store. He had gotten the interest to see it and then he learned his guild had an exclusive deal to get a free one. He just had to go. While he still missed the comfort of his familiars and spirits, a small bit of time away from them wasn't horrible.

    The shop he entered had several mechanical goods placed around on the shelves and display cases as he looked around. He couldn't believe how many goods existed that didn't involve magic in this day or age. He saw odd things from small flat devices that appeared to move with screens and images, boxes with several attachments that came out at different pushes of a button and even toys and games that ran on their own via electricity alone. Magic was more efficient since the very air contained it-- but it seemed innovation came to those who lived without magic as well.

    As he approached the front desk, he met a young woman with brown hair tied into a ponytail. "How can I help you?" she asked kindly.

    Zachary reached into his jacket pocket for the free coupon he had from his guild. "Hi. I'm a new member to Fairy Tail-- and I was given this. A voucher for an ... I -LAC? What exactly is this?" he asked.

    The woman said as she soon picked up a box. "It's the newest design in mobile technology and magic tools. A sort of fusion of the two if you will," she explained and opened it, revealing a strange looking clear tablet. It appeared no bigger than the size of a hand and an opaque tinted crystal with a metal frame. "Once it leaves the area, it will be powered by the natural ethernano, but it runs on special technology that works with the lacryma. It can be used to call people anywhere in Earthland so long as they have one and you have their access pin. YOu can even use programable applications or APPS to store books, plan schedules, small games, and other fun features. Even carry some of your favortie music to store and take with you." She explained as she touched the screen and it quickly lit up to show different icons. "It's kind of like having your own personal library in the palm of your hand."

    She handed it to Zachary, feeling it almost respond to his own thoughts. Even the color of the crystal back changed to his own liking. He couldn't contain his smile as he handed it back. "I'll take it. " he said pleased.

    "I just need to see your Emblem please," the woman asked-- and was soon shown as Zachary rolled up his jacket's sleeve to reveal the Fairy Tail logo on his arm.

    One satisfied, she took the voucher and handed over the Ilac and its box, along with the instructions to run and work it. Once he would take it out of the neutral zone, he would be able to use it to its full effect. He would try it out when he would return home to Magnolia.

    THE END.

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